Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday and the world of WAC roundball

A Jason Groves tweet: "Bandja Sy and Terrel DeRouen out with minor injuries. Sy broke a finger, Derouen with a minor arm injury. Both out a couple weeks"

Do bookmark, like, befriend JG or whatever you do with Twtter accounts.

Jason also chatted with Coach Marvin Menzies in a piece that will definitely get your 2012-13 college basketball mojo flowing. Thank you Jason.


As expected, Land of Enchantment combo backcourter John Dawson went out of state -- Dave Telep: "Marquette's latest pledge, G John Dawson out of New Mexico, has a similar body to Rodney Stuckey as a HS SR" 


No necessarily WAC-related but bookmark Troy Machir @ CollegeNasketballTalk. He is a Monday - Friday must read and we're wishing for a Saturday and a Sunday Morning Mix.

Troy wrote it loud and clear today: "Is anybody else opposed to scrapping the rest of the college football season right now and start the hoops season next week? I know I’m not."


Let's sneak another football reference in here because it will make you laugh -- Rob Sievers - Green Bay is the first team in history to start the season 1-1-WTF.

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