Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Kevin Kaspar update

Alex Schwartz has the latest on Finlay Prep point Kevin Kaspar and there are, at this point, no WAC teams connected to his recruitment. Hawaii (and maybe) Utah State had been previously associated with Kaspar.

Thursday's a.m. WAC items

Jason Jones writes about what the LA TECH athletics administration now must do.

Ethan Conley and Jason Pugh report on the news conference for the announcement of Mike White's hire.

Don't be surprised is an MWhite appears on the Bulldog roster next season -- the new coach sure looks like he can still play and even pass for say a fifth-year senior.


Dayton Morinaga has photos and print of what the Rainbow Warriors are working on now that spring break has concluded. It sure is different when you are at a destination and don't need to travel to one.


Chris Murray writes about the Wolf Pack schedule for next season.


Daniel Lyght reports Montana Coach Wayne Tinkle has been chummy this week with Fresno State officials.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mike White announcement

Louisiana Tech athletics is all over the the official announcement.

Here's the AP on Mike White's hiring at LA TECH.

Here's the news from Ole Miss athletics.

An item about Coach Reggie and FSU

George (CBS 47 Sports Director) Takata is tweeting about Coach Reggie and the opening at Fresno State. He has posted a couple more so do check those out also.

Wednesday and the WAC

Jason Pugh reports it's 11 a.m. Ruston time for Mike White's reveal.


Dayton Morinaga counts down the top five videos posted at the Warrior Insider site and we want to offer our thanks for his coverage of Rainbow Warrior basketball this season.


At the Silver and Blue Sports site, Scott Daniel got a witness for and of the past, present and future of college basketball but best of all deflates Colin Cowherd, who reminds listeners once again why he should primarily be keeping bovines in line.


Daniel Lyght has the latest on the Fresno State search for a new head coach, minus mention of the manifests of any planes, trains and/or automobiles.


Borrowing from SI, here's yet another sign of the apocalypse -- this headline: "13-year-old kart driver appeals doping ban"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Jordan Coleman update

Freshman backcourter Jordan Coleman left Hawaii back in December 2010 in search of a new opportunity.

We were recently in contact with Marvin Lea, an assistant coach at Westwind Prep in Phoenix and whose club basketball team (Eleate Sports) Coleman was a member of while in high school, for an update.

A former star at Pepperdine and Martin Luther King High in Riverside (CA), Lea said that Coleman was contacted by a number of D-1 and D-2 schools, plus junior colleges, after departing from the islands.

But the 6-foot-4 guard has decided to attend Southwestern Illinois College for a year. The SWIC program is headed by Jay Harrington, who has chalked up 700+ victories over 32 years of coaching. He is also Southwestern Illinois' athletic director. It's located in Belleview, IL, about 20 minutes east of St. Louis.

The Blue Storm just finished a 20-9, 10-6 season as a member of the Great Rivers Athletic Conference.   

Chris Murray on Malik Story

Continuing with his series, Chris Murray profiles Wolf Pack sophomore Malik Story.

A Utah State freshman departs

Tony Jones reports on the coming departure of freshman backcourter Leon Cooper.

A Keanu Post update (such as it is)

Earlier this season, the Westwind Prep folks had 6-foot-10 Keanu Post classified as a 2012 prospect but the current roster lists him as a 2011 recruit. Post has been connected to Utah State and New Mexico State in the past and apparently just tripped to Washington State. What's interesting is the latter has two new 'bigs' already coming in -- high schooler Greg Sequele and junior college freshman D.J. Shelton -- and each possesses a better skills set than Post but don't carry his 250 or 260 pounds on their respective frame.

WSU's intentions remain up in the air and it also should be noted that Post is from the British Columbia area (just north of Washington state) and not the part of Canada that Marvin Menzies has previously landed recruits.

Here an ESPN evaluation of Post:


In a year where size is not abundant, he's a natural resource. He's a long term stock and someone will take him on as a project. Does a nice job of corralling rebounds in his area and has the awareness to get it out fast in outlet situations. Offensively he attempts post moves but they are elementary at best.


Needs to work on his conditioning overall. Could stand to be a little lighter on the jump and his reactions aren't the best. Must be a threat to score in the low block to justify throwing it in there to him.

Bottom Line:

He's a project with center size. He'll be a kid assigned to his area and a patient program will eventually make him a contributor of front court depth.

PTW will try and find out more on Post's status.

Chris Murray continues his Wolf Pack profiles

Chris Murray is continuing his profile series of the roster residents making up the Nevada basketball team with Kevin Panzer.

Jeff Goodman says it Mike White

Jeff Goodman has a post up saying it's Mike White for the Louisiana Tech coach opening.

Tuesday's a.m. WAC basketball links

Jason Pugh is reporting that we should "soon" know the identity of the new head coach at Louisiana Tech. Almost every indication points to Mike White, an Ole Miss assistant.

At the Bulldog Barks and Bytes basketball message board, LThoo has been tracking flight manifests, one plane in particular. Rental cars are next.


Brian McInnis chanels some 50's lyrics in cleverly writing about the April Rainbow Warrior basketball banquet.

Jeff Portnoy is writing about the NCAAs and will be reporting on and from the Final Four. 


Daniel Lyght reports on the limbo status and tasks of the Fresno State assistant basketball coaches.

Matt James' column is about the Fresno State search for a coach and the coaching hire process in general.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chris Murray is back

We don't know if Chris was on vacation or involved in work at the RGJ but he's back with a couple of interesting articles.

This one is a poll about how the Wolf Pack squad will do next season. As they say in certain parts of the country, vote early and often.

The second piece features Patrick Nyeko who was our pre-season choice as the Nevada candidate for moving on post-season because we didn't see him garnering PT due to the influx of newcomers. He's developing a niche as a defender but his numbers (his effect while on the court) are close to negligible. The athleticism is there and the skills still being developed but he should be causing turnovers and grabbing a greater number of rebounds. He seems like a good kid so hopefully he takes it forward in 2011-2012.

