Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More for Tuesday

Not necessarily a basketball note but let's hope Tech XX comes home. Everyone loves a bulldog but if it's not yours, then return it. PTW thinks a bulldog wouldn't stray far from his comfort zone unless it was another bulldog of the female persuasion involved and now we're headed into the slippery slope of Adam and Eve territory and the Eve-affiliated readers here are going to get rightfully righteous.


Jason Groves reports on Coach Marvin Menzies' contract extension. To those who disagree, let's cue up Joni Mitchell:

"...Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone..."


Brian McInnis has a fascinating correction -- not his, but a jumping of the gun by others regarding Aaron Valdes heading to Hawaii. PTW would love to know how two of the best in recruiting coverage posted incorrectly. This is not to knock either guy -- anyone who hasn't made an error care to step forward? -- but a desire to learn what was behind the postings. Was it not misheard information or a misinterpretation of something being said?

Tuesday's WAC basketball digest

Brandon Gurney has an article up about parent and player background of AAU/club team basketball involvement. Someone should track the miles put on the family car for practices and in reaching games and tournaments.


 San Jose State University has offered 6-foot-10 Carter Evans, a 2013 prospect out of Minnesota. He played with the Minnesota Fury club team.

Bemidji State, Northern State and Sioux Falls had offered earlier -- his play in Las Vegas is bringing higher opportunities.


For Wolf Pack fans still looking, Alex Kline tweeted: "Nevada is the latest to offer Matthew Atewe, a 2013 PF from the Northern Kings" -- here's a January 2012 article on the 6-foot-9 young man.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's WAC hoops catchup

Mark Nelke/CDA Press has a post up on multiple subjects involving the WAC, including something PTW has previously noted: why is it 'possible viewers' instead of 'actual viewers' -- longshot possibility versus present and more than likely future reality -- that generates inclusion into a conference?


Anthony Ray tweeted: "Brophy Prep HS 6-foot-9 senior post Tim Kempton had his best tournament in this year's Adidas Super 64. Many schools are in hot pursuit"

Kempton has an offer from Idaho

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainbow Warriors nab a 2012 wing

For the PTW Hawaii faithful -- per Alex Kline/The Recruit Scoop, Hawaii just landed Aaron Valdes, a 6-foot-5 SoCal prep wing. He possesses an 83-inch wing span and is way above the typical athletic level of the Big West Conference.

Idaho was interested at one time.

Here's Josh Gershon from April of this year

Here's some 2011 video:  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

More on Casey Oliverson

Van Coleman has positive words for a Utah prepster who was affiliated with Utah State a while back:

Casey Oliverson 6-7 PF Utah Pump N Run Red – A surprise talent this physical four man gets it done the old fashioned way, with hard work and a high Basketball I.Q. He flat out goes to work on blocks and scores at will versus athletic bigs.
Oliverson later then committed to Dixie State of the PacWest Conference (per Tony Jones) so it makes it strange that he is still on the circuit.

Also, Coleman comments on a Fresno State recruiting target, a yopung man out of Arizona:
Paul Watson 6-7 WF Compton Magic – This bouncy wing man can get to rim and create highlights. He is an excellent rebounder and doesn’t back down from a defensive challenge. Definitely rising in the senior class.
Rodney Terry certainly is accessing talents Steve Cleveland wasn't able to -- not a knock, just an observation.

Taking chances

Phil Beckner nails it: "When there is a culture & standard set for your program, it is easier to scratch guys off the list versus finding guys to put on!"

At the WAC level and with similar conferences, many more chances are taken simply because of the numbers each conference  team can actually access. It's a possible payoff versus possible damage dilemma.

The Dukes and North Carolinas simply don't face such a challenge.

But win some games and titles, establish a certain rep and the talent pool opens up, not dramatically but well enough.

A zinger from Jay Bilas

Have to love the wit of Jay Bilas: "Looking forward to the re-enactment of the Irish Potato Famine of 1845 at the Opening Ceremony"

Friday, July 27, 2012

Utah State hoops: 2012-13 strengths and weaknesses

Utah State shot 49% overall in conference play last season (first place), 37% in trey attempts (second place), and held opponents to 42% overall shooting (second place), 32% in long distance defending (second place).

Those numbers are going to be bettered in the 2012-13 go-around.

For many reasons.

Because Jarred Shaw, Jordan Stone and Matt Lopez will man the middle, an upgrade over the duo of Morgan Grim, despite his solid numbers last season, and Stone as a freshman.

