Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Mark Fox to Cal makes sense & why not

Yes, I just may be suffering from an NCAA basketball-induced overdose but let's work through this possible Mark Fox to Cal scenario:

Reasons For:

*** Cal is a member of the PAC-10 which -- hint, hint -- means there are but 10 head coaching spots available in one of the top basketball conferences in the nation -- nine and a half if I wish to be particularly snarky towards OSU

*** Fox's salary requirements should fall within the range of what Cal is expecting to pay for its next men's basketball coach

*** Fox has no center on his roster if center JaVale McGee heads to the Big Show. 6-8 Matt LaGrone is the tallest returning Wolf Packer.

Both Cal and Nevada are Adidas schools, something that could play a large factor

*** Fox has a rather minimal $250,000 buyout if he departs prior to July 2011

Fox has the necessary WAC championships and the NCAA appearances to win enough of the opening press conference for Cal

*** Fox is visibly passionate while coaching, as asset Cal fans, especially the students, will enjoy mimicking

*** What more can Fox accomplish at Nevada?

*** Cal basketball is not in any way, shape or form, similar to that of Nebraska hoops in potential (a school Fox conversed with prior to declining consideration in the past)

Reasons Against:

*** Why in the world would Fox depart Reno with the very solid makings he has in returning players and with Luke Babbitt (especially) and Mark McLaughlin coming in as freshmen? It makes no sense for him to leap now.

*** Could Mark Fox's temper somehow be held against him? His tango with a referee after a game in the 2006-2007 WAC tournament was obviously not his best monent nor was his bumping an official during a game against Utah State in Logan. In fairness, there were no similar incidents this season.

*** In simply may be our ignorance but we aren't aware of any Mark Fox connections -- often the primary component of any deal -- within the world of Cal AD Sandy Barbour.

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