Friday, March 9, 2012

Louisiana Tech takes down Nevada

Louisiana Tech held a 42-39 halftime lead against Nevada as both teams were more than en fuego: 67% for the Bulldogs, 56% for the Reno-ites.  Trevor Gaskins led the Bulldogs effort with 15 points and three boards, both team-leading figures. Deonte Burton had three points after the initial 20 minutes.

It stayed close with the lead going back and forth until the guys from Ruston finally emerged with 78-73 victory. Gaskins finished with 21 points, followed by 17 from Raheem Appleby and Romario Souza's 16.

Malik Story led the Wolf Pack with 21 points and Olek Czyz put up 18. Deonte Burton finished with five points (2-10 shooting), five assists and four turnovers.

Louisiana Tech, which shot 53% for the game, faces New Mexico State in the final tomorrow. Nevada finished at 41% shooting.

Chris Murray tweeted the matchup.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry, Burton who??? Amazing how the so called "WAC POY" rose to the occasion with all 5 points. Its embarrassing that coaches and bloggers alike took the easy road and gave him the award simply bc he was on the best team. Well the best team and the best player are now at the mercy of the committee while the real POY can lead his team to a tourney berth tonight.

Anonymous said...

What he said!

Anonymous said...

Well said!! Burton Was a no show when his team needed him most! I thought if ur the best on ur team and especially best in the league you would be able to carry your team!

Unknown said...

He was good enough to lead his team over nmsu twice. One game doesn't make a player, nor does winning the tournament make you the best team in the conference. Louisville just won the big east conference tourney and Florida State just won the acc.