Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday and the beginning of the WAC tourney

So it has come down to this: 

Game 1: #3 Idaho vs. #6 Hawaii at noon
Game 2: #2 NMSU vs. #7 Fresno State at 2:30 p.m.
Game 3: #1 Nevada vs. #8 San Jose State at 6 p.m.
Game 4: #4 Utah State vs. #5 Louisiana State (yikes) Tech at 8:30 p.m.

On Friday, the game one victor plays the winner of game two while the top dog in game three receives the opportunity to face the game four vanquisher.

It's really difficult to go against choosing New Mexico State and Nevada as initial winners. Idaho has momentum if not a successful tournament track record but PTW is sticking with the Vandals because, minus Johnson, it doesn't appear UH has a player who can go off and score 30 and/or consistently hit from outside. Plus, we're among those in the throes of Medlin-mania so it's USU triumphing over the Bulldogs.

That was really bold, going with all the favored teams.


Kraig Williams, Tony Jones, Shawn Harrison and Jerit Rosser each preview the Utah State - Louisiana Tech matchup which should be a fascinating game. Can USU maintain its momentum or will LT's style win out?


Chris Murray breaks down the Nevada - San Jose State pairing and then writes about Coach David Carter going the video motivation route. Chris also does some bubble residency comparing.


Josh Wright looks at the Idaho - Hawaii pairing while Dayton Morinaga goes multi-media with his preview. It certainly seems like the absence of Zane Johnson will hurt the outside-shooting deficient Rainbow Warriors but this situation also allows someone to rise to the occasion. The Kyle Barone - Vander Joaquim duel inside will also be fascinating.


Robert Kuwada and Jason Groves analyze the Fresno State - New Mexico State showdown, with the latter also picking the Aggies to win the WAC tourney. 


A recruiting note:

Alex Kline/The Recruit Scoop tweets about a player also of Utah State interest: "Pepperdine & Jacksonville offered Tanner Lancona, a 2013 PF from Tesoro (CA), today. UC Irvine has also offered"


Anonymous said...

I thought LSU was in the SEC???What do I know...

student4ever said...

I like reading Jason Groves' stuff, but he sure keeps beating that "Nevada doesn't have anything beyond the top 4 players" drum" despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Using what appears to be Groves' logic, I could argue that NMSU has McKines and Laroche and not much else. Of course, any discerning WAC fan knows that isn't the case, just like they know that Nevada's bench is essential to what they do. They don't score a lot of points because they aren't asked to score a lot of points. Their job is to play defense, get rebounds, and get the ball into the scorers' hands.