Monday, October 24, 2011

A not-much-Monday-morning WAC digest

Dayton Morinaga offers video and photos of Hoopfest in the islands.


A Concordia Stingers tweet:

"Men's Basketball -UBC tournament -Fraser Valley 95, Concordia 86. Evens Laroche scores 25 points for the Stingers"
Brother of Hernst? Evens is 6-foot-4 and both are out of Montreal.


A sign of the apocalypse?

A Nathan Fenno tweet:
"LSU chancellor Michael Martin: "I think we could ultimately end up with two conferences: one called ESPN and one called FOX." Laughter"

Indiana Faithfull is going to be might hard to top but since he plays in South Carolina (Wofford) PTW is going with UTEP's Hooper Vint. Troy Machir at Ballin' Is A Habit outdoes himself with all-name teams. Some WAC talents earn spots from Machir.

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