Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Who among the SJSU hopefuls can recruit from day one?

Seeing as how recruiting will be an immediate and foremost key to the San Jose State University basketball program attempting some sort of upward trajectory, who among the 'candidates' detailed earlier (granted, there are certainly others and these here are just guesses supplied by Spartan fans) can hit the proverbial ground running based upon current/previous experience?

* Assistant Bob Cantu of USC - yes

* Head Coach Joe Callero of Cal Poly - no (would need to dramatically elevate his aim)

* Assistant Paul Fortier of Washington - yes

* Assistant Justin Hutson of UNLV - yes

* Head Coach Greg Kamansky of Cal Poly Pomona - no (not sure how many scholarships he has available to use each year and, like Callero, he would be courting a vastly different talent pool)

* Ernie Kent - no (no longer involved in recruiting)

* Head Coach Don Monson of Long Beach State - yes (with some adjustment)

* Assistant Coach Eric Musselman of Arizona State - yes

* Assistant Craig Neal of New Mexico - probably yes (but not sure how much of an inroads the Lobos have in northern California///southern California is much more NM prospect territory)

* Head Coach Randy Rahe of Weber State - no (Big Sky recruiting is not even close to that of the Mountain West)

* Head Coach Joe Scott of Denver - no, (his typical recruiting level is far below the Mountain West and his team's style of play limits who he can and will recruit)

* Head Coach Wayne Tinkle of Montana no, (again, Big Sky recruiting is a universe away from Mountain West)

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