Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday's WAC digest

PTW keeps trying to go to an every other day schedule but the WAC news gods and goddesses aren't allowing such.

Big Wen keeps working it:

But a MB string @ Dons Central indicates Wendell is no longer on the Golden State Warrior summer league squad.


It may be unlucky but Cardell Butler will accept the 13th spot in Matt Sonnenberg's Top 20 Stew Morrill era countdown.

Guess who landed at #12?

Yes, there should be an annual Beehive in-state tournament -- set the egos aside, lose the fear and do something for the fans and even the players.


Hernst Laroche is now earning a paycheck in the Ukraine.


Check out the 2013 Inside Runner Sports Recruiting Board. Talk about handy.


Matt McCombs interviews ESPN's Doug Gottlieb ostensibly about Nevada hoops but a lot of the questions and answers apply to WAC members.

By the way and for old times sake, Alex Kline recently tweeted this:

"Nevada has offered 2013 DC Assault guard DJ Fenner"

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