Friday, October 28, 2011

To cleanse or not to cleanse, that is the question

Actually, here's the most important question: is "cleansing" possible?

jc25 at Sea of Blue posted an intriguing article on the "cleanliness" of some of the big time college basketball programs -- here's a pair of quotes:

"... There's one particular program right now - an elite program that most fans wouldn't ever guess - that everyone in basketball knows is straight-up paying guys. Will they get caught? I don't know, but the more this stuff gets exposed, the more we can shatter these ridiculous media-fueled notions about who's dirty and who isn't ..."
"...Just got a text from a college coach about the Mike Beasley story. Here's what it said: "We have kids going to college who don't want to go to college. If the NBA doesn't want them, then the D League should be set up for them. But the sad fact is that these kids are getting paid more money to go to college for a year than to play in the D League ..."
But before unleashing righteous indignation on these players, coaches, runners, et all: would you support 'your' college basketball program and head coach if it was so-called clean yet continually finished at .500 or even below?

That's also part of this whole big equation.

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