Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday's WAC hoops digest

It's Shawn Daniels holding down the #8 spot in Matt Sonnenberg's countdown. Let's see JC has to be numero uno ... no, the other JC. Wilkie is in there somewhere, plus Man Mountain Tai and my fave, Nate Harris. Then there's Spencer Nelson and add in Greg Grant. PTW still a memory scar of Brian Jackson doing in San Jose State University at Civic Auditorium way back when. I'm missing someone. But the order will be verrrrry interesting. Thank you Matt for providing this highlight of the off-season (if there is such in Logan).


Shawn Harrison writes about a basketball camp hosted by Misters Wesley and Wilkinson. It's great to see former players still connected to their college and community.


The Las Cruces Sun-News updates the lives of former southern Aggies  Jonathan Gibson and Gordo Castillo.


Phil Beckner outdoes himself: "If you're a REAL post player that can shoot a jump hook, come introduce urself to me. Its worth the violation, becuz we can't ever find u!"

Love to see the impish personality on display. More of that is sorely needed.

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