Lopez probably has the best offensive repertoire of the trio at the moment, with Shaw leading as a defender. None are well-rounded at this point but a bevy of shooters at other positions on the team is going to open up put back and close-in opportunities for Stew Morrill's bigs.

Power forward will be the most interesting position as Kyisean Reed returns with newcomer Sean Harris backing him up. Again, the need to protect against the perimeter shooters on the team is going to open up more spectacular opportunities for Reed but the question of his overall consistency remains unanswered.

This position is the biggest concern for Stew Morrill as he needs point and rebound production, especially the latter as the Aggies finished just +0.4 in rebounding last season. USU won't be big so it's likely going to have to be a team effort on the boards.

Returnee Danny Berger, JC newcomer Marvin Jean and fellow community college transfer Spencer Butterfield are the leaders on the wing. Berger struggled with consistency as a frosh -- not unexpected coming off a mission -- but enjoyed some solid shooting streaks. Between Jean and Butterfield, hard-nosed play will be on display, alongside outside shooting and dribble-drive efforts.

Preston Medlin owns the two, period. Look for him to be the leading Aggie scorer and assist man.

It's between JUCO TeNale Roland and frosh Marcel Davis at the point. Both will play but the sophomore Roland has greater experience, a very solid résumé and the greater likelihood of offering consistency from the get-go.

Where freshman Riley Bradshaw fits in 12-13 is anyone's guess at the moment.

In summary, the USU wing and guard positions offer multiple options and the going with the hot hand by Morrill. That's not necessarily so at power forward and what each center will produce each night remains to be seen. The Aggies have question marks upfront but also quality options.

It will be fascinating to see at what level this team performs.

Dominating the WAC, good enough or up-and-down?

Friday's lone WAC basketball link

Nick Reed offers a feature/interview with Eric Weary, one of the New Mexico State unknowns who will have the opportunity to earn solid playing time for Coach Marvin Menzies in 2012-13.

That looks like it folks.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's WAC hoops items

It's Jaycee on top as #1 as Matt Sonnenberg complete his top 20 players of the Stew Morrill era.

A big shout out to Matt for taking the time and making the effort in posting this series. People probably don't realize how much work it entailed.

As for Carroll, it's amazing Wyoming didn't lock down its borders, name Carroll a favorite son and refuse him entry into Utah.


Jason Groves reports the MWC Commish has said nyet to New Mexico State and Idaho, citing the lack of a television market. Dave Southern and Tom Fox have the Vandal perspective.

But if very few are watching in some of the other markets, what's the difference? That's a fair question.


Not to get all worked up but Kellon Hassenstab definitely overlooked Utah State in his feature on recruiting in the state of Utah. Marcel Davis and Quincy Bair aren't exactly chopped liver, nor is Jalen Moore.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Any WAC NBA prospects for next season?

So who in the 2012-13 WAC will be selected in the NBA draft following the season?

Realistically, nobody.

And that seemingly speaks volumes about the quality of the recruits and teams currently residing in the conference but in reality it's just a continuation of the same as only former WAC players Luke Babbitt, Armon Johnson and Greg Smith saw NBA action this past season, the latter two basically just cups of coffee.

The truth is the league simply doesn't land prospects with high level talent or potential.

As for current WAC talents:

Kyle Barone is the only returning senior who earned WAC Player of the Week honors last season but he won't have an NBA opportunity, overseas yes, until more muscle and strength are indicated.

Sophomore Raheem Appleby and junior Preston Medlin both nabbed the POW honors once.

Appleby is listed at 6-foot-2 and that size vis-a-vis playing the two in the NBA is a difficult scenario to forsee.

At 6-foot-4, Medlin has decent size for a pro shooting guard, nice size for a point but he'll likely be looked at in the pros as the former.

Plus, 6-foot-6 Denver junior Chris Udofia is making enough noise with his overall production to warrant early looks.

Deonte Burton would qualify as an NBA-headed talent had Nevada remained in the WAC. The same for Fresno State's Robert Upshaw and Braden Anderson, at least in potential, since neither has played a game in college.

Now the Mountain West Conference, well, that a whole 'nother story as Coach Dave Rice at UNLV has a handful of NBA prospects just with his Rebels.

Wednesday's WAC digest

Chris Murray has the news that Dario Hunt is Ukraine-bound, to be playing on the same team as Hernst Laroche.

