Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's WAC roundball items

Chris Murray and Dan Hinxman double-team Deonte Burton.

Chris then dishes on Malik Story who should be switching to #23 this season.

Chris also fleshes out Nevada recruiting target Cole Huff, whose name conjures up the image of an Old West gunslinger.


Tony Jones looks at the small forward/wing candidates for Utah State.


The Utah Statesman men's basketball edition contains a number of quotes for Stew Morrill, including these:

“What’s important to me is that he [Brockeith Pane] gets better. Everybody in the league knows he’s a power guard and that he gets to the line and that he gets in the lane and makes plays, and we certainly need that and expect that, but we also need him to be a more consistent shooter and to be a better defender. We can’t hide him defensively like we could at times last year, so the parts of his game that weren’t as strong, I expect to improve and yet still remember where his strengths are”.
“Brady’s [Jardine] been like a starter the last couple years in a lot of ways, even though he hasn’t had the opportunities that a starter gets minute--wise and shots and those kinds of things, so I’m really anxious, and I’m sure Brady is too, to see what he can do as a go-to-guy, and that’s what he’s got to be for us is a go-to-guy. I have no question of the effort and the confidence he’ll put into it. Brady is a very valuable guy in terms of character and effort, so his senior season should be really special. That’s what we think and I know that’s what he wants too.”

Dayton Morinaga profiles Assistant Coach Scott Fisher who provides quite the closing line.


The Vandal Nation folks take a look at the Idaho roster.

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