It's finally posted

It started taking on Waiting For Godot proportions but Mr. Marauder Fanatic has posted his interview with former Antelope Valley player and Utah State signee Kyisean Reed and it's a very good read.

Three more coaching items

Maybe PTW is torturing logic (we are certainly out in front of any actuality) but someone named jazzyUte at the BlockU site has a post up today about UNLV's Lon Kruger and the opening at Utah. If such turns out to happen, does that mean the suits at UNLV might hire Coach Reggie?

There is an element in Vegas that wants a return to the success (on the court) of the times with Tark and there is solid money behind them. UNLV is certainly a much better match for Theus and endlessly more attractive to him than say Fresno State.

Anyway, just thinking.


Speaking of the Fresno opening, Geno Ford is now the new head coach at Bradley so Fresno State fans can calm down, or at least choose another candidate to wrangle over.


At the Save Mart Center MB at the Bark Board site, there is a debate going on about the suggestion that Portland's Eric Reveno would not be considering the Fresno position because it would be a lateral move.


The Bulldogs are moving into the Mountain West Conference, of which BYU (and also Utah) is departing and headed to the West Coast Conference. Yes, San Diego State is very tough right now but just how is Portland supposed to compete with BYU, Gonzaga and even St. Mary's? Our sense is that Reveno has taken the Pilots are far as can be achieved and NIT post-season participation is the best that can be hoped for.

Having typed all this, PTW hasn't a clue if Reveno is interested in leaving Portland, let alone considering Fresno State as a possible next career move. Add to that the unknown of any reciprocal yearning from those in charge at FSU. However, he is a Bay Area native and our crude calculations indicate the San Joaquin Valley is closer to middle California than PDX.

Hey, if Johnny Dawkins doesn't turn it up and soon, Reveno might just he headed back to The Farm.

The Monday a.m. WAC basketball links

AW Prince saves us from a shutout (pardon the mixed sports metaphor) with a look at a 2012 point who already has an offer from the Wolf Pack, plus a couple more items.


Actually there is one more item. Marek Warszawski's column in the Fresno Bee yesterday contains an itme about the next Fresno State coach needing to establish a program identity. Maybe so but winning enough will suffice. Former Bulldog mentor Boyd Grant certaining did both as did Tark although the latter made it a trifecta with too much baggage accumulation.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two more coaching items connected to Fresno State

This name -- Geno Ford of Kent State -- seemingly came out of nowhere in the stampede of 'considereds' for the vacant Fresno State coaching position. PTW is debating tossing the proverbial hat into the ring but the pay cut surrounding leaving the lucrative world of blogging would be substantial.


Jason Groves has posted a blog entry on the mentioned return of Reggie Theus to the college coaching ranks. Head there and post your comment. It's true that Theus needs to define the surroundings he wants to work in -- college or the NBA -- and then convince the powers-that-be of such a delineation, in order reach the ultimate level he sees himself prospering.

New name(s) in the Fresno State coaching mix?

According to this Matt Peloquin tweet, USF Coach Rex Walters' name has popped uo (whatever that means) in the Fresno State search for a new coach.

This Peloquin tweet offers another name.

Wow. Just wow.

Not WAC-related but the following comes off as rather obsessive. Apparently basketball is taken very seriously by some up Wyoming way.

At the Cowboy Attitude site, in an article on UW officials visiting with Old Dominion Coach Blaine Taylor in Virginia, plane takeoff times are noted as well as an item about reporters hanging out at the airport to see who disembarked.

Some people have a future in Homeland Security employment.

Sunday and the world of the WAC

Matt James offers a feature on longtime basketball and sports figure Gary Cunningham, with the focus on hiring a head basketball coach.


Dayton Morinaga is in award mode, honoring various Rainbow Warriors for their respective achievements this season.


Ryan Greene reports that College of Southern Idaho point Pierre Jackson, a Las Vegas native, is visiting UNLV this weekend. Hawaii has been mentioned in connection with Jackson. 


Chris Murray provides a lengthy and informative look at why moving to the Mountain West Conference is a no-brainer for Nevada.


Jonathan Ford is reporting that Mike White, a Mississippi assistant, is viewed as the top candidate for the LA TECH opening (a Rivals sub is required).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Ernie Kent feature

PTW has no idea if Ernie Kent is in the mix for the Fresno State position but if he has Elite Eight and Final Four expectations, well, the WAC is not a fit. Check out this article -- we loved the “We walked into a Mac Court that had mice and maggots" line.

Danny Kaspar

Here's a name we hadn't come across vis-a-vis the search for Kerry Rupp's replacement at LA TECH. PTW came across mentions of Kaspar a couple of times so we thought it worth printing.

Just two items this morning

Teddy Feinberg weighs in on the length of a contract extension for Coach Marvin Menzies.


Daniel Lyght confirms one name in the Fresno State search for a new head basketball coach.


That looks like it, at least for now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's WAC basketball report

The coaching opening at Louisiana Tech is generating  a multitude of articles.

Jason Pugh has an 'overall' article, with quotes from the LT AD.

Jonathan Ford summarizes the situation (a Rivals sub required).

Jonathan profiles Mike White, an Ole Miss assistant coach and apparently a candidate (a Rivals sub required).

Jonathan also has a note about Olu Ashaolu's status (a freebie).

Randy Benson makes it clear: his choice is Mike McConathy, the head coach at Northwestern State.


Dayton Morinaga highlights the Rainbow Warrior work of photographer Brandon Flores.


Sam Wasson has the details on the Big Dance dollars and cents difference between the Mountain West Conference and the WAC.


Daniel Lyght has the latest, such as it is, on the search for Steve Cleveland's successor.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A couple more items

Tony Jones has more on Utah State's basketball visitor this weekend.


Credit BUFFFSU for posting this link at The Save Mart Center basketball message message at the Bark Board site. It's a Paul Loeffler post that contains information on seemingly every name mentioned regarding the basketball coach opening at Fresno State.

Plus, Matt James touches on some of the names.