Also, former New Mexico Stater Herb Pope is in Israel.


Tai Wesley comes in as the runner-up in Matt Sonnenberg's latest post. Is Vegas posting odds on #1?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's WAC roundball wrapup

Mr. Footwork and Technique -- Nate Harris -- is #3. It wasn't like other players drew the defense away from Harris, he was just unstoppable in the paint. It looked like you and I could take him but so many opponents found out that just wasn't so.


Does BYU just offering in-staters Brekkott Chapman and Dalton Nixon crimp USU's chances? Utah has also offered the pair.

Jon Clifford offers some depth on Chapman.


For Fresno State and Hawaii fans still lurking, Jessob Reisbeck has the details on Aaric Armstead's 2012-13 destination.


For Wolf Pack aficionados still lurking, Garrett Tucker recently posted "...Detrick Mostella, a shooting guard with Southeast Elite (AL), picked up new offers from Nevada, Maryland, and Pittsburgh..." 

He's 6-foot-3 2013-er, out of Alabama and a nationally ranked player, #56 per Rivals. The competition will be fierce.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The best player on each WAC team

This is something that seems in vogue now so PTW will take an early shot at prognosticating the most important player, the best player, whatever you wish to call it on each WAC 2012-13 squad.


* Chris Udofia, 6-foot-6 forward, junior

He's a do-it-all type and a lock for an All-WAC spot.


* Kyle Barone, 6-foot-10, center, senior

Is he ready to rule? He led the Vandals in shooting percentage, rebounding and blocks and was second in scoring but, as funny as it sounds, needs to show he can take over a game.

Louisiana Tech

* Raheem Appleby, 6-foot-2, guard, sophomore

The team's top scorer as a freshman.

New Mexico State

* Tshilidzi Nephawe, 6-foot-10, center, junior

It's time for him to come to the fore and be the centerpiece offensively and defensively.

San Jose State University

* James Kinney, 6-foot-2, guard, senior

Led the Spartans in scoring at 15.8 points per game even with Keith Shamburger on the roster.


* Sterling Carter, 6-foot-0, guard, junior

The best Redhawk talents are sitting out this season but Carter averaged 10.1 points per game as a mostly outside-shooter (190 trey attempts, 60 deuces)

Texas State

* Matt Staff, 6-foot-10, forward, senior

Staff put up 13.3 points, grabbed 7.9 boards and swatted 44 shots in 25 minutes per game.

UT Arlington

* Jordan Reves, 6-foot-10, forward, senior

In 24 minutes each time out, he averaged 9.7 points and 7.8 boards along with 57 blocked shots.

Utah State

* Preston Medlin, 6-foot-4, guard, junior

What's to write that hasn't already been written. It will be his Aggie team and he's going to need to be the top scorer each time out and will probably lead USU in assists too.

UT San Antonio

* Jeromie Hill, 6-foot-8, forward, junior

He averaged 12.5 points and 6.4 rebounds last season and those numbers will be expanded upon.

Monday's WAC roundup

Matt Sonnenberg is going with Spencer Nelson as #4 in the Stew Morrill era Aggie countdown.


Wendell McKines is head to France, per the Las Cruces Sun News.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday's WAC basketball potpourri

Four to go as Tony Brown occupies the #5 spot in Matt Sonnenberg's rundown.


From Alex Schwartz (near the bottom of the article) comes word that former McClymonds High big Jamaree Strickland is playing basketball for the Hunting Park Warriors club team out of Philadelphia and will be attending a prep school in North Carolina.

San Jose State University has offered: "In addition to the Spartans, Hajj noted that Strickland is hearing from San Francisco, Missouri State and CSU Bakersfield..."

Strickland hasn't played competitive hoops for two or so years due to an ACL tear and resulting complications so it's a matter of shaking off rust, getting into playing shape and seeing what is the level of competition at which he can play and succeed. Here's a link with more information. 

Here's the HPW Facebook page.


From Alex Kline/The Recruit Scoop: "Louisiana Tech has offered 2013 Carolina Hurricanes (NC) SF John Edwards"

No, not THAT john Edwards, the 6-foot-6 prospect out of Charlotte.


From the LA TIMES and for those with especially sharp memories:

 "Bennie Boatwright, a 6-foot-7 sophomore at Alemany, has picked up an offer from New Mexico State"

Bravo to Tennessee for its Twitter take. Rather than simply saying no due to worries about what might happen, their approach is preparation and knowledge. Consider it a part of the Volunteer overall education.

