Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday: a few items for you

Should have held off and posted the Wendell McKines feature today, because it's...


Jason Groves reports that Coach Marvin Menzies said he isn't Lubbock bound.

A tweet from Crimson Illustrated: "MBB: What I got out of the Boston interview is if Menzies has another successful season and gets offered "big bucks", he's done at NMSU"

He and 99.999% of coaches -- can't blame them. Anytime a bigger wallet and more resources to work with are siren songing, anyone in any profession would have a difficult time saying no.


Matt Vines looks back at Louisiana Tech's bountiful season.


The name offerings on the message boards for the San Jose State coaching position is an eye-opener. Hire so-and-so is posted and, more often than not, it's followed by a takedown of that individual, followed by a defense. In that vein, let's have some fun:


Hey, gotta go with JC out of Nazareth U -- he's the one, no other like him, he'll take you where no one else can. He has the capabilities of turning swill into the finest bouquet with a finish that lasts forever and, if you ask really nice, he'll make and bring team benches along with him.


SJSU Mephistopheles

No, no, no. I heard he's a cheater and cusses up a storm when he bangs a finger with his hammer. He is not who he seems.



Definitely not -- he's bad with money guys, treats 'em with no respect. Not my choice.



Why not? If he can get our guys to aim better and return from injury quicker.


King Spartan

I find in him no fault at all.

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