Friday, December 28, 2012

Part Two: Who is satisfied? What is reality?

No this isn't the second part of some philosophical treatise on the existential nature of man...

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In the WAC, is there any team's fan base which is generally satisfied with the play of his or hers team to date? It sure doesn't seem like it, even at the top. The expectations are for more, this often despite rosters indicating talent-to-wins (and losses) ratios that looks appropriate.

San Jose State University and Seattle both stand at 5-5 and the line from "Forrest Gump" comes to mind (with a modification): "Their games are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

For the Spartans, beating Weber State was nice as was hanging in there versus Kansas. But an egg was laid in losing to rival Santa Clara 75-54, followed by a nine point loss in Vegas to James Madison, albeit the latter was without James Kinney.

Seattle, with a 40-point loss on the road to Virginia plus 91-82 and 87-64 homecourt falls to Jackson State and Boise State respectively, simply remains unpredictable.

Each is lacking any shouldn't-have-won victories to brag about but has the potential to take down any of the faves in the WAC. 


What the heck are Denver and Idaho doing at 4-6? Each was supposed to be an upper division squad (albeit conference play is still forthcoming).

The Pioneers have Ls to Cal, Colorado State and Stanford and there is nothing disrespectful in that but wins over Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Mercer, Nebraska-Omaha and Southern Utah don't exactly get the crow squawking. Chris Udofia, Royce O'Neale, Chase Hallam and Brett Olson are a very solid group but the team still resembles a donut and has yet to make up for that deficiency.

The Vandals are led by Kyle Barone and Stephen Madison, a more-than-respectable duo but the absence of consistent production at the four spot and not having a point step up and take the job has held Coach Don Verlin's group back. UI shouldn't have won at New Mexico and Washington State (and didn't) but taking down Montana in Moscow was do-able (although it didn't happen).


UT San Antonio and Texas State are caboosing it at 4-6 and 4-8 respectively.

With the Roadrunners, the season began with a loss to Morgan State, followed by three consecutive victories. But a stretch of road contests against BYU, Oregon, Cal State Bakersfield (85-52!!!), Mississippi State and USC Upstate resulted in losses. But cut Coach Brooks Thompson and his guys some slack due to having but a single home game thus far.

The Bobcats have already played 12 games, with six home contests and three up in Alaska. Matt Staff and Joel Wright are consistent assets upfront but greater contibutions are needed at the wing and backcourt spots in order for more Ws to appear.


The most important fact to remember is it's new beginning now that WAC play is commencing. Everyone owns an equal record, along with the same number of upcoming home and road matchups. Look for at least a few real surprises to occur because their is no dominating team.

Warren Nolan currently has the WAC as the 12th ranked league thus far, just behind the West Coast Conference. CBS Sports places the WAC at #14 while USA TODAY give the WAC the 13th spot.

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