Monday, October 24, 2011

This says something, actually more than one thing

There is a greater meaning, worthy of expounding on, behind the news that Nevada wing Malik Story has dropped 25 pounds in the off-season.

Losing weight is challenging, period, but for a young man away from home and with fast food outlets beckoning in numerous locations and on incessant media platforms, it's a tremendous feat.

Plus, it's not like Story was carrying a hundred extra pounds so that the weight he dropped was a relatively easy feat.

This shows a mettle, something coming from inside that not many will act upon, regardless of age.

Story, who shot 36% overall, 30% from long distance and with 50 free throw attempts in 16 games is demonstrating that he will do what it takes to improve his game.

This accomplishment will allow the opportunity for translation into better shots and also a greater number of opportunities at the foul line.

Away from actual basketball skills, Story's achievement also gives him a stronger level of credibility among his teammates.

Congrats to him on the effort and outcome.


Anonymous said...

I actually think he could end up being a dark horse candidate for POY. Don't be surprised if he is playing on a completely different level then last year.

student4ever said...

Good comments Kevin.

Have I mentioned we're going to miss you next year in the MWC?