Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fresno State basketballer in legal trouble

Maybe this is all some sort of error or mistaken identity but, if not, Fresno State's reputation will be sullied once more. I believe it is the first player for Steve Cleveland with legal issues.

Sims had been suspended for not keeping up with his class attendance and coursework but was scheduled to return to practice on Tuesday. This was posted here previously but Sims, being a transfer with but one year of eligibility remaining, was given a chance by Cleveland that most other coaches would not have bothered extending.

Again, if guilty as charged, he has let himself, his coach and his teammates down.

I don't see a possibility of him returning to the team what with his initial academic suspension and now this.

The Fresno Bee will be all over this come the morning edition.

Legal Problems For A Fresno State Basketball Player
Sontaya Rose

Fresno State's long list of legal problems within the athletic department just got a little bit longer. A member of the basketball team is being accused of robbery and assault.

Rekalin Sims was taken into custody on Sunday morning along with two others who Fresno police say beat up and robbed a disabled man.Fresno police say Sims was driving on a suspended license when he and 3 others pulled up in a Cadillac Escalade to a man walking home. Within seconds the encounter turned violent...

...Police caught up with the suspects minutes later in the Wendy's drive thru. The stolen property was also recovered at that time.

Under arrest; the driver 23 year old Rekalin Sims, also facing charges of robbery and conspiracy, 27 year old Christopher Eiland and 18 year old Vicente Loera...

Go here for the full article.

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