Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday: it's getting sparse

Guaranteed. Ruston-ites will sleep better tonight as Coach Mike White has received a contract extension.


Howard College's Cameron Forte is generating interest from a number of schools, including Texas San Antonio.


No further word in the Texas State coaching search.


Here's some unsolicited advice: the Cal State Northridge AD should hire former New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus as the next Matador mentor.

Really, not to name names but who else in the group of five candidates really offers a chance for Northridge basketball to take a higher trajectory? Granted, the younger guys offer a possibility at least but the older ones haven't set the world afire at their earlier D-1 head coaching posts and CSUN offers less resources. Yes, Theus brings some degree of baggage and is a time-intensive employee but go for it.

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