Thursday, June 30, 2011

Utah State snags another one

Per Tony Jones, it's a 2013 in-state prospect whose father played and later coached at USU.

Speaking of the latter, here's a Shawn Harrison feature from April 2010.

Jack Nixon writes about the Canada - Las Cruces connection

The voice of New Mexico State sports, Jack Nixon, has authored an article on the long relationship between New Mexico State athletics and our neighbors to the north. Should the Aggies consider starting up an ice hockey squad?

Thursday's a.m. WAC-aroni

Sam Wasson/Bleed Crimson has a New Mexico State recruiting note up today as well as the news of another coaching change and a well known name as a possible replacement.


Dayton Morinaga checks in with a summer league update -- landing Hauns Brereton is looking more and more prominent for UH as time goes on.


Chris Murray has news on Luke Babbitt's financial future.


Louisiana Tech signee Raheem Appleby left a mighty mark on a state all-star basketball game.


The USU Fans site has the latest on former Aggie Gary Wilkinson.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just two WAC basketball items this Wednesday a.m.

At the USU Fans Stew's Spectrum MB, Seldomseensmith has the update on former Utah State guard Leon Cooper.


Per a contact who shared this with PTW, former Fresno Stater Bracken Funk has Utah and BYU Hawaii as the choices for his next destination. The former would require sitting out a season in his hometown while he could play right away at the latter while enjoying the charms of the islands.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A brief Greg Smith update

Per Ira Winderman, Greg Smith is at a free agent camp with the Miami Heat this week.

Tuesday's a.m. WAC compendium

Kurt Kragthorpe is joining the side that wants Utah to face its fellow in-state basketball opponents, USU specifically.

PTW agrees (for what that's worth). But please, no legislation. That's a bridge too far.


CRAZYTOWN at the Aggie Alert Sports Trough MB offers a link to a video feature on New Mexico State signee Daniel Mullings.

That's it for now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Adam Thoseby will be playing this summer....

The USUStats site has news on Aggie signee Adam Thoseby's summer basketball plans.

The European championships are being held in Sarajevo -- quite the setting considering the horrific history there circa 1996 but that is probably the reason it was chosen, or at least a primary one.

If it happens in Antelope Valley...

Actually, the event didn't take place in Antelope Valley or at Antelope Valley College but, hey, that just shows the 'reach' of Mel Grussing, Mr. AVC basketball. 

At Mel's site, he has a basketball update -- not (yet) an academic one -- on Utah State signee Kyisean Reed.

All we have so far for Monday

A.W. Prince has a new post up at his Silver and Blue Sports site on Nevada's 2012 basketball recruiting (a site sub is required).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Digging into New Mexico State University basketball 2011-12

Not to downplay what appears below but it's always critical to keep in mind that some of the players on any team will move forward over the summer, some will remain in a static state and some will regress. Coupling that with 'determining' the impact of new (unseen) recruits make the following a fun exercise but not much else.

Three Aggie players in particular must step forward but the trio, combined with senior redshirt Wendell McKines, should keep Coach Marvin Menzies' team in contention for the top spot.

McKines is a known quality -- strong rebounding and power play --  but isn't necessarily a creator on the floor (unless he has tuned up his dribble-drives during his off season).

The so-called troika consists of Remi Barry, Tshilidzi Nephawe and Christian Kabongo.

Barry has morphed into Sidd Finch (George Plimpton/SI) proportions in the minds of some NMSU fans but it's important to remember that he hasn't played game conditions basketball in two years so it's unfair to place such expectations on him from the get-go.

With added strength which will aid in maintaining better balance, Nephawe is going to be a jewel. He can shoot from the floor, from the foul line (so he doesn't have to be removed at the ends of games) and block shots. His boardplay needs upgrading but 25 more pounds should be the antidote there.

Kabongo needs to shoot much better from outside (19%) and actually overall too if he is going to take the third most shots on the team. But he brings a dribble-drive penetration to the team that no one else has displayed with any consistency.

It's a valuable bonus if K.C. Ross-Miller can gain eligibility because that establishes two competent points on the team (Hernst Laroche being the other). Laroche is best at getting the ball to the right teammate at the right time and not necessarily at creating.

PTW espects Hamidu Rahman to be the backup in the middle (to Nephawe) and that's another bonus for Menzies in having a pair of WAC-level bigs in which he can interchange. Plus, watch out for B.J. West who had his moments in 2011-12

Tyrone Watson just gets it done but hopefully won't be needed to produce points as much as it seemed like last season -- that's not his strength.

