Monday, February 11, 2013

Who will be the WAC MVP?

Idaho's Kyle Barone is second and first respectively in scoring and rebounding in the WAC so are those achievements enough to land him the Most Valuable Player honor? Will the Vandals record preclude such an award?

Bandja Sy of New Mexico State is fifth and third in scoring and boardwork respectively with the Aggies currently sitting in second place.

What if USU's Spencer Butterfield continues his streak (now at five) of double-doubles as the Aggies adjust to play minus former MVP candidate Preston Medlin and frontcourter Kyisean Reed? Would doing so be enough or is his candidacy dependent on how Utah State finishes the season as a team?

How will the overall statistics of Denver's Chris Udofia and New Mexico State's Daniel Mullings be rated? The Pioneers have but one frontcourter who plays -- that's Udofia -- so his statistical numbers combined with his non-stat contributions are the mightiest to UD's success. With Mullings, his collective numbers can't be filled by anyone else on the roster of the southern Aggies.

In summary, Barone is having the best season -- that's impossible to argue against. But team finish will be in the minds of some of the coaches.

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