Monday, September 5, 2011

Not WAC-related but a good read on Gonzaga basketball

This is an insightful look at Gonzaga basketball --- all those great achievements generally earned by a band of overachievers versus the stumbling of late as the Zags reached -- and often missed -- for higher potential talents.

It's pretty much a given that Mark Few hasn't changed his coaching approach but possibly the departures of assistants Bill Grier and Leon Rice for San Diego and Boise State respectively has altered some personal dynamics on the team.

Recruiting players with bigger reps and conceivably larger achievement possibilities is certainly a major change for the perennial West Coast Conference contender/leader. It's adding massaged egos to the mix and such is tricky to manage when matters don't go as expected. Hence the departures.

But to be fair, evaluative mistakes were made by both the coaching staff and the prospects.

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