Monday, September 3, 2012

The Top 10 WAC players

This one doesn't have to be a top talent from each WAC member but rather the 10 best players regardless of team affiliation, and that ought to bring forth both some thumbs up and a bevy of naysayers.

The listing is alphabetically ordered so please don't read anything into the following.

* Raheem Appleby, Louisiana Tech, 6-foot-2, guard, sophomore - The Bulldog top scorer as a frosh, he'll be more of a marked man this season but also surrounded by a greater level of talent.

* Kyle Barone, Idaho, 6-foot-10, center, senior - He can shoot, rebound and block shots but is the mindset and body there to vault into position as the top dog of the conference?

* Jeromie Hill, Texas San Antonio, 6-foot-8, forward, junior - Hill will add around 3-4 points and 2-3 rebounds to his per game averages as a soph (12.5 & 6.4) but actual dominance needs to be added.

* James Kinney, San Jose State University, 6-foot-2, guard, senior - If he can shoot from the floor with greater judgment and tamp down the turnovers, he'll provide very solid effectiveness for the Spartans.

* Stephen Madison, Idaho, 6-foot-5, wing, junior - Label this one a hunch as he improved tremendously in his freshman to sophomore season output but needs to display greater ability to create and get his own shot.

* Preston Medlin, Utah State, 6-foot-4, guard, junior - Medlin is certainly the Aggie leader but will he reach Jaycee Carroll-type status? Call him the leader in the yet-to-be-run race for most valuable player.

* Daniel Mullings, New Mexico State, 6-foot-2, guard, sophomore - He'll lead the southern Aggies in scoring this go-around but he also rebounds and defends.

* Jordan Reves, UT Arlington, 6-foot-10, forward, senior - Get him up to 30 minutes a game and he should be averaging a double-double in 2012-13. Last season was 24 minutes, 9.7 points and 7.8 boards along with 57 blocked shots.

* Matt Staff, 6-foot-10, forward, senior -- Ditto here (13.3 points, grabbed 7.9 boards and swatted 44 shots in 25 minutes per game)

* Chris Udofia, 6-foot-6 forward, junior - A do-it-all type and a lock for an All-WAC spot plus consideration for most valuable player.

Okay, attempting to curb some of the incoming ordnance...

You say Kyisean Reed? Yep, he certainly has a very good chance. Let's also throw UT San Antonio's backcourter Kannon Burrage into the conversation. How about 6-foot-7 Texas State newcomer Joel Wright? PTW also likes the skills set and overall production of Denzel Douglas, a JC transfer at the point for Idaho.

Who did we miss? Who is undeserving?

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