Saturday, July 28, 2012

More on Casey Oliverson

Van Coleman has positive words for a Utah prepster who was affiliated with Utah State a while back:

Casey Oliverson 6-7 PF Utah Pump N Run Red – A surprise talent this physical four man gets it done the old fashioned way, with hard work and a high Basketball I.Q. He flat out goes to work on blocks and scores at will versus athletic bigs.
Oliverson later then committed to Dixie State of the PacWest Conference (per Tony Jones) so it makes it strange that he is still on the circuit.

Also, Coleman comments on a Fresno State recruiting target, a yopung man out of Arizona:
Paul Watson 6-7 WF Compton Magic – This bouncy wing man can get to rim and create highlights. He is an excellent rebounder and doesn’t back down from a defensive challenge. Definitely rising in the senior class.
Rodney Terry certainly is accessing talents Steve Cleveland wasn't able to -- not a knock, just an observation.

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