Friday, November 30, 2007

As the NCAA turns...

When we last tuned in, the NCAA was in its typical Shakespearean mode -- "to be or not to be" -- regarding the eligibility fate of New Mexico State freshman recruits Herb Pope and Jarmar Young.

For the less cultured (not many WAC fans there, mind you) we'll try this playing around with an old Paul Masson commercial featuring the late, great Orson Welles: "The NCAA will make no decision before its time."

Hitting the trifecta, let's use this Nixon/Watergate era phrase: "Herb Pope and Jarmar Young are "being left slowly, slowly twisting in the wind."

So here's the latest on Pope and Young (think of Bill Murray in the film "Groundhog Day") -- we promise this will be our last cultural reference of this post.

Aggies open Lou Henson Classic
Jason Groves
Las Cruces Sun-News

...NCAA receives Young's file

NMSU submitted two final documents to the NCAA regarding freshman guard Jahmar Young's eligibility Thursday afternoon. The NCAA will receive the documentation today and should come back with a ruling within the next seven days.

This is the second time Young's file was submitted to the NCAA recently and the governing body responded by asking for additional information. Menzies said it was a good sign that rather than reject Young's latest information, the NCAA responded by asking for additional documentation.

"If they say no, we can appeal and he can practice," Menzies said.

Aggie freshman forward Herb Pope was initially denied eligibility. He was granted an initial waiver by the NCAA, allowing him to practice for four days before being pulled off the court as his case was moved from a waiver process back to the review process that Young is currently in.

Regarding Pope, Menzies said, "Recent discussions with the NCAA have still left questions marks with Herb's eligibility, but steps are getting closer to a conclusion in the near future."

The university hired Bond, Schoeneck and King, a Kansas City based consulting firm, to devote 40 hours per week to Pope's case.

NMSU compliance officer Braun Cartwright said the firm specializes in all types of legal matters, but has been used for the initial eligibility piece.

All parties involved are still trying to put together a complete file for Pope to re-submit to the NCAA..."

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