Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Confirmation that two NMSU players are gone

Here's a nice NMSU men's basketball update from Jason Groves, with confirmation that two Aggies won't be in Las Cruces this season. One in particular, Faisal Aden, really hurts as he had the promise of being the best New Mexico State backcourter once he gained some experience.

Aggies men's hoops coaches hit the road
Jason Groves
Las Cruces Sun-News

LAS CRUCES — New Mexico State staffers are currently on the road across the country, including Akron, Ohio, to watch 75 players at the Lebron James Academy...

...The July evaluation period is divided up into two weeks. The first started on Sunday and runs through July 15. Coaches are again allowed to evaluate players from July 22-31...

...Two players who won't have scholarship needs are incoming freshman and San Diego product Faisal Adenn and junior college transfer Paris Carter. Both players struggled academically — Carter missing the majority of last season with academic issues and Aden struggling academically while on the NMSU campus in the spring semester last year. Menzies said both players will not return.....

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Anonymous said...

Fasial Aden heading to a JUCO does not hurt NMSU at all. NMSU has Jahmar Young, and Gordo Castillo, and Johnny Higgins is a combo guard, so he can play the shooting guard to. Gordo Castillo is a very talented player. He was always going to back-up Young even with Fasial on th roster. Castillo won the New Mexico Gadorade Player of Year twice beating out Jeff Taylor his senior year. Jeff Taylor is heading to Vandy, and was rated a 4-star-53rd best player according to rivals.com.

Kevin McCarthy said...

I disagree on Aden as my sense is he had the potential to be the best Aggie backcourter given a year or so.

I imagine Young will be available despite his legal entanglement and he will obviously help. I see Castillo as a situational player -- not a major minutes one.

Higgins is a freshman so it remains to be seen if/when he'll be ready to help. Duquesne had the opportunity to bring in talent thay thought had better upside than Higgins, which is why the two 'divorced' a while back.

But we'll know the truth in a few months.

Anonymous said...

The loss of Faisal Aden hurts i agree, he is athletic and can shoot lights out, he would have played combo because he can handle the ball well which Gordo can not. He has more potential then Young, i seen him play a few times and he didn't disappoint, i think we can get him back after next year because i hear coach Marvin had a good relationship with him.