Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's WAC hoops items

It's Jaycee on top as #1 as Matt Sonnenberg complete his top 20 players of the Stew Morrill era.

A big shout out to Matt for taking the time and making the effort in posting this series. People probably don't realize how much work it entailed.

As for Carroll, it's amazing Wyoming didn't lock down its borders, name Carroll a favorite son and refuse him entry into Utah.


Jason Groves reports the MWC Commish has said nyet to New Mexico State and Idaho, citing the lack of a television market. Dave Southern and Tom Fox have the Vandal perspective.

But if very few are watching in some of the other markets, what's the difference? That's a fair question.


Not to get all worked up but Kellon Hassenstab definitely overlooked Utah State in his feature on recruiting in the state of Utah. Marcel Davis and Quincy Bair aren't exactly chopped liver, nor is Jalen Moore.

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