Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ode to and wishes for the WAC coaches

A holiday ode to the WAC coaches followed by what they were wishing yesterday.

Number one is venerable Stew Morrill
with his record can anyone quarrel?

- A forever healthy Danny Berger

Leading Tech back is young Mike White
battling the Bulldogs, it's always a fight

- How about a 7-foot beefy big man?

McKines and Laroche departed Menzies
now Mullings and Bhullar are luminaries

- A shooter, a creator and yes, a point

In Silicon Valley, it's George Nessman
riding the Kinneymobile as far as he can

- A steady scorer at the wing or the four

An alumnus of Arlington is Coach Cross
of Maverick basketball, now he's the boss

- Another year of Jordan Reves' eligibility

Denver plays small under Coach Scott
without a big can they nab the top slot? 

- The ok for Griffin McKenzie to play now

Uptempo is the forte of Cameron Dollar
in the Northwest aerie of Redhawk holler

- Consistency out of his starters

Ones and fours are the bane of Don Verlin
will his 2013 guys be searchin' or surgin'?

- A court general and help for Barone

A marksman was young Brooks Thompson
will he don a uniform and join his squadron?

- Better shooting and a physical fiver

His Staff so Wright(eous) is Doug Davalos 

but the problem is then who else follows?
- Greater talent throughout his roster

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