Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking at the Pack

Nevada has not played all that well of late and the fall to Louisiana Tech last night may just not be a so-called aberration as even the 10-point win over SJSU a night earlier was not really what David Carter wanted on his team's résumé.

Going back a ways and then moving forward, the BrackBuster matchup with Iona had the Wolf Pack surrendering 90 points in a loss, followed by a three overtime 79-76 victory at Fresno State.

Two wins followed -- a four-point takedown against New Mexico State and a 10-point triumph versus Louisiana Tech, both in Reno.

This doesn't appear to be the latest work of a dominant team, which some, even Nevada fans may argue such a label doesn't apply, or a squad that went 13-1 in regular season play. Despite the uber-success in league, the Wolf Pack encountered a number of very close games.

The shock of the loss to LT probably stems from the expectation that Deonte Burton would turn it on down the stretch, that Olek Czyz and Malik Story would drill shots when needed. It's certainly happened before.

Just not last night.

Be sure to give the Bulldogs from Ruston some credit.

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Patrick H said...

No shock here. The Pack had become very average unless they are hitting a lot of 3s. Poor ball handling and a bench that the coach doesn't trust. Most Pack fans thought the Pack was playing down to bad opponents. I think it's become obvious that the Pack has been play UP to good opponents.