Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here our fun version of a few Best of The WAC categories

We didn't have any idea in what direction this type of article would lead and there's probably a ton of categories we missed but here it is. Not that he should feel induced to do so but Patrick in Seattle can probably top us all with Best of the WAC humor edition.

Best Shooter: Jahmar Young
(Mac Hopson was in contention but while each player's floor shooting was comparable, Young shot 74-90 82% to Hopson's 70-110 64% during WAC play-- question: why is Hopson at that percentage from the foul line?)

Best Passer: Mac Hopson (with a target on the front and back of his uniform as THE sole offensive creator -- points and passes -- for the Vandals, he still compiled 91 assists in addition to a boatload of points)

Safest Passer: Tyler Newbold (led the WAC in assist-to-turnover ratio 54-17 (next in line was Hernst LaRoche at 67/32)

Best Rebounder: Wendell McKines (leading the conference in offensive and defensive rebounds makes this an easy pick)

Best Intimidator: Magnum Rolle (Dario Hunt led in shotblocks but it's Rolle who offensive players have to account for the most)

The Player Opposing Fans React To The Loudest: Anthony Thomas, who seems to enjoy egging on opposing fans)

Oddest Anomaly (or maybe not) Of Last Season: (three 'bigs' topped the conference in free throw shooting accuracy - (1) Troy Gillenwater, (2) Luke Babbitt, (3) Gary Wilkinson)

Best Player No One Knows About (Yet) For What It's Worth plus the All Newcomer Team: (haven't a clue and probably most of the WAC coaches are in that same boat)

WAC Coach Most Likely to Explode For Some Ts During A Game (or the Mark Fox Emeritus Award): (can't come up with even one)

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