Monday, December 10, 2012

On a game-by-game basis, it's anyone's guess

It's becoming apparent that in the WAC this season, anybody is going to have a good chance of beating anyone come conference play.

There just are no powerhouses right now, using the definition of a team not performing its best and still topping an opponent. The entire set of WAC teams each needs to play pretty damn well in order to notch a victory, home or away, and conference play will be no exception.

Denver is low in the standings at 2-5 and winless on the road. Idaho just nabbed its initial road success. Texas San Antonio has but one notch and four Ls on its road belt. New Mexico State stands 1-3 away from Las Cruces.

On the bright side, Texas Arlington is 4-1 as road warriors, with LA Tech and San Jose State University at 2-2.

Texas State has yet to play an actual away game.

Right now it's looking like a lot of very close games should be coming out of league get-togethers. Who plays best in minutes 37-40 could very well earn the conference crown.

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