Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's WAC roundball digest

Okay, it's BracketBuster Saturday ...

* New Mexico State hosts Drake.

Jason Groves informs readers all about what else but The Drake.

* Nevada is on the East Coast facing Iona.

Chris Murray has the four weddings and a funeral ... er ... four keys and game prediction. Chris also supplies another pre-game look.

* Hawaii is picking up the frequent flyer mileage with a pairing against Montana.

Dayton Morinaga looks at the Grizzlies.

* Utah State is preparing to Spectrum-ize UC Santa Barbara.

Kraig Williams, Tony Jones and Shawn Harrison all pre-game report.

* Idaho welcomes Portland State in a matchup that makes geographical sense.

Josh Wright checks in.

* The Welcome Wagon is out in Ruston as Louisiana Tech has Central Arkansas on its agenda, another geographical no-brainer.

* Ditto San Jose State University's pairing with Sacramento State.

* As well as Fresno State being at Cal State Northridge, a campus where some scenes in "Superbad" were shot, a film featuring one of our cinematic heroes, the character known simply as "McLovin."

Robert Kuwada writes about 'finishing' -- a concept the Bulldogs want to embrace.


Chris Murray has written a compelling read all about The Brothers Burton.

Joe Santoro goes long in a Dario Hunt feature.

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