So which WAC schools will make it a trend? C'mon.


Jeff Linder strikes again: "You can tell the economy has been down with the lack of tattoos on the younger players"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday's WAC digest

Numero seis is Gary Wilkinson. What a fascinating life story.


Bob Nash is back coaching in Japan.


Teddy Feinberg ponders the possible marriage, maybe engagement is the better term, of the WAC and the Big Sky.


Per Dave Telep, SoCal prep guard Chris Yanku is generating SJSU interest (Hawaii too if any islanders are still here). He's a "do-it-all" guard with some high-scoring outbursts under his belt. Here's a December 2011 feature on the Turkish Mamba. Gotta love that moniker.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday''s roundball report

Lucky #7 for Matt Sonnenberg is Desmond Penigar.


SoCal Recruit Spot notes:

2014 Bear Henderson
Recently received an offer from Utah State

He's 6-foot-5 with a power forward game from SoCal who also has offers from Nevada and Colorado.

One evaluation: Henderson at 6’5 seems to project to be an undersized big at the next level.  His strengths are his motor as he never gives up on a play which equates to why he’s such a relentless rebounder, as well as he has the ability to step out to about 20 feet and hit the open jumper at a high rate. He does lack the lateral and close out quickness to be able to guard anyone on the perimeter or get past any guards offensively, giving me a lot doubt of him possibly playing a wing. He is only sophomore so his body still has a lot of time to go through physical changes. Henderson told me he holds offers from Colorado & Nevada, and is hearing from most of the PAC-12


Jason Groves reports on the WAC and Big Sky Conferences attempting to work out an agreement for basketball.


Chris Murray checks in with a look at the lifting of restrictions on calling/texting recruits.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday's WAC hoops digest

It's Shawn Daniels holding down the #8 spot in Matt Sonnenberg's countdown. Let's see JC has to be numero uno ... no, the other JC. Wilkie is in there somewhere, plus Man Mountain Tai and my fave, Nate Harris. Then there's Spencer Nelson and add in Greg Grant. PTW still a memory scar of Brian Jackson doing in San Jose State University at Civic Auditorium way back when. I'm missing someone. But the order will be verrrrry interesting. Thank you Matt for providing this highlight of the off-season (if there is such in Logan).


Shawn Harrison writes about a basketball camp hosted by Misters Wesley and Wilkinson. It's great to see former players still connected to their college and community.


The Las Cruces Sun-News updates the lives of former southern Aggies  Jonathan Gibson and Gordo Castillo.


Phil Beckner outdoes himself: "If you're a REAL post player that can shoot a jump hook, come introduce urself to me. Its worth the violation, becuz we can't ever find u!"

Love to see the impish personality on display. More of that is sorely needed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More for Wednesday...

Probably means zero for Thursday but c'est la vie. That's why our palatial office tower overlooks the sublime headquarters of Honey Bucket Man International.


Tony Jones tweets: "Also on Utah state hoops recruiting wish list: Abel Porter, class of 2014 point guard from Davis High"


From Daniel Martin: point Blake Nash has joined forces with Texas Tech. The South Florida transfer had been connected to Texas San Antonio.


For the Fresno fans still looking, from Josh Gershon: 2013 Las Vegas guards Marcus and Malcolm Allen added an offer from Fresno State.

From Anthony Ray: "Paul Watson 6'6" SF (Paradise Valley HS) -- A superb talent and super athletic. Heading into the Spring was the #1 prospect. Getting high major interest, but also mid majors. Fresno State is currently in the lead."

It's more of that impressive Rodney Terry mojo.Just like Utah State, the Bulldogs are pursuing players with the athletic and skill sets to succeed in the Mountain West Conference and possibly beyond.

Wednesday's WAC news and link collective

Former Utah State Aggie Steven Thornton has followed in former teammate James Walker's footsteps and is at Citrus College in southern California.

In the 2011-12 season, the 6-foot-3 then freshman backcourter/wing played in seven games, averaging 14 minutes a contest as well as 2.7 points and 1.3 rebounds.


Texas State has also just offered Northern Arizona transfer, Danny Cheek, a 6-foot-4 guard who will also be at Citrus as a sophomore for the coming season.

Here's a February 16 article portending of Cheeks' departure from Flagstaff. He played 129 minutes last season.


