Friday, January 11, 2008

Teddy Feinberg/Las Cruces Sun-News receving incoming ordnance

Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News has been receiving some hot and heavy heat from some Aggie fans primarily because of his article where he revealed the legal imbroglios of New Mexico State basketball players Chris Cole and Jahmar Young.

Aggie Coach Marvin Menzies was also upset that Feinberg didn't contact him to get the NMSU viewpoint prior to the article being printed and posted. Read all about it in the various comments posted in response to Feinberg's two latest blog posts.

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We think Coach Menzies is off base on this one. He could have contacted the media about the legal concerns involving Cole and Young prior to Feinberg's learning about them and publishing an article that went online a bit past midnight.

But Menzies chose not to do so, thus failing to get out in front on the situations.

The argument could be made that Menzies would be violating student-athlete confidentiality by doing so but such is a weak one at best. The news was going to get out, period. Menzies decided to remain reactive rather than proactive. Such is a silly and outdated mode in today's 24/7 news world.

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Rick said...

Ted was right on. Menzies has no idea what he's doing in the LC. This job is way over his head. Ted is doing a sick job uncovering all the issues going on in their men's athletic department at NMSU