Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time for southern Aggie mania

Sam Wasson has this celebratory photo posted.

Jason Groves recaps the New Mexico State triumph. Jason also posted a pair of blog entries here and here. Tyrone Watson talks about the game. Teddy Feinberg serves up a commentary on the contest and about this season's Aggies.


In other links: 

Joe Santoro (to mix sports metaphors) pulls no punches with his commentary. The opening:

"What happened in Vegas Friday night to the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team should not stay in Vegas. The Wolf Pack was simply robbed of a chance to compete for a Western Athletic Conference tournament title ... "
Robert Kuwada looks at needs and next season for Fresno State basketball.

Brian McInnis offers a blog entry on UH roundball.

Chris Murray and Dan Hinxman have a Nevada hoops 'notes column' up. Chris also writes about will it bee the NCAA or the NIT for the Pack.

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