Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday: a few links and items

A Ron Agostini tweet: "In my next life, I want to be Florida Gulf Coast's Andy Enfield. Reminds me of a Dos Equis commercial" 

Damn you Andy Enfield! You make my life look so barren.


Loved this Nicolas Lewis article and you will to.


So who will the next Texas State coach inherit:

* Dante Bachus  Jr. F 6-7 230   
* Basil Brown II  Jr. F 6-5 195   
* Wesley Davis Jr. G 6-3 185   
* Ray Dorsey So. G  6-3 170
* Phil Hawkins Sr. G 6-0 195  
* Nick Hinton Jr. F 6-9 225   
* Deonte' Jones Sr. G 6-2 180    
* Reid Koenen Sr. F 6-7 200
* Jeffrey Nwankwo Jr. F 6-6 225  
* Darius Richardson Jr. G 6-4 205
* Corey Stern Sr. F 6-7 220   
* Joel Wright Sr. F 6-7 225   

Thankfully, Wright returns but 6-foot-10 Matt Staff, the second leading scorer and rebounder, will be sorely missed.

By the way, when will the new coach appear? This is a team in desperate need of a talent infusion and any chance of rescuing the recruiting season is slipping away.

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