Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A pair of reponses to the question about needing three assistant coaches

PTW has received a pair of reponses to date regarding our query about the necessity for three assistants to the head coach.

Kendall offered this:

"When I was coaching basketball, the more assistants you had the better it was for working one on one with your players.

I always say the more the merrier. For college basketball I would figure that you can have more assistants out looking for talent and recruiting."
Later, Jon sent along this:
"I would say 3 is pretty vital, just because of the time element.

Having an extra guy to be out on the recruiting trail (if only to be seen by players), or to do advance scouting, or because he might have just a little extra time to study film... I just think that type of stuff is not replaceable.

As Gary Parrish wrote, even hiring the AAU coach of a guy Pastner is recruiting would be a better use of the coaching spot... it is not like Memphis is hurting for cash."

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