Thursday, November 15, 2007

latest on Rekalin Sims

At the risk of Parsing The WAC being mistaken for an affiliate of Court TV, here's the latest on Fresno State's Rekalin Sims and it isn't looking good:

Felony charges filed against 'Dogs basketball player
Daniel Lyght
The Fresno Bee

Fresno State basketball player Rekalin Sims will be arraigned on two felony charges in Fresno County Superior Court on Nov. 28, according to court documents.

Sims was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery Tuesday after being arrested early Sunday morning in connection with the robbery of a 29-year-old disabled man.

Bob Ellis, Fresno County chief assistant district attorney, said the other two men arrested with Sims -- Vicente Ramon Loera, 18, a continuation-school student, and Christopher Eiland, 27, a laborer -- are being charged with conspiracy and robbery as well...

Go here for the complete article.

If there was any possibility of mistaken identity or a sense of Sims somehow present but not being aware of what offenses took place, then it seems such would have been 'played' and been a consideration factor by now -- prior to the felony charges filed against all three of the arrestees.

What has yet to appear in print is who is actually accused of administering the beating. Plus, how did Sims have access or ownership to such an expensive vehicle, an SUV?

Each WAC school has different student conduct policies in place but, fairly or unfairly, the history of past incidents of misconduct of Fresno State student-athletes will not be a favorable factor for Sims. For what it's worth, the 'court of public opinion' is already veering strongly against Sims remaining a member of the Bulldog basketball team.

Also, in the Be-Careful-What-You-Write category, something all bloggers and other writers/reporters face in expressing opinions, here is Fresno Bee columnist Matt James from a November 3, 2007 column:

"...Rekalin Sims and Bryan Harvey are the players you'd take home to Mom; hustlers, rebounders, believers in the bounce pass and the hard practice and that the word "fundamentalist" is not just for the Republican Party..."



Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to judge Rekalin. I've known him since middle school when we were on the same basketball team. He, in effect, became part of our family because it was difficult for him to get transportation to and from different events. He is a good hearted person, makes some poor decisions from time to time, but would not beat and rob a disabled man. His worst decisions are the people he chooses to hang out with at times. If you had known him like I do, you wouldn't be so quick to sound the gavel.

d-bots said...

I've known kalin since he was 15. He didn't do it. He might have been friends with the guys who did it, but he wouldn't. Anyone who knows him, knows what I'm talking about.

kenna said...

This totally shocks me.. i was surfing myspace trying to find rekalin, and i found this.
i met him in utah when he did a stint at SLCC playing ball. he was the sweetest guy, so kind, polite, a true gentleman i would have never ever thought that he would be involved in this stuff.. never!
my heart goes out to him and his family as i know that this was not the path he wished to take. it is so important that you are aware of the company you keep, and stay true to your self at all times. if rekalin would have done that i know this wouldnt have happened! if someone knows kalin... tell him to find em on myspace lol kenna evans~

Anonymous said...

My cousin woulnd'nt rob anyone he did'nt have too we came up hard but we definitly know right from wrong check his bro myspace cousinfik.

Anonymous said...

I have played with Sims and this doesent surprise me at all. He was an arrogant and selfish person. He lost his cool easily and was into activities off the court that were highly questionable. Although he might seem nice on the outtside, i have no doubt that on the inside he is not a good person.