PTW isn't sure what role Bandja Sy plays in the coming year -- a wing type must shoot better and possess better ball skills than he has displayed to date.

As for Renaldo Dixon, he has promise but not necessarily the opportunity right now.
Emery Coleman SG 6-4 & 180 Fr (walk-on)
Terrel de Rouen PG 6-1 & 175 Fr (walk-on)
Drew Herig PG 6-0 & 175 So (walk-on)
Christian Kabongo SG 6-4 & 190 So
Hernst Laroche PG 6-1 & 170 Sr
K.C. Ross-Miller PG 6-1 & 175 So
Eric Weary SG 6-5 & 180 Fr
Daniel Mullings Sg 6-foot-2 & 180 Fr

Remi Barry SF 6-7 & 200 So     
Renaldo Dixon PF 6-8 & 200 Fr  
Wendell McKines SF 6-6 & 225 Sr        
Tshilidzi Nephawe C 6-10 & 250 So      
Hamidu Rahman C 6-11 & 245 Sr  
Bandja Sy SF 6-8 & 210 Jr      
Tyrone Watson SF 6-5 & 225 Jr  
B.J. West C 6-11 & 220 Jr      

7-foot Abdoulaye N'Doye has transferred.

Temjae Singleton SF 6-7 & 200 Fr will be a non-scholarship redshirt.

Reynaldo Walters PG 5-11 & 180 Fr didn't qualify academically

Makhtar Diop SF 6-6 & 195 Sr is apparently another walk-on candidate


There's a load of promise and potential here so let's see what kind of team New Mexico State is come 2011-12. Will it be one that boards well and, even more importantly, plays five-on-five defensively? A shooter in the backcourt plus one on the wing needs to step up and stand out. If one or both can also be creators on the floor, then the Aggies will be tough to top. Another need for the Aggies is a determination of who earns the role as the one with the ball in his hands at the end of a close or tied game.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deuce Johnson visiting Cal Poly

James "Deuce" Johnson, formerly of Louisiana Tech, is awaiting an offer from Cal Poly, a member of the Big West Conference. He explains his departure from Ruston in Joshua Scoggin's article in The Tribune.

WAC tidings for Saturday

Daniel Lyght offers his take on the Greg Smith decision.

What appears to be missing from the entire equation, at least so far, is that college is not necessarily a fit for some younger basketball (and other sports) players. We may say it should be but reality is what it is. Some talents don't wish to be in school regardless of what the next step ends up being and that MAY have also been a factor in Smith departing from Fresno State. It's important to also note that this is speculation on the part of PTW.


Chris Murray writes about the personnel effects of the NBA draft on Luke Babbitt and Armon Johnson.


Jason Groves notes a couple of down-the-road recruiting items involving the Aggies.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why the continued coverage of Hawaii, Fresno State and Nevada?

PTW received a note the other day questioning our continued coverage of Hawaii, Fresno State and Nevada, castigating them as traitors.

After thinking about the subject for a couple of days, we just wrote back.

The trio are WAC members for one more basketball season so their recruiting and personnel moves are still important to follow -- for another year.

Then, following each will go the way of PTW's Boise State coverage.

It's critical to note that each remaining WAC school would also jump at any opportunity perceived to be a better fit -- we see no level of morality at play in this particular equation. Conferences are relationships of convenience and business, period, whether we wish it to be so or not.

Friday's WAC basketball rundown

Don't fret for Greg Smith or Adrian Oliver as it's actually better to be a free agent than a second-rounder. Time to set the ego aside.

Speaking of the former, Daniel Lyght spent the draft evening at Smith's home.

Contrary to what Joe Abunassar said yesterday in another of Lyght's features on Smith, "energy guy" and "high energy" are not descriptions associated with Smith but they can be.

The real work begins now.


Matt Sonnenberg has gone legit (not that he ever wasn't in our minds) as a member of the Utah State Athletic Media Relations staff and offers a Gary Wilkinson Q-and-A


It's time for UH basketball fans to step up (actually, open their wallets) in order to send Dayton Morinaga to Asia this summer with the Rainbow Warrior basketball team. PTW predicts this will happen as generosity is big for Hawaii athletics in the islands and the outcome of Gib Arnold's initial season plus this season's recruiting class has provided the necessary momentum.