Tony Jones has a catchup on USU recruiting and leads with the possibility of a commit coming soon.


It's The Rock at #9 for Matt Sonnenberg.


Cameron Dollar has filled his assistant coach opening and there is an indication that the Redhawks' recruiting might be going international.


Inside Runners Sports has posted that Coach Brooks Thompson has offered a 2013 Texas two guard.


Here's an interview PTW missed earlier with Roadrunner top talent Jeromie Hill.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's WAC roundup

Frank Woodford (a Rivals sub is required) has posted a feature on 2013 New Mexico backcourter John Dawson who has 14 offers but New Mexico State is not among them. Obviously it's early but the situation still seems odd unless Dawson or NMSU have already determined each is not a match.


JQ holds down the #10 spot per Matt Sonnenberg and his Stew Morrill era countdown of players. Interesting.


Utah Hoops tweeted: "Utah State has offered Sam Merrill and Brekkott Chapman today. Merrill attends Bountiful High, Chapman attends Roy"


Utah State athletics offers an update and a Q-and-A with Jaycee Carroll. Will Carroll be #1 in Matt Sonnenberg's rankings? 


 A Tony Jones tweet: "Usu hoops clearly recruiting with mountain west conference in mind..trying to secure long, active athletic forwards"


It looks like Tai Wesley has a new team: from Holland to Rouen (France)


From Josh Gershon: "2013 Double Pump PF Tanner Lancona picked up offers from Idaho, Idaho State and Hawaii, per coach"


If any Fresno State fans are still looking: Gary Gittelson reports that SoCal prep forward Marquis Salmon will be reclassifying and not walking on at Fresno State"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday's WAC bball digest

From Tony Jones: "Utah state hoops is expected to offer 2014 small forward Tre'Shawn Thurman....one of top 2014 prospects in Nebraska"


Trey Rolle was before PTW's time, if I had a time -- he's #14 on Matt Sonnenberg's Aggie countdown. 


From Eric Bossi: "Keep an eye on Double Pump Elite 2013 shooting guard/small forward Michael Thomas. A 6-foot-5 senior to be at El Camino Real in Los Angeles, Thomas is a late blooming southpaw with athleticism, length and a very good looking jump shot. Early suitors include Boise State, UC-Davis and Utah State as his first three offers to go along with interest from Washington State, Arizona State, Nevada and UCSB."


Have to mention this: the Star Advertiser reports that Bill Amis is trading in his jersey to tackle the Honolulu real estate market. It's good to see a former player stick around his college town. Not to get all parochial but Honolulu versus Oklahoma, well, let's just say that's not a difficult decision.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday's WAC digest

PTW keeps trying to go to an every other day schedule but the WAC news gods and goddesses aren't allowing such.

Big Wen keeps working it:

But a MB string @ Dons Central indicates Wendell is no longer on the Golden State Warrior summer league squad.


It may be unlucky but Cardell Butler will accept the 13th spot in Matt Sonnenberg's Top 20 Stew Morrill era countdown.

Guess who landed at #12?

Yes, there should be an annual Beehive in-state tournament -- set the egos aside, lose the fear and do something for the fans and even the players.


Hernst Laroche is now earning a paycheck in the Ukraine.


Check out the 2013 Inside Runner Sports Recruiting Board. Talk about handy.


Matt McCombs interviews ESPN's Doug Gottlieb ostensibly about Nevada hoops but a lot of the questions and answers apply to WAC members.

By the way and for old times sake, Alex Kline recently tweeted this:

"Nevada has offered 2013 DC Assault guard DJ Fenner"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's WAC escape to the Weekend -- Utah State style

Off to a JC tourney so it's brief:

Matt Sonnenberg has PrestonM at #14 -- which will probably force the former into wearing disguises when out and about until the Aggie faithful settle back down.


Tony Jones writes about USU's 2012-13 schedule. It appears Stew is singing the lyrics from "Master of the House" (or a small portion thereof) from "Les Miserables" as the Aggies do very little packing and traversing until conference play.


Remember Marv Roberts? Craig Hislop has the details for those who don't.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not WAC-related but ...

Who the heck is Jack Murphy? Does he have some incriminating photographs?