A breaking item from Faux News

This just in, sorry to break the news to Bulldog fans: Charlie Sheen says under no circumstances will he accept the Fresno State head coach position unless he is allowed to names his "Goddesses" as assistant coaches.

Time to move on.

A pair of Utah State recruiting items

seldomseensmith, as usual, has the scoop on Utah State's relationship with Findlay Prep point Kevin Kaspar.


Thelonius (jsut asking: does he have monkish tendencies?) has the news on a visit to Logan by a Wyoming junior college player.

A Junior Lomomba update of sorts

Jerry Meyer of Rivals has a note on a junior (out of Canada) who likely will go higher but New Mexico State and Nevada are looking:

According to Meyer, Junior Lomomba, a first-team all-state wing out of Wisconsin has been viewed by "New Mexico State, Nevada, Kansas, West Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee and Cincinnati were all tracking him. Georgetown, LSU and Iowa have also been showing interest."

Here's Jason Groves with an October 28 post on Lomonba.

An item from Andy Katz on the Fresno State opening

From ESPN's Andy Katz (a Fresno Bee sportswriter in a previous incarnation):

"Fresno State is one of the better jobs open outside the power six conferences. There have been feelers going out from various camps connected to the following coaches: Montana's Wayne Tinkle; former Arizona State and Ole Miss coach Rob Evans, who was most recently on John Pelphrey's staff at Arkansas, and Minnesota Timberwolves assistant Reggie Theus. They're all quality hires if the Bulldogs decide to go in any of these directions."

Thursday's a.m. WAC hoops links

Call it a season as Boise State fell to Oregon in Eugene -- Nick Jezierny has the game report as does Bob Clark


Jason Jones at the HereComesTheDawgs site gets into who are the replacement candidates for Kerry Rupp.

Jason Pugh of the Shreveport Times writes about how the tide turned during this season for Rupp.

Jonathan Ford at the BleedTechBlue site (a Rivals sub is required) offers the background on four possibilities for the opening.


There's World Wide Wes who first received such a mantle but World Wide Gib is coming up fast on the outside -- Ferd Lewis explains.


It's not WAC-related but here's a fascinating article about Precision Time Systems, or lack thereof, during the Big Dance.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Names mentioned (floated?) as replacements for Kerry Rupp

Here are some names floating around per this Under The Hoop article:

Instant names here are Billy Kennedy (Louisiana guy), Butch Pierre (former LSU asst.), Johnny Jones (former LSU asst.), and Donnie Tyndall (former LSU asst.)
We read somewhere else that Kennedy was in at Wyoming but couldn't reach agreement on getting four JUCO transfers accepted plus another matter we just can't recall right now.

Not WAC-related but...

Here's a lengthy Sean Gregory-penned article recounting Princeton's Big Dance upset of UCLA back in 1966. It's a great read,

More recruiting items

As always, read this with skepticism because recruiting is F-L-U-I-D. Interest waxes and wanes, allegiances change, some commits for certain positions mean others will no longer be pursued, etc., etc., etc.

The European Prospects site -- this page in particular --has some WAC schools connected to a number of prospects:

* Kevin Kaspar (TUR) – Brigham Young, Hawaii, San Diego State, Utah State, Creighton

He's a point currently at Findlay College Prep in Las Vegas and here is his ESPN evaluation.

* Evaldas Aniulis (LIT) – BYU, New Mexico State, Utah State

He's a 6-foot-2 point currently at the Wasatch Academy.

Here is some video on Aniulis.

* Gabe Olaseni (ENG) – Clemson, Iowa, TCU, Drexel, Rhode Island, Wichita State, Utah State, Missouri State, Auburn

Attending Sunrise Christian Academy, he stands 6-foot-9 and has offers from ACC, SEC, Big 10 and other schools.

* Nikola Stojiljkovic (FRA-SRB) – Hartford, Boston College, Hawaii, Rutgers, California – Junior College Transfer (was at San Francisco for a season)

A 6-foot-8 forward with shooting range.

* Andrej Pajovic (MNG) – Hawaii, Iowa, San Diego, Utah State, Holy Cross, George Mason, Rhode Island, Northeastern, Yale

He's a 6-foot-1 point and here is his ESPN evaluation.

Here is some video on the young man.

Kerry Rupp let go

As the comment to our previous post links to, Louisiana Tech just announced that Coach Kerry Rupp will be departing.

Head here.

So where does Olu Ashaolu head to?

Here's an August 2007 column from Adam Zagoria on Olu Ashaolu's decommitment from Rutgers in order to head to Ruston. It's a fascinating if somewhat difficult to discern the truth read, including some of the comments that are posted. Here's another Zagoria article from a few days earlier.

Rutgers has a new coach and the current Scarlett Knight roster indicates a need for some beef. An Ashaolu brother (Sam) played at Duquesne but was shot and severely wounded at a school dance in 2006 which resulted in a lawsuit against the school. John Ashaolu apparently coached at Carlow University in Pittsburgh this past season.

If Ernie Kent has a hat, it's now in the ring

Scott Wolf at InsideUSC tweeted this: "Former Oregon coach Ernie Kent's applied for the Fresno State job"

Separated at birth?

The variety of outfits might be missing but it sure seems a case could be made that Wild Bill has a close relative in Virginia. PTW is calling for DNA testing. Check out Dan Steinberg's column here.

Your Wednesday a.m. WAC basketball menu

Would a victory over Oregon be a signature win? Such will be decided by the Boise State fans as Nick Jezierny reports. Jeff Elorriaga is returning to home, per John Hunt. Bob Clark writes about Coach Leon Rice's familiarity with Eugene.


Dayton Morinaga has the details of a junior college two guard of interest to Hawaii and many others.


Alex Kline and others are reporting on SJSU offering a frontcourter at a North Carolina prep school. Here's a recent Wall Street Journal feature on the 16-year-old wunderkind -- Kline, not the recruit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Utah State lands (landed) a big

Found this exchange on the Juco Junction main message board:

Big Men for Utah State   


Is Utah State interested in any big men. I know they had interest in Leon Gibson earlier, do they still? Also, what about the big from Grayson (can't think of his name) are they interested in him? Any other bigs they are interested in?