Neal Henderson is back with another edition of "The Howl" and about 52 minutes of it related to Wolf Pack hoops. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A trio of links for your Thursday mid-morning intake

Chris Murray has quite the intriguingly titled article up today and it contains some previously unknown (to PTW) recruiting tidbits.

+++++ has a piece up today on the history of certain in-state programs and their avoidance of The Temple of Doom.


Daniel Lyght writes about the draft prospects of former Fresno Stater Greg Smith. PTW wishes Smith all the best tonight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Fresno State recruiting mention

Alex Schwartz checks in with an update on a blossoming 2012 southern California frontcourter and mention is made of Fresno State offering the young man.

Adam Thoseby's local newspaper gives him a writeup

PTW knows no borders -- tonight we're taking you to Reading. No, not the railroad but the town in England, specifically the local newspaper, for the announcement there of Adam Thoseby's landing at Utah State.

Wednesday's WAC-itude

Chris Murray has a very good read on Wolf Pack basketball in the off-season -- will the culture prevail and with who? There are many factors towards betterment but skill development is at the top of the list. Who will come back with more in his repertoire?


Matt Norlander writes about the possibility of a Beehive State extravaganza -- Utah, Utah State, BYU and Weber State together in an in-state tourney. Imagine the buzz (bad, bad, bad) such a get-together would generate.


HawaiiMongoose at the Warriors Sports Network MB makes note of a nice Memphis Commercial feature by Jason Smith on UH newcomer Hauns Brereton. Gib Arnold has landed a young man who is wise beyond his years on and off the court.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's WAC basketball digest

Former Fresno State center John Ryan has transferred to UC Irvine. It's interesting it took until now -- PTW doesn't know if the timing was mutual or based on one or the other's decision. Signing a financial aid package allows a student-athlete greater flexibility if another change of address is desired.


Dayton Morinaga reports that Zane Johnson is receiving treatment on his knees which is producing a much faster daily recovery time.


Jason Groves writes that the WAC basketball tourney isn't leavin' Las Vegas. But do check out the annual attendance numbers Jason provides.


bpd at the USU Stew's Spectrum message board has the scoop that USU 2012 commit Cory Calvert has opened his recruitment back up.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Two more WAC basketball links for you

File this one under long range planning.

PTW couldn't access this in the morning but had no problem this evening: a article on a 2014 prospect in Idaho but with a Utah State (and others) connection as well as an upcoming mission obligation. So that makes him 2016 at least.


Alex Kline/Recruit Scoop tweeted this today:

"Isaiah Watkins, a 2013 forward from CIA Bounce, spoke with Harvard & New Mexico State today, per his dad"
Here's a three minute video interview with the Canadian young man.

Monday's WAC basketball report

Brian McInnis reports on Bill Amis' takedown of Kevin Durant, no, actually the UH grad's workout with the OKT.


Ferd Lewis looks at the immediate financial implications of Hawaii's departure from the WAC.

That's it so far.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teddy Feinberg on the state of the WAC

Teddy Feinberg writes about where WAC football and basketball are now -- definitely weaker but offering opportunity.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chris Murray's articles deserved their own separate posting

Chris Murray  must be 'redbulling' again -- either that or he has the capacity to write while running -- as he has churned out a remarkable number of Nevada basketball articles in a short period of time.

Here you go (and there goes your Saturday morning chore list out the window):

* An off season to-do list for each player

* Working to get better

* A Malik Story update

* A Devonte Elliott update

WAC basketball on this wonderful Saturday

Hawaii will be down a player as JC transfer DeShawn Mitchell hasn't racked up the necessary units to qualify -- Brian McInnis and Dayton Morinaga both report. Too many stops at too many colleges caught up with him.

Mitchell's athleticism and ability to take he ball to the hoop will be missed but this turn of events clears up playing time for others which offers the opportunity for a 'happier' squad.

Dayton Morinaga also offers a summer league report.

+++++ has posted a Riley Bradshaw video blog. He's a 2012 Aggie commit.


Bleed Crimson's Sam Wasson serves up an 11 minute video of New Mexico State basketball highlights.


Dirk Facer reports there will be no Utah versus Utah State in the 2011-12 season.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A bit more on Troy Gillenwater

Jason Groves has a bit more on Troy Gillenwater's academic situation.

Based on the information provided, Gillenwater more than likely either dropped or didn't complete his last set of classes at New Mexico State.

