Monday, November 26, 2007

David is more like Goliath

He's not the biggest guy around, at least in terms of size, say like 5-10 and 165 or so.

But his back is broad.

It must be because he is carrying his basketball team so far this season.

We are speaking of Kevin Bell, the senior point for Coach Steve Cleveland's Fresno State Bulldogs.

With Rekalin Sims in legal limbo, Dwight O'Neil out with a bum wrist, a host of new players and minus a dominate player in the paint, Bell has hoisted the Fresno hopes onto himself and is doing his best to keep the team above the waterline until one or more teammates can step forward to assist.

But first a little history:

As a freshman, Bell averaged 2.9 ppg. and 2.6 assists each time out, with a 69-35 assist to turnover ratio. Nothing spectacular but a promising display.

Bell followed up with starting every game as a sophomore, passing for 5.9 apg., leading the WAC in assists and enjoying another set of marvelous a-to-t numbers.

In his junior season, he started all 32 games and put up averages of 9.6 ppg and 5.6 apg, again handling the team quarterbacking by his lonesome.

This while shooting ,394 from the floor, .330 from three point range and .635 from foul line. He has been a .595 career free thrower.

All along, Fresno fans -- at least some of them -- wanted someone better at the point. A replacement. Someone who could also be a shooting threat -- as if the Bulldogs have lacked for shooters down the years.

Well, the wish came true. No, it's still some guy named Kevin Bell but look at his output so far this season: It's a Goliath-like 18.5 ppg. on .463 from the floor, .673 from the line, along with 40 assists versus 22 turnovers in six games. His scoring has doubled and his shooting has markedly improved in this, his senior season. Granted, Bell's turnovers are up a bit but that's because he has been forced to be THE creator on offense.

Now coaching staffs probably keep such detailed reports but they are not for public consumption -- those being who is responsible for what percentage of the team's offensive output. In Fresno's case, Bell would have to be at 75% or so.

Call them Kevin Bell's Fresno State Bulldogs. All 5-10 165 of him.

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