Re: Big Men for Utah State

They were on Domonic Rutledge until he verbaled to West Virginia. They have the big kid from Lon Morris College coming in next season. I will keep you posted.
The Lon Morris roster has this big listed:

* Igor Premasunac, 6-foot-9, Croatia, sophomore (9.3 points, 5.2 rebounds a game) and an honorable mention all-league pick this season

Here is a February 18 link that lists Premasunac as committing to Utah State.

It's either a case of PTW missed this or our memory is sinking faster than Muammar al-Gaddafi's credibility (if he had any remaining after his 40-year piece of work).

Just for fun

The following are either not WAC basketball related or not connected to basketball at all but PTW found amusement in each one:

Per Hoopniks, Toledo just signed a new backcourter:

6'-0" Northeastern JC (CO) PG Widgett Washington committed to Toledo after a weekend trip. Early all-name team candidate. 
Now, if only they can can land a certain 6-foot-8 power forward at Erie Comminity College in New York. His name: God's Gift Achiuwa


If this doesn't at least make you chuckle, well, you are stone.


Very clever this is.


This is killer. My very literal-minded better half thought the headline meant the individual had unfortunately develop a second crease in his behind. That's why we are together after oh so many years.

An update on former USU basketballers

John Newbold provides the latest on a bevy of former Aggie players.

Olu Ashaolu leaving Louisiana Tech

This is a shocker:

A tweet from Adam Zagoria:

I'm told the Olu Ashaolu release from La. Tech will be made official Tuesday. He will have one year left.
This was tweeted earlier:
6-7 Louisiana Tech G/F Olu Ashaolu has graduated and received his release, per Ro Russell. He has one year of eligibility remaining.
With all due respect, how in the world does LT sell basketball tickets next season?

Tuesday's WAC basketball links

Hey, the WAC season isn't over until the Broncos are tamed (or are the tamer) as Boise State took down Evansville last night. Leon Rice's squad now faces Oregon.

Nick Jezierny has the game report.


Will the Gibber stay or go? Ferd Lewis provides the details about UH (or somebody else) securing the services of Coach Gib Arnold as his original contract is still floating around in the UH management atmosphere. Call it 'in limbo' for whatever inexplicable reason. Just asking: how does one get a new contract when the initial one isn't so-called official?

Ferd also writes that the Rainbow Warriors are making dollars and also sense participating in the CIT tourney.


Matt James serves up a must-read column today about the nature of sports, society, fans and values.

Daniel Lyght has posted a blog entry about the basketball banquet and more.


Jeff Portnoy talks about various Big Dance happenings.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Fresno Bee and the next Bulldog basketball coach

The Fresno Bee is all over the hire of a new basketball coach at FSU and the following rachets up the pressure on the decider (thank you, GWB):

Hiring of Bulldogs basketball coach Boeh's biggest test
Bill McEwen
The Fresno Bee
March 19, 2011

Thomas Boeh's record as Fresno State athletic director shows that he can clean up a program, comply with gender-equity mandates and cut budgets.

Now, with Steve Cleveland's resignation as men's basketball coach, Bulldogs fans will learn whether Boeh can find the right man to run the university's No. 2 marquee sport...
Go here for the remainder.

A description of BSU commit Kenny Buckner

Here is Eric Bossi of Rivals on a Bronco 'big' commit:

"Kenny Buckner, C, College of Southern Idaho- Boise State has landed themselves a classic low post grinder. He's not the most athletic guy around, but he's big, strong and works his tail off in the lane. Works the glass for rebounds, uses his width to establish position in the lane and converts around the basket."
Bossi was recently watching Buckner at the National Junior College Athletic Association tournament.

He also describes CSI point Pierre Jackson who seemingly would be a good fit for Gib Arnold at Hawaii. Go here as the article is a freebie.

Monday and the world of WAC basketball

Dayton Morinaga looks back at the Rainbow Warrior season with a concentration on the numbers.

Brian McInnis covers similar territory and leads to the question of whether or not Coach Gob Arnold goes the JC route (again) for a point at least theoretically ready to step in until Jeremiah Ostrowski is done with his football duties? How that plays out will be fascinating.

Jeff Portnoy makes it a trifecta, mining for UH basketball gold plus looking at what needs shoring up.


Nick Jezierny writes about Boise State's matchup tonight with Evansville and also details the financials about both participation in the CBI tourney and the Broncos overall season. The latter is a little surprising.


Jason Groves blogs about New Mexico State getting a verbal from a local backcourter.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another name in the mix for the Fresno State opening?

Here is a link that connects current St. John's assistant coach Mike Dunlap to the Fresno State position vacated by Steve Cleveland. The article uses 'likely' and 'possibility' so take this connection for what it is worth, at least for now.

Here is Dunlap's bio at the St. John's site.

Here is a 2010 article about Dunlap heading to the St. John's staff.

WAC recruiting notes

Boise State commit 6-foot-9, 245-pound Kenny Buckner just missed a double-double with 12 points and nine rebounds as his College of Southern Idaho squad won the national championship by beating Midland 72-64. Mike Christensen has the game report.


City College of San Francisco (CCSF) forward Jonathan Williams, a recent Wagner commit, also had an offer from idaho among other teams as Adam Zagoria reports. Brandon Wiley, a current Vandal senior, also attended CCSF.


6-foot-5 sophomore Collin Chiverton, another City College of San Francisco player, is receiving interest from Hawaii. He's a shooter, scoring 41 points on nine treys, against Santa Rosa Junior College. Here is video of that effort. By the way, CCSF won the state championship this season.

Sunday's WAC basketball roundup

Dayton Morinaga offers print, photos and video of the last minute of play in Hawaii's loss to visiting USF. Brian McInnis also serves up a game report.

Ferd Lewis' column is about father and son and he's not writing about the old Cat Stevens song.