Fresno State's Greg Smith apparently did the same.

It is hard, not next to impossible but certainly difficult, to hone one's game and body in preparation for jumping on to the NBA draft visit carousel and also be in class and completing assignments. Having a single focus on job interview preparation makes day-to-day life much easier to manage.

Gillenwater's high school and college academics were shaky to begin with so his decision really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Kevin Young to Kansas

6-foot-8 forward Kevin Young, a transfer from Loyola Marymount who was once thought to be heading to Fresno State, has landed at Kansas.

Here is another report.

Young was also connected to San Diego State at one point.

He is extremely athletic but it remains to be seen where his basketball skill levels are at this point.

The Greg Smith pre-draft journey continues

Ryan Feldman/The Hoops Report tweets that Greg Smith is in the City of Roses today.

"Portland draft workout today: Jordan Williams, Jimmy Butler, Malcolm Thomas, Greg Smith, Michael Dunigan"

Friday's WAC-itude

The New England Recruiting Report checks in on marriage between USU and Adam Thoseby. The latter must be feeling like he won the lottery.


Dayton Morinaga writes about newcomer Hauns Brereton, a 6-foot-7 forward who PTW is pegging as the most important addition to Coach Gib Arnold's squad because of his all-around game.

That's it, at least for this morning.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tony Jones has more on Tai Wesley's transformation.

Bill Amis and the NBA

This is the first we've located on Bill Amis and the NBA:

"Workout for the future of the NBA and my hometown team the OKC Thunder tomorrow, wish me luck"

An interesting Ryan Feldman tweet

Just saw this from Ryan Feldman -- it's the first Wesley/NBA mention we've come across:

"Derrick Williams is working out w/ Univ. of Mary's Anthony Moody, Utah State's Tai Wesley + Wofford's Jamar Diggs in Minnesota today"

A note from a Hawaii fan

 Received this from a UH basketball fan and immediately thought
 it's a must share item:

It’ll be Arnold’s team…

With only Zane Johnson the lone ranger, the only player left on scholarship from the Nash era, it’ll be Arnold’s team in 2011-2012.

However, Zane will be the key returner for the coming season.  He’ll probably be named as the captain or at least one of the captains.  Who joins him as a leader will emerge in the fall.

A lot of anticipation looms for the coming season what with a dozen of Gibber’s recruits on the roster -- the Hawaii fan can’t wait for the season to open. Season tickets should increase by no less than 1k.  The first big game could sell out the 10,000 seat Stan Sheriff Center something which hasn’t occurred since the A.C. Carter/Alika Smith days.

The two returnees who will be penciled in from day one to opening day should be Zane Johnson, who could open at SG or SF and center Vander Joaquim.  The rest is up for grabs and that suits Gibber just fine.

We’ll miss Bo Barnes’ threes and his constant hustle on defense.  The instant offense that he provided will be replaced amply by the influx of offensive fire power from the likes of scoring machines Hauns Brereton,  Deshawn Mitchell, and Gerry Blakes.

A new point guard will start the season since Miah Ostrowski will still be engaged in his scholarship sport, football, when the season opens. Returning PG Bobby Miles will be challenged by Shaq Stokes, who might be the steal of this class. Gerry Blakes a combo guard could land the SG job -- however, he is another PG candidate.

Blue collar forward Trevor Wiseman will get minutes. His acceptance as a defense first player will put him on the floor. A mature Joston Thomas proved that when focused he belongs on the court. All he needs to realize is that his game is from inside ten feet and he needs to take care of the ball by not forcing things that aren’t there.  Do that and he could be a starter again.

Davis Rozitis will surprise a lot of folks at the Stan Sheriff Center with his Euro-style talents unlike the average seven footer. He’ll provide many a valuable minute down low. He is one of the keys to this team’s success while we wait for Ronnie Stevens and Dillon Biggs to gain 15-20lbs of beef. Dominick Brumfield remains in the loop and he needs to shake off the ill effects of his surgery real soon if he wants to get on the court. Transfer Tyler McDaniels is another tree who could prove valuable down the stretch.

The bench is long with walk-ons Pi’I Minns, a transfer from nearby Chaminade and an ex-POY from Hawaii, and former Utah starting PG Jace Tavita.

Note: all this could change if one or two players don’t make it academically or have a change of heart.