To answer the first query, he is the new head coach at Northern Arizona University of the Big Sky Conference and the reason for this post is an event he is hosting in early August, one that features: 

Coaches Scheduled to Speak

* George Karl, Head Coach, Denver Nuggets 

* Josh Pastner, Head Coach, University of Memphis 

* Mike Dunlap, Head Coach, Charlotte Bobcats 

* Jamahl Mosley, Assistant Coach, Cleveland Cavaliers 

* Damon Stoudamire, Assistant Coach, University of Memphis 

* Chad Iske, Assistant Coach, Denver Nuggets 

* Al LaRocque, Former Coach, Durango High School (NV) 

* Jeff Rutter, Head Coach, Arizona Christian University 

* Jack Murphy, Head Coach, Northern Arizona University 

* Sue Darling, Women's Head Coach, Northern Arizona University

Having worked at Memphis under Pastner and also for the Nuggets organization obviously is paving the way but have you ever heard of any other Big Sky level coach bringing in such luminaries? Murphy's initial recruiting class is also rather remarkable considering the timing of his hire.

It's sounding like Rodney Terry redux is taking place in Flagstaff.

Thursday's WAC roundball roundup

It's Mark Brown at #16 for Matt Sonnenberg.


Cody Futrell writes that former LT backcourter Lonnie Cooper has chosen family over overseas ball.


A pair of Texas State basketballers are also recognized for their classroom achievements.


Denver has five student-athletes honored for academic achievements.


A former Texas Arlington hoopster is headed to the Olympics representing Nigeria.


You won't believe this story.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday's WAC-aroo

Matt Sonnenberg has a major bromance with a recent Aggie, his #16 selection in the countdown of Stew Morrill's Top 20 talents. Here's a re-post of Timothy Olsen's recent followup on said selection.


Teddy Feinberg attempts to quantify the negative effect on New Mexico State recruiting (and therefore Idaho's too) with the looming implosion of the WAC.


A pair of Texas Arlington graduates are playing on NBA summer league teams.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday's WAC roundup

Treesap32 & SeldomSeenSmith have tracked down the whereabouts of former USU Aggies Adam Thoseby and Igor Premasunac respectively.


Matt Sonnenberg has posted selection #17 in his detailing of the Top 20 performers in the Stew Morrill era.


Brian Murphy has the latest on the options for the Western Athletic Conference. Start humming 'you know it don't come easy' as even Houdini never faced such a formidable task.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's WAC hoops link collective

It's BG for Matt Sonnenberg as Stew Morrill's #18. How cryptic is that?


The InsideRunnerSports folks have another UT San Antonio recruiting post up, this one about an area wing.

Here's the 2013 IRS Hoops Recruiting Board.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday's WAC basketball rundown

FYI, former Hawaii 'energy' player Trevor Wiseman has landed at Cal State Los Angeles. His new coach is Stephen Thompson, the ex-Syracuse player. This move will gain Wiseman a starting position which wasn't going to happen at the D-I level.


Chaz Spicer takes the #19 position in Matt Sonnenberg's Stew Morrill Top Player rundown.


Former southern Aggie Jonathan Gibson has a summer job: "Always thank God 1st* I will be playing for the Boston Celtics in the NBA summer league." PTW wishes him sell.


Shawn Harrison writes more on that latest northern Aggie addition.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday's WAC breakdown owned by USU

The rich are getting richer -- no, this isn't about the banksters among us -- but Coach Stew Morrill/Utah State as Tony Jones explains. Matt Sonnenberg provides commentary on the addition.


#20 in Matt Sonnenberg's countdown of all-time Aggies under Stew Morrill has been posted.


Andy Katz, in writing about conferences banning departing members from league tournaments:

"What would a WAC tournament look like without Utah State and San Jose State?
Not worth it. USU has been the benchmark program in the WAC since Morrill arrived. New Mexico State can't anchor the conference on its own. NMSU needs a rival, and Utah State has been that nemesis. San Jose State wouldn't be missed, but the Aggies' absence would have been a glaring omission in Las Vegas. Rebuilding Utah State will likely need the tournament to get a bid this season, but the WAC was in no position to be punitive. So the Aggies will have one final chance to represent the WAC before it joins SJSU and former WAC members Fresno State and Nevada in the Mountain West."
Did Katz actually employ the term rebuilding and USU in the same sentence? Yowza.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's WAC digest

Matt Sonnenberg rolls out his player list of "Stew's Top 20" with five honorable mentions.


UT Arlington Coach Scott Cross has elevated Andrae Patterson to assistant coach status.


Inside Runner Sports has posted an entry about UTSA's interest in another San Antonio prepster.


