Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update #527689 on Herb Pope and Jahmar Young

As usual, Jason Groves has the latest on NMSU recruits Herb Pope and Jahmar Young. It's more of the same. Is it me or does Coach Menzies seemingly contradict himself in the last paragraph? It's also apparent that neither the kids involved nor the school have a clue what the NCAA will do next or when. San Jose State endured the same situation with two of its players last year and both ended up redshirting.

Aggies eager for a win
Jason Groves
Las Cruces Sun-News

...Pope and Young update

Menzies reported on Monday that the NCAA responded to NMSU's materials regarding freshman guard Jahmar Young.

"The fact that they didn't say no is good," Menzies said.

The NCAA did request additional materials, and Menzies said those would be submitted today.

"They won't keep coming back asking for additional information after this, I don't think," Menzies said.

Freshman forward Herb Pope's situation also has not changed much, Menzies said.

"He went through a waiver process, and we are now in an additional stage of submitting additional documentation based on the answer of what we submitted," he said. "So they came back to us and said no because of this, that and the other. We are saying that that is not accurate so here is additional information that you need to evaluate."

Redshirting Young and Pope could potentially become an option, although Menzies said he would wait until the end of December to make that decision.

"It's their season," he said. "It would be a joint decision, but at one point I'm going to advise them against playing this year. At the end of the day, it's their decision to make. I will take them at any point, but I'm not going to waste a year of eligibility."

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