The best thing about this team will be that there are so many pure athletes who can run, slash, shoot, and defend. Many of whom will play two or more positions. The roster has Gibber and company drooling at the prospects for next year and the years to come.  The team’s Achilles heel may be its youth since only Zane Johnson is a senior. At one point witnessing a two platoon system is not out of the realm of possibility.

The Orient trip in August is pure genius by Arnold as this gets his team an extra 10-15 practices and about ten exhibition/scrimmages together before the winter startup.  Only Miah Ostrowski will miss this trip.

Yup, as the chubby kid said on that commercial, “things are looking up!”

Thursday's a.m. WAC basketball roundup

Can Seattle U become the Gonzaga of the WAC? That appears to be the most prominent question of the day and, hey no knock towards the Redhawks, but just how many Gonzagas are there in the basketball world? It's also a comparison that invokes a false equivalency (the WCC versus the WAC).


The Upset site has an article titled "Geography, Justice, and the Expansion Tsunami" and that alone should make fans want to read it. The WAC is prominently featured.


The Big Sky Commish recently uttered this via Brian Murphy's column: " "We're in a better place than the WAC is." It's certainly worth a read.


Shawn Harrison adds more on Sam Orchard's Aggie affiliation.


The News Star writes about Trevor Gaskins joining the squad in Ruston.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Utah State gets another recruit

6-foot-6 Adam Thoseby, out of England and at Maine Central Institute (MCI) this past season as a post grad, has pledged to Coach Stew Morrill and Utah State as part of the Aggie 2011 recruiting class.

The same Hoopsfix site offers a Thoseby page, including a video that indicates his shooting range prowess.

The New England Recruiting Report posted this about Thoseby in an October 2010 MCI preview:
"Thoseby is a southpaw post-graduate from England who has a sound skill set in his own right along with some deceptive athleticism"

A Wednesday night -- off season - version of the WAC roundup

Brian McInnis writes about another UH basketball walk-on, this one a backcourter.


Utah State athletics announces another newcomer to the Aggie basketball squad -- a walk-on guard mentioned before.


Sam Wasson's Daily Aggie column covers Seattle entry into the WAC plus he offers links to a plethora of other reporters covering the subject. Sam closes it out with a New Mexico State offer to a 2013 prospect.

Credit Sam for tipping PTW off about Troy Gillenwater's NBA draft/college eligibility/academics decision. If anyone is surprised, well, make sure that a certain Nigerian prince isn't loading up your email in-box with tempting offers while this is being typed.

A pair of New Mexico State recruiting items

From Alex Kline at his Recruit Scoop Twitter account comes this:

"Florida, Santa Clara, Rice, Seton Hall, New Mexico State, Iowa State & Wake Forest have all called 2013 CIA Bounce guard Tyler Ennis"

Go here for more on Ennis. Here too.


This may be that great oxymoron called old news:  
Tevin Findlay - 2013 PG/SG
January 19, 2011
"A 6'3 PG/SG Canadian from Quality Education Academy in Winston Salem. Will easily be a top 150 player in his class. Has visited a St. John's game recently and picked up an offer from New Mexico State"
Here is a brief video featuring both Ennis and Findlay.

Wednesday and the world of the WAC

The USU Stats site has the news of Tai Wesley heading to the lands of Nether. Tai, do check out those fries with mayonnaise and report back.


Daniel Lyght has more on the Bracken Funk departure. Little used walk-on Bennie Rhodes also is gone.


Kraig Williams has more on the WAC expansion scenarios.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome Seattle

The Redhawks are in but there's no word as yet if Howard Schultz is offering a free trenta tomorrow at his nationwide -- make that international -- outfits, to anyone wearing a WAC cap or shirt. Very few people know that he is the original mastermind behind everyone being sleepless in Seattle. (collective groan)

Tony Jones leads it off.

Here's Bob Condotta.

Also, the WAC post-season tourney is again to be held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Orleans Arena.

More on Trevor Gaskins' transfer to LT

Jonathan Ford at his Bleed Tech Blue site has more on Trevor Gaskin's move to Mississippi to Louisiana Tech. This pickup will really aid the Bulldog backcourt.

More press for Jordan Chatman

Utah prepster Jordan Chatman is figuratively collecting by the handful and Brandon Gurney's is but the latest.

He is a great example of someone who has multiple suitors -- high quality in all areas ones -- so how does someone in this situation actually whittle it down to one when going with each school/basketball program would be a choice which would work well for him?

It's a great situation to be in but one not easily resolved.

Like Scarlett Johansson or Mila Kunis or Charlize Theron or...

A very informative Jaycee Carroll update

From USU Athletic Media Relations
Jun 13, 2011
LOGAN, Utah – Three years removed from his glory days in Logan, the leading scoring in the history of Utah State basketball is living a new set of glory days overseas, both on and off the court, by continuing the stellar play and leadership that Aggie fans saw from 2005 to 2008. The past two seasons for Jaycee Carroll, now playing professionally in Spain, have seen much of the same basketball savvy and dynamite scoring ability that Carroll displayed during his Utah State career.

Fresh off returning to Cache Valley after a season in which he averaged 19.1 points per game while shooting 50.7 percent from the field and 39.7 percent from behind the three-point line, all while leading his team to a 21-13 record, Carroll took some time to give an update on his basketball career, his family and his future.

What have the last two seasons been like playing basketball overseas?
“The last two seasons I’ve been in Gran Canaria, Spain, playing in a league called the ACB (AsociaciĆ³n de Clubs de Baloncesto). I started two years there as the shooting guard on a team that it is considered a successful season if we make the playoffs and this year we finished fifth out of 18 teams. The year before we finished eighth out of 18 teams, so overall a very successful season. I personally had two good years. I led the ACB Spanish league in scoring the last two years with Gran Canaria and that’s only been done two other times in the history of the league.”

What were some of the awards you received this past season? 
“Toward the end of the season they do weekly awards and I think I won four or five of those and then for the month of April I was the MVP of the month, but then for the entire season I was voted as the best shooting guard in the league.”

What’s your celebrity status overseas compared to celebrity status you had at Utah State? 
“It’s funny, here at USU you become famous or a celebrity in Logan and in Cache Valley basically. Outside that, I rarely got really recognized unless I was around basketball people. In Spain though, it’s a professional league. It’s their NBA, so as we go around to different cities and all across Spain, basketball people know who you are and they find you on Facebook, they write you messages, they take photos, they want autographs, there’s basketball cards and it’s a really well-organized and very good league.”

What is the structure of the season in the league where you play? 
“Basically it’s how the NBA works. The only difference is we only play one game a week and we play every team twice, home and away. It’s a 34-game season that spans over nine months which gets really long sometimes with one game a week. What helps it though is after you play every team once, the season breaks and they have what is called the King’s Cup and the top eight teams in the standings at that time are invited to go to a big tournament. An eight-team, single elimination tournament and it’s huge. It’s one of the biggest things across Europe for basketball and my team made it, we went and played in the whole thing. And then we play the second half of the season and the teams that are in the top eight will go to the playoffs and playoffs are, first and second rounds, best of three, championship, best of five.”

What was it like playing with former USU teammate Spencer Nelson on Gran Canaria?
“It was great to be able to team up with him again after basically five years of not playing together. It was really a treat to see his work ethic and his effort and just seeing how he handled living and being in Europe.”

How is the adjustment to being a family of four now with the new addition? 
“It’s been really cool. It’s been different. My little daughter Bella is now two-and-a-half and she’s big enough to go around, to hang out and just a lot of fun to have around. April 14th, Alba was born in Gran Canaria, Spain, and Alba is Spanish for ‘sunrise.’ She was born right at sunrise and we wanted to do something in Spanish since she was born in Spain to kind of just remember that. She’s been great to have around.”

Have you been keeping up with the Utah State program since graduating after leading USU to the first of now four-straight WAC titles?

“I’ve definitely been able to keep up. I go on every weekend and see how the Aggies did. Everything’s been very impressive with what they’ve done over the past three years since I left. They’ve basically broken school records for most wins in a season, had two players of the year after I was and it’s just been super impressive.”

Has the legend of Wild Bill caught your attention overseas? 
“Yes. It’s actually funny because my teammates always try to find out what Utah State is and Wild Bill is one of the first things that pops up on the internet so we all get a kick out of him and we’re impressed with the attention he’s got.”

What would you say you miss most about Utah State? 
“Watching my wife Baylee cheer. Also college life is fun. Life is fun now, but being in college and pretty much just having to worry about yourself is a whole different thing. I do miss the organization of basketball and the smart coaches we have. I miss being around coach Morrill and his coaching staff. They really make basketball a joy.”

What kind of outlook does this summer hold for you between training and holding camps? 
“Summers are nice. We come back to Logan and hang out here. Previously I’ve been in summer leagues but this is the first year I will not be doing any summer leagues, so I’ll just kind of be hanging out training on my own. I’m doing a basketball camp here at The Sports Academy and then drive to Basin, Wyo., where my brother-in-law coaches and do a two-day camp for him. More than anything, I just wanted to come back to Cache Valley and offer a very inexpensive basketball camp where I can give really personal attention to kids and help them improve. I don’t take on a lot of kids and try to keep my groups to 15 to 20 kids at a time.”

What’s your status on pursuing a career in the NBA? 
“This summer has a lot of uncertainty with the NBA with lockouts, summer leagues and all kinds of things. I’ve had a good enough season the last couple years that I’ve had a couple of really good offers from some European teams and I’m going to sign one of those contracts and pretty much forget about the NBA for a few years. It’ll be in Spain, probably in Barcelona or Madrid.”

Who gets the invite? Plus more

Who's in? Who's out? Time will soon tell regarding the future makeup of the WAC.

Tony Jones checks in.

Sam Wasson offers this.

The Upset site looks at Utah Valley University.


Dave Reynolds of the Peoria Journal Star goes long on Greg Graham's joining the Bradley U coaching staff and we learn about the previous Graham - Coach Geno Ford connection. 

Nick Jezierny covers similar material.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Personnel changes in mid-June?

Actually, most player shifts are a long time coming and probably were in place sometime ago. Anyway, here goes:

Well, this is a surprise.

KOFan on the Save Mart Center MB at the BarkBoard site, is reporting that Bracken Funk has departed from the Fresno State basketball team, thus weakening an already thin front line.

PTW recalls this from Funk in Daniel Lyght's April 7 Fresno Bee article right after Rodney Terry's new hire:

"I'm behind this guy 100%. I would take a bullet for him right now, and I only met him for 20 minutes. He's awesome."
The timing sure is curious, what with so many teams now at 13 scholarships.


Jason Jones at his Here Come The Dawgs Louisiana Tech Scout site makes note of another Ole Miss transfer -- this one a backcourter -- joining the squad in Ruston.

JAY noted the above at the Bulldog Barks and Bytes MB and added that sophomore-to-be cornerman James Johnson may be packing.


Tony Jones reports that UVU will be back in the house during the WAC meeting this week, the latest status in an on-again, off-again relationship.

Conversely, Bob Condotta has the details on Seattle's desire to join the WAC.

With Denver already aboard, will the league add two non-football playing members? Or just one?


Brian McInnis offers the details on the UH players participating in summer league play. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday's WAC roundup (such as it is)

Teddy Feinberg writes about the upcoming (this week) WAC meetings.

Ferd Lewis looks at the same from Hawaii's perspective -- two quotes in particular sum up these times:

"...the conference has become, in the words of a former athletic director, a parking lot for schools without options."
"We knew when the music stopped not everybody was going to end up with a chair. But we feel like we got the equivalent of a recliner." -- Hawaii AD Jim Donovan

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Digging into San Jose State University basketball 2011-12

Not to downplay what appears below but it's always critical to keep in mind that some of the players on any team will move forward over the summer, some will remain in a static state and some will regress. Coupling that with 'determining' the impact of new (unseen) recruits make the following a fun exercise but not much else.

It's going to be a brave new world for the Spartans what with the graduation of Adrian Oliver and Justin Graham. The latter seemed around so long -- five years -- that he didn't bother with OshKoshB'gosh, he must have went straight into a San Jose State uniform.

So who and what will Coach George Nessman's team be?

Sophomore Keith Shamburger will lead from the backcourt. He averaged an extremely solid 12.4 points and 3.8 rebounds a game last season but has to upgrade his 36% and 32% overall shooting percentages.

But Shamburger is also going to be the major target of opposing defenses this coming season so that will take adjusting to. Another element worth noting is his 80/42 assist to turnover ratio, remarkable for a freshman.

The other backcourter bringing big expectations is junior college transfer James Kinney, a combo guard with scoring prowess plus the ability to create on the floor.

Look for Sham Wow and Kinney to be the offense instigators.

Senior Calvin Douglas shot 41% overall from long distance and seemingly should improve on that number but he will also be drawing greater attention due to the departure of Oliver and Graham.

JC transfer Lavanne Pennington has a rep for possessing three-point range -- can he perform right away at the D-1 level?

Point Aalim Moor and wing Chris Jones, both juniors, haven't played enough to determine their value but Jones has enjoyed moments as a scrappy defender and rebounder.

Prepster Derek Brown redshirted last season so it remains to be seen what he brings to the court.

Sophomore to be JC transfer Khufu Najee is probably a redshirt candidate.

Derek Brown PG 6-2 & 185 Fr   
Calvin Douglas SG 6-3/215 Sr          
Chris Jones SG 6-4 & 205 Jr   
James Kinney PG 6-1 & 175 Jr  
Aalim Moor PG 6-3 & 195 Jr    
Khufu Najee SG 6-3 & 185 So   
LaVanne Pennington SG 6-4 & 180 Jr    
Keith Shamburger PG 5-11 & 170 So

It's Wil Carter and let's see regarding the Spartan frontcourt. He led the squad in rebounding at 8 a game while scoring 9.8 points per contest. Look for him to be a double-double guy in 2011-12.

It's Matt Ballard and Joe Henson in the middle but both have appeared so far to be of greater service as backups rather than starters.

Texan Stephon Smith is Mr. Beef for SJSU and his bulk and strength is really needed in the paint even as a freshman.

Frosh Jaleel Williams will compete more playing time on the wing.

Word is that 6-foot-7 Brylle Kamen has departed from the program making it critical for Smith to step in quickly and produce.

Matt Ballard PF 6-9 & 220 Sr
Wil Carter PF 6-8 & 215 Sr
Jerry Casey PF 6-8 & 195 Jr (walk-o)n
Joe Henson PF 6-8 & 245 Jr
Stephon Smith PF 6-8 & 245 Fr
Garrett Ton PF 6-8 & 220 Sr (walk-on)
Jaleel Williams SF 6-6 & 200


SJSU needs another upfront scorer besides Carter -- is one on the roster? -- plus Shamburger and Kinney will need to consistently contribute plus shoot well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Woolridge to Washington State

How do you beat a PAC-12 offer?

Not to impugn Pullman, WA but the location of Pepperdine is as gorgeous an offer as possible.

Anyway, Kansas transfer Royce Woolridge has gone with the Evergreen State. He also tripped to The Biggest Little City in the World.

Even a Caveman could do it

PTW is stumped -- alluding to our headline: do we lead with here with 'make a hoops commitment' or instead go with 'earn an Aggie scholarship offer'?

Seriously, Brandon Gurney/Deseret News has an article up on the two Beehive State high schoolers coming to Logan after one more season of prep ball.

They're piling on ... but it ain't over

I asked 'Lebum' James to give me change for a dollar, he gave me 75 cents, apparently he doesn't have a 4th quarter!

Utah State and Hawaii WAC basketball news today

Tony Jones has blogged the most prominent of WAC-related items today -- an update on Utah State's incoming recruits, or not. Congrats to Tony on the  scoop. We'll reduce it a simple smoke = fire.


Stew Morrill "ain't going nowhere" as Shawn Harrison reports.

The lyrics of a certain Bob Dylan song keeps ringing out in the PTW headquarters, these specifically:

"...Get your mind off wintertime
You ain’t goin’ nowhere...

...Pick up your money
And pack up your tent
You ain’t goin’ nowhere...

...Strap yourself
To the tree with roots
You ain’t goin’ nowhere..."

Dayton Morinaga has the news of a big joining the UH basketball program. It seems to be in a case of all-in-the-family walk-on status but here's guessing there is a tuition discount due to Dad's employment status.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tony Jones with a USU schedule update of sorts

Tony Jones has a blog entry up on Utah State's basketball schedule. Are teams more willing to cooperate now with Wesley, Bendall, Newbold, Williams and Green having departed?

A pair of items for Fresno State basketball fans, one for Nevada hoopsters

There has been 'talk' of late about Fresno State and local recruit Robert Upshaw and:
Jonathon Paige of SummerHoopScoop recently tweeted this ominous nugget of information:

"UNC has started the recruiting process with big/huge man (6'11" ~250 lbs) Robert Upshaw. He is, however, from Cali..."

Bob (The Slipper Still Fits) Bell recently interviewed recruiting West Coast analyst Josh Gershon and these WAC teams were mentioned:
...On Tyrone Wallace (Bakersfield/ Double Pump)/ Holds Offers From: Gonzaga