Dave Reardon bids farewell thee well to UH senior Bill Amis, who evolved into Mr. Media during his senior season.


Jason Groves reports on the upcoming contract extension for Coach Marvin Menzies. Jason's commentary on the same subject is up at his blog.


Daniel Lyght serves up a new name in the Fresno State basketball coaching search and Moscow will be seeing red (nyet, Vladimir Putin is not pursuing the job). Daniel also talked to a few of the Bulldog players for takes on both Steve Cleveland's departure and their limbo status.


Randy Hollis feels Utah has twice been un-neighborly in not sending the Welcome Wagon north and such has resulted in paying the price both times.

Shawn Harrison comments on the 'adjustment period' at the beginning of the Kansas State game for the Aggies.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tony Petersen's take on the firing of Steve Cleveland

Tony Petersen of The Collegian, the Fresno State student newspaper, offers his take on the dismissal of Coach Steve Cleveland. Not sure what the photo has to do with the commentary -- anyone have a clue?

Saturday's world of WAC basketball

Dayton Morigaga offers print, photos and video all about tonight's UH - USF matchup.

Brian McInnis covers the Rainbow Warrior question of 'to go or not to go green?' (and this is not associated with someone named Brian.

Jeff Portnoy also provides a preview and issues a fannies-in-the-seats challenge.


It's post mortem time in Logan as Tony Jones, Shawn Harrison and Kraig Williams autopsy the USU loss to Kansas State.


Daniel Lyght writes that it's a mob scene for those interested in succeeding Steve Cleveland at Fresno State. The choice will ultimately have to up the level of winning and recruiting (not necessarily in that order) for the Bulldog basketball team but who would also win the news conference (the initial step)?


AW Prince has a new article up at Silver and Blue Sports -- a sub is required.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Daniel Lyght is back this a.m.

Here's Daniel Lyght this morning on the situation down Fresno way.

Chris Murray looks at Jordan Finn

In his continuing series, Chris Murray spotlights Jordan Finn's present and future.

Steve Cleveland leaves Fresno State

Daniel Lyght has the details of Coach Steve Cleveland's departure from Fresno State.

Friday's WAC basketball links and notes

Ethan Conley takes a look at Coach Kerry Rupp's status.


Dayton Morinaga informs us about what's behind the pre-game introductions of the Hawaii basketball players.


Brian McInnis features Jeremiah Ostrowski and what he meant to UH hoops this season. Is there anyone else in D-1 who plays one sport but walked on in another and is a starter? Gib Arnold is in the remarkable position of having his on-court leader and a case-can-be-made-for most valuable player this season non-scholarshipped.

Brian also lays out the if-Hawaii-wins next opponent scenario.


Chris Murray continues his Wolf Pack roster rundown with a look at Dario Hunt.

The media reports on last night's USU - Kansas State game

Tony Jones, Shawn Harrison and Kraig Williams each provide a look at last night's matchup.

Tony also offers a second article.

Tavin Stucki has issued grades for the game.

Brad Rock serves up a post-game commentary.

Craig J. Peterson has posted 73 USU - KSU photos.

Plus, Shawn has a feature on one of the Aggie coaching staff members and his connection with Japan.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kansas State 73, Utah State 68

Utah State has its chances -- one more stop, one more basket and it's nailbitin' time.

Thoughts while viewing the game:

* USU is playing a zone? Interesting.

* That early spate of TOs is so uncharacteristic of the Aggies

* At the 11:24 mark, Utah State is shooting 4-8 despite not getting any great looks

* Is this basketball or the Oscars we are watching? Maybe every charging call should be reviewed.

* Thank heavens for Pooh (no offense intended but may we never have to type that line again)

* Has someone kidnapped Brockeith Pane?

* Uh-oh, Brady got Jardined

* Are you hearing it pronounced Stew Morrell like we are?

* If Utah State's "best offense is in transition" as analyzed then trouble is ahead

* The Grim foul at the 5:30 mark -- why commit it? It had no effect on the play and there was no 'coverage' keeping it from the officials.

* Kansas State was patient, efficient, unselfish and smart but not all that good from outside

* The Wildcat athleticism was especially effective on defense -- the Aggies didn't face that during conference play

* A loss is never something to crow about but Utah State gave a good showing. Remember, this was a 22-10 opponent from a very solid conference.

Say adios to Greg Smith

Daniel Lyght has the scoop on Greg Smith's move towards The Big Show.

The world of WAC basketball on Thursday

Idaho surely enjoyed the sights of San Francisco but certainly not the outcome of the matchup between USF and the Vandals.

Josh Wright offers a game report.


Now it's another WAC - WCC tussle as it's Hawaii's turn to take on the Dons -- Brian McInnis fills us in.

Jeff Portnoy looks back plus forward

Ostrowski fever ailed Portland as Wes Nakama recaps.

Dayton Morinaga captures the lull before the storm.


Kraig Williams writes about the good form of senior-itis

Shawn Harrison offers his look at the USU - Kansas State matchup.

Tony Jones completes the trifecta in Utah State's 'go hard or go home' mantra. Tony also looks back at the Aggies' past Big Dance games with Texas A&M and Marquette.

Kudos to the suits at the Deseret News, the Herald-Journal and the Salt Lake Tribune for sending the trio to Tucson.


Pat Hosier is back with a "Statistically Challenged" article on the Wolf Pack season.

Dan Hinxman has a suggestion for the 800-pound gorilla residing in the WAC tournament living room.


Daniel Lyght recaps the latest in "As Steve Cleveland Turns" of which there will surely be another episode today. Check your local stations.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make the decision on Steve Cleveland now

Daniel Lyght has posted this tweet from Jeff Harmon, a columnist with the Deseret News:

"Harmonwrites: Talked to Jeff Reinert, Cleveland asst. He's on the job circuit looking. Says Cleve will be taken care of in near future."
PTW is having unfortunate flashbacks to former Nixon henchman John Erlichmen talking during the Watergate disgrace about leaving acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray to “twist slowly, slowly in the wind.” Steve Cleveland deserves a quick and clean appraisal and decision as all the pertinent information is known and has been for some time by the Fresno State AD and school president. Drawing matters out is unfair to Cleveland and just the speed, or lack thereof, of this evaluation is giving a black eye to Fresno State University.