From ESPN's Andy Katz: "Denver officials weren’t initially talking about the Pioneers becoming members of the WAC on Sunday. But men’s basketball coach Joe Scott offered up a few statements Thursday about the move. “The league will be good for us,’’ said Scott of the Pioneers’ first-year in the WAC with fellow new members Seattle, UTA, Texas State and UTSA before the latter three jet off to the Sun Belt and C-USA, respectively. The league will also say goodbye in 2013 to Utah State and San Jose State (MWC) and Louisiana Tech (C-USA). “We’ve got to do well in the WAC this year. We’ve got four starters back from a 22-win team.’’ Denver would love to be with other like teams and get an invite from the WCC. But that’s not an option at this point. “We just have to do as well as we can in the WAC, win as many games as we can and hope things have a way of working out. Hopefully good things will happen. It’s a fluid situation out there.’’

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday's WAC hoops roundup

Inside Roadrunner Sports reports that 2013 Texas prep backcourter Michael Williams has checked out Texas San Antonio as one candidate for his basketball future.


Matt Sonnenberg is the source that keeps on giving and that's going to last a while as he will begin his countdown of the Top 20 Players of the Stew Morrill Era. Here's one vote for Nate Harris to make the cut. Nobody maximized his talent to the extent that Harris did, nobody.


Irv Moss reports that going non-football is being looked at by the WAC and that a decision is imminent.


David Ramsey reports that Denver Coach Joe Scott has Nate Engresser on his mind for the one opening in the Pioneer starting lineup.


From Blue Zertuche/Texas Hoops (a Rivals sub is required), "(6-foot-8 Dustin) Thomas is currently getting interest and offers from Kansas State (offer), Texas, Nebraska, Lehigh, UT-Arlington (offer), Colorado State (offer), Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big Wen changes history

The ASTI folks have tweeted that a certain someone has declared today to be Wendependence Day and who is going to argue?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wednesday's (make that Tuesday's) WAC basketball how can I miss you when you won't go away edition

Per DRinCA, the Tim-Johnson-to-Idaho condundrum has been solved -- the 6-foot backcourter is headed to Cameron University in Oklahoma, a D-II school.

Johnson played at Los Angeles Trade Tech from 2009-2011 and sat out this past season to hone his academics. At one point, it was announced that he was headed to Moscow but it appears academics waylaid that option.


DRinCA also lists Darnell Martin, a 6-foot-6, 225-pound forward at Mt. San Antonio (Walnut, CA), as moving on to Seattle. Martin was an All-SCC First Team selection after this past season.

Haven't seen this listed anywhere else, least of all the Seattle athletics site, so take it as a maybe.


Tony Jones writes about the eventual USU move -- its benefits and challenges -- to the Mountain West Conference.

Added: ESPN's Eamonn Brennan piggybacks on Tony Jones article.


Jason Groves writes that Wendell McKines has found a summer home and it will be a very short commute.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday's WAC-aroo

Welcome Texas State to the Western Athletic Conference.

Likewise Texas San Antonio.

Ditto Seattle.


Matt Sonnenberg saves Preston Medlin's grading for last -- damn, look at those shooting number as a soph.


With the departures of Nevada, Fresno State and Hawaii from the WAC, a trio of very solid sources for links has evaporated. The new WAC members unfortunately don't receive nearly similar coverage.

Because of this, what PTW will be doing is going to a three-day-a-week or so posting cycle, all dependent on what we locate. It's preferable to have daily continuity in posting or even a certain say Monday, Wednesday, Friday type of schedule but right now it's posting when enough material has bee collected.

PTW will jump back into the daily posting schedule as soon as the collected information dictates such.

Thank you for your patronage and patience.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

In case you missed it (not WAC-related)

Bill Simmons and crew took on that particular NBA gathering on Thursday with, just like the draft itself, some hits and misses.

Sunday's sermon WAC style

Wendell McKines has a summer home: "Its official I will be playing on the ‪#Warriors‬ ‪#NBA‬ summer league team #510 lol. The irony is crazy"


Brian McInnis has been tweetin' away so start clicking for news on Isaac Fotu, Caleb Dressler, Keith Shamburger and Michael Harper.


Probably missing something as PTW is heading out early to catch a club team practice. We bid adieu to Nevada, Fresno State and Hawaii (which means off-season coverage from here on is going to be even more scantier) but Parsing The MWC will be in operation a year from today.