Chris Murray's player ratings

Chris Murray continues with his Wolf Pack player analysis: Devonte Elliott and Olek Czyz.

Wednesday and the WAC

Host Hawaii took care of Portland as Wes Nakama, Dayton Morinaga, Brian McInnis and Dave Reardon each report.


Nick Jezierny it was La'Shard time at the end of the BSU - Austin Peay matchup in Boise and the senior came through.


Steve Pivovar at has print, video and photos of Creighton's win against visiting San Jose State.


Daniel Lyght has an article up on the status of Coach Steve Cleveland.


Chris Murray is postmorteming the Wolf Pack 2010-2011 roster, with analysis so far of Deonte Burton, Jordan Burris and Derrell Conner.


Josh Wright is here and here about tonight's Idaho - USF matchup in The City as senior Brandon Wiley returns to the Bay Area.


Kraig Williams previews Thursday's USU - Kansas State get-together.

Tony Jones writes Pane is good for the Aggies because he causes such for opponents. Tony also gives some love to Nate Bendall and he goes all Olivia Newton-John in his third post.

Doug Robinson addresses, or actually dresses down, the NCAA Selection Committee.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kiwi Gardner offered by two WAC schools

Anthony Ray at his Arizona Preps site has a feature up today on Westwind Prep's Kiwi Gardner, formerly of Manteca High in California. Providence tops Kiwi's list (but this was before Coach Keno Davis was let go) and other offers include New Mexico State and and Fresno State.

Go here (and a Rivals sub is required).

Here is an ESPN evaluation of Gardner.

Here is a video.

Tuesday's WAC roundup

San Jose State University is at Creighton, Boise State is welcoming Austin Peay and Hawaii is hosting Portland -- all tonight. Idaho is taking the court at San Francisco on Wednesday.

Steve Takaba and Steve Pivovar at the site preview the Spartans coming to the Midwest.


Nick Jezierny is all over the BSU post-season matchup, as is Jimmy Trodglen.


Brian McInnis writes about Coach Eric Reveno's Pilots. Brian also posted a blog entry touching on a number of UH basketball-related subjects.

Jeff Portnoy's latest is up.

Ferd Lewis' column brings back the jingle of the old Gallo television commercial: Hawaii will produce no contract before it's time.

Joey Gulino of The Signal offers a Trevor Wiseman feature.


Kraig Williams, Shawn Harrison and Tony Jones all report on the Thursday matchup for USU with Kansas State in the Big Dance. Tony also has a blog entry on Jacob Pullen, the on-court leader for K State.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's a.m. WAC report

Reality has indeed bitten. That and an indeterminable degree of anti-Western basketball bias or, at the very least, disregard.

Tony Jones, Shawn Harrison and Kraig Williams are all on top of USU's seeding and matchup with Coach Frank Martin's Big 12 team.

Lya Wodraska offers some background on K-State. Kellis Robinett has more on the tumultuous season of the Wildcats.

Just like with our Wall Street government, he who has the gold, rules as Stew Morrill, plain and simple, offered in Shawn Harrison's piece: "How are you supposed to play top-25, top-50 teams on the road and some of them won't play you? You are going to help your strength of schedule and hurt your RPI because you are going to lose. Nobody wants to hear that, but you are."

One positive: at least the Aggies don't have to go tromping through the snow somewhere back east. The high Thursday for Tucson is forecast for 85 degrees so bring those short pants.


Nick Jezierny reports on Boise State hosting Austin Peay in a CTI game Tuesday.


Brian McInnis covers all the WAC post-season matchups in his blog entry, plus some UH personnel updates.


Jason Groves puts the Aggies on the couch and analyzes the New Mexico State season.


AW Prince at Silver and Blue Sports has an article posted about the Wolf Pack transformation this season and includes some recruiting tidbits -- a sub is required.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Kyisean Reed update

Mel Grussing has an update on Utah State signee Kyisean Reed, who was let go from the team in mid-season. It's about academics.

Thoughts from the USU - BSU game

* It's simple player recognition -- just do not leave Brian Green alone.

* It's sure looking like the Utah State fans invented the term flash mob.

* BSU is not crisp tonight but Utah State is having something to do with that as La'Shard Anderson is not able to go wherever he wants -- unlike the night before.

* Wild Bill is looking like a king but it's Burger King is coming to mind. On to the next outfit.

* Zack Moritz sure looks like he should be wearing a Wyoming or Montana uniform, preferably buckskin.

* We're not hearing Tai Wesley's name enough so far.

* Wesley hit a trey -- turn out the lights.

* Why is Utah State's loss to Idaho considered a bad loss (as described last night)? It was by an eight point margin, to the third place team in the conference, on the road and to an eventual 18-13 Vandal squad.

* USU just rarely makes a why-did-he-do-that play. The Aggies may miss some open shots and jumpers you expect them to bury but headscratching instances are rare. That makes a big difference over the course of a season.

A Wendell Faines update

Idaho signee Wendell Faines was voted MVP of the Orange Empire Conference (CA) this season.

The 6-foot-9, 230 pound Faines scored 13.6 points, grabbed 8.1 rebounds and blocked 2.5 shots a game this past season. He shot 56% from the floor and 78% at the foul line. What's unique is that he also made four out of five three-point attempts this year.

An item about another basketball option for the WAC

Credit wamba2000 for passing this along: it's a Dan Bickley column about Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, Arizona) desiring to join the WAC, or any other D-1 conference. It sure sounds like those joining up or wanting to and also playing football are situated in Texas, while the basketball only options are geographically west coast oriented. With Boise, Fresno, Hawaii  and Nevada departing, the non New Mexico States and LA TECH WAC schools will need some closer playmates. Denver will be one but more are needed.

A collection of WAC basketball links

We missed this: Sam Wasson with video of New Mexico State - Boise State game highlights plus the post game press conference.


Joe Santoro has issued this season's grades for the Wolf Pack players.

Chris Murray offers quotes and thoughts from Coach David Carter about the season for Nevada.


Dayton Morinaga writes about UH getting together to view the WAC championship game.

The reign of the king is extended

Utah State did it again. Boise State displayed tenacity and heart but the Aggies still prevailed.

Nick Jezierny, Shawn Harrison, Kraig Williams, Weston Mangum and Tony Jones all offer game reports.

Craig J. Peterson serves up 31 game photos.

Jeff Hunter and Kraig Williams pay homage to the grittiness of Nate Bendall while Kurt Kragthorpe shines his light on Tai Wesley..

Jason Turner writes about the t-e-a-m aspect of USU and the tourney's top player, Brockeith Pane.

Tony Jones provides his seeding prediction.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thoughts while viewing last night's Boise State - New Mexico State game

Besides images of various food stuffs, certain liquids and a fleeting appearance or two of Scarlett Johansson, here is what appeared inside the ol' cabeza while watching the BSU - NMSU matchup: 

* Is there anyone who can stay in front of La'Shard Anderson?

* How did Chili nab that rebound (16:42, first half) with three Boise State players surrounding him?

* Paging Jahmar Young -- report to the Aggie bench, preferably in uniform and ASAP

* Anderson is schooling Kabongo but then K got that steal and resulting dunk

* Kabongo is one of the very few creators on the Aggies, out-of-control at times but aggressive -- he's definitely a keeper

* This isn't a comment about Tai Wesley or Adrian Oliver but La'AShard Anderson's play makes PTW want to see the voting totals by the coaches for WAC MVP

* Reggie Arnold was MIA until that trey, then another, then another. Just a thought but when you hit three in a row, what are the odds of the fourth going in? It didn't.

* No Rahman? That calf injury resulting in his declining production had to be more bothersome than we know.

* A Watson trey attempt (top of the key) when down by 24?\

* Overall, the WAC is down this season -- not a knock, an observation. Forget the RPI and all that, it's simply the quality and consistency of play that has dropped. The coaches will beg to differ but reality bites.

Inside Ned Golubovic

Matt James serves up a fascinating article on Fresno State's Ned Golubovic. It offers the background we are oblivious of in almost every case while witnessing someone on the basketball court and this should have all basketball fans cheering on the young man.

The reports on last night's game

Kraig Williams, Shawn Harrison, Jeff Hunter, Tony Jones, plus Tony again, Andy Samuelson and Brian McInnis are all over the Utah State victory over San Jose State University.

Tony also has a pair of blog entries here and here.

Craig J. Peterson serves up 28 game photos.


Nick Jezierny leads off the Boise State win over New Mexico State coverage.

Jason Groves offers a game report and Jason also posted a blog entry. Sam Wasson posted his take plus Sam also supplies video of Coach Marvin Menzies' pre-game talk.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jason Groves on the Aggies and Broncos

Jason Groves blogs about a numbers of aspects of the New Mexico State - Boise State matchup.the recent past

The MWC and the WAC are in different orbits

Matt James writes that Mountain West Conference basketball is head and shoulders (hey Proctor and Gamble, how 'bout some advertising dollars in this direction?) above the WAC and a very different fan experience:

MWC puts WAC hoops to shame
Matt James
The Fresno Bee
March 10, 2011

LAS VEGAS – Fresno State basketball isn't changing leagues, it's changing sports.

Everyone is excited about the school moving to the Mountain West for the 2012-2013 school year, but maybe someone should step in with a white flag or even a court order. This might be unusually cruel.

This week the Mountain West and the Western Athletic – two conferences who care about each other with the depth of opposing prison gangs – played their post-season tournaments just four miles and a $14 cab ride apart.

It might as well be four time zones...
Go here for the remainder.

Mario Gomez on who to head the Fresno State basketball program

Here's Mario Gomez, the major domo of the Bark Board, editorializing on the question of who should head the Fresno State basketball program:

Commentary: What’s Boeh Going to Do
Mario Gomez
The Barkboard
March 11, 2011

Athletic director Thomas Boeh has been at Fresno State for nearly six years, and he has not made a signature hire or signature fire. The biggest hire was Adrian Wiggins in 2006. Then again, Wiggins really gave him no choice after going 24-8 record in his interim season. Now, Boeh has a chance to establish his distinctiveness. Will he fire Steve Cleveland, and make his signature hire…
Our take (at least on the names mentioned) With all sincerity, what has Pat Knight accomplished as a basketball coach? Enough to land a job less than a month after being let go?

Coach Reggie? Yes, the on-court product would be more exciting than present, just as off-court happenings most certainly would be, and there's the rub. The Bee might need to hire an additional crime beat reporter. Plus, how long would Theus be content to remain in Fresno even if he could be convinced to come?

Friday and the world of WAC hoops

Kraig Williams says it's Goliath versus Cinderella.  

Shawn Harrison also checks in on the USU - SJSU get-together.

Based on an Adrian Oliver quote, Tony Jones has quite the headline.  

Jeff Hunter writes that it seems unanimous -- "Viva Las Vegas."


Brandon Russell has posted photos from the Nevada - New Mexico State tiff. 

Sam Wasson has video of the matchup. 

Here's video of Gordo Castillo after the game. courtesy of the Las Cruces Sun-News. 


Dayton Morinaga reports that even though Hawaii lost, the team is leaving LV in much, much better shape than Nicholas Cage. 

Ferd Lewis writes about UH and the CIT.


Nick Jezierny explores Coach Leon Rice and his selections as assistant coaches.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

San Jose State and New Mexico State do it again

It was San Jose State over Idaho 74-68.

Nick Jezierny provides a game report plus news about Idaho's next opponent and Jim Meehan also checks in. Here is a third take on the game.


New Mexico State topped Nevada 66-60.

Sam Wasson has print and video on the outcome of the matchup. Here is Marvin Menzies speaking in the locker room pre-game. Jason Groves posted a post-game blog entry.

Chris Murray has one game report, plus another. Chris also serves up a notes feature.

Dan Hinxman contributes some post-game video and Dan also offers a look at next season.

Chris Murray's seven point plan

Chris Murray digs even deeper in exploring what the Wolf Pack must and mutsn't do versus New Mexico State.

Thursday and the world of WAC basketball

Brian McInnis reports on the last-second loss for UH to San Jose State.

Jeff Portnoy covers the game and what's next for the Rainbow Warriors. 

Dayton Morinaga and Brian McInnis write that it's Portland for Hawaii's CIT opponent.

Brian also serves up an article on former Gib Arnold recruiting target Keith Shamburger.


Mark Littlefield offers another game report, plus photos, of Nevada's victory over Fresno State.

Dan Hinxman also writes about the contest.

Chris Murray has included a number of quotes as the Wolf Pack faces New Mexico State.


Sam Wasson has video of announcers Jack Nixon (New Mexico State) and Mike Chisholm (San Jose State) discussing elements of the WAC tourney.

Sam also broadcasts a segment of Wendell-Vision.

Jason Groves writes about the recent history between New Mexico State and Nevada.

Jason also has posted an article on the Aggie past, present and future.

Jason also offers a number of blog entries on the tournament.


Daniel Lyght covers the Bulldog defeat and a number of other topics.

Matt James is all about the Bulldog in the living room.


Nick Jezierny features Jeff Ledbetter whose play will be critical for the Vandals as they face San Jose State today.

Jim Meehan looks closely at the two teams.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

San Jose State and Nevada both win

Wes Nakama reports on the San Jose State defeat of Hawaii.

Here is another take.

It's SJSU versus Idaho tomorrow at noon.


Mark Littlefield has the details of Nevada's triumph over Fresno State.

Chris Murray is here and here on the game.

Dan Hinxman offers his take.

Daniel Lyght writes from the Bulldog perspective.

Chris also looks at tomorrow's matchup with New Mexico State.

Chris Murray with a pair of new articles

Chris Murray is back with a seven-point check list that the Wolf Pack need to succeed at in the Nevada - Fresno State battle.

Chris also puts it on the line, making his tourney picks.

Check out the tweets from Brian McInnis

Brian McInnis is tweeting the UH - SJSU game.

Be thanful for BillS

Let's say an amen for having Bill Sproat bringing attention to Uath State and WAC basketball because some of the alternatives look like stars out of a Wes Craven film fest. 

Such as this: 

Wednesday's game previews and overall WAC news

Wes Nakama writes about the noon showdown between Hawaii and SJSU. Plus, Zane and Bill (or Bill's 'n Zane's if you prefer) practice their Saturday Night Live skills once more,

Brian McInnis tell us that UH hopes to roll a 40 today.

Ferd Lewis informs readers that Rainbow Warrior attendance and therefore revenues were up this season. Ferd also has the details on CIT major domo Riley Wallace being there for his former program.

Dave Reardon has a not-so-secret secret plus he scrambles a couple of long-held sports theories.


Chris Murray informs readers that the Gazette-Journal staff will be live-chatting the Nevada - Fresno State matchup.

Dan Hinxman holds nothing back in his thoughts about the WAC, its tourney and the current Wolf Pack squad.

Joe Santoro offers a look at Nevada and today's contest.

Daniel Lyght looks at the Nevada - Fresno State game from the Bulldog perspective. PTW forgot that Bulldog frosh Kevin Olekaibe is returning to his ol' stomping grounds so will that be a bonus or add pressure?


Sam Wasson serves up a link to an interview with Coach Marvin Menzies talking about the tournament.

Jason Groves' feature today is about seniors, alas not those in their golden years, being an asset come playoff time. Let's all sing a rousing version of "Are You Experienced?" although we don't think Jimi had basketball in mind.

Jason also blogs about who would be the preferable New Mexico State opponent, Fresno State or Nevada?


Nick Jezierny goes top-to-bottom is his look at the teams in the WAC tourney.


Josh Wright provides some background in a feature on Vandal Jeff Ledbetter.


Kraig Wiiliams' Aggie article today is about being an NCAA lock, or not, for USU.

Shawn Harrison's feature indicates the preference for the Aggies is a rubber match with Idaho.

Tony Jones writes that there are no hard feelings between Utah State and the Big Dance selection committee but that the Aggies want to control their own NCAA tourney inclusion. Tony also blogs about Brockeith Pane.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chris Murray with another three-pointer

Chris Murray offers his keys to the Nevada - Fresno State matchup plus a prediction. The game begins at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Chris offers soups to nuts to date about the sophomore Malik Story's basketball travels. Chris also features Story's father who has some fascinating tales of his own to tell.

We missed this one

Somehow we missed this Daniel Lyght article all about Greg Smith:

Bulldogs' Smith has untapped potential
Daniel Lyght
The Fresno Bee
March 5, 2011

Kyle Nelson of NBA Draft Express evaluated Smith's play the past two years and called him "both a legitimate prospect and an extremely frustrating player. He should be dominating mid-major collegiate competition with his physical advantages and ability to play with his back to the basket."

Draft Express statistics reveal that Smith's touches are down slightly from last season despite the departures of last year's top scorers George and Sylvester Seay...
Go here for the remainder.

Here's a Nevada recruiting target

SoCal club team basketball figure Dinos Trigonis offered an evaluation recently about a 2012 prospect -- Dom Artis -- who already has an offer from Coach David Carter:

    "There were several outstanding players in that contest ... 5-10 junior Dominic Artis (Salesian). Artis is emerging as California’s top 2012 point guard prospect and his play that night gave me flashbacks of a young Baron Davis. Dominic is extremely crafty and his basketball IQ is off the charts. Combine those intangibles with an excellent reaction to the ball and his ability to create for himself as well as teammates makes him a growth spurt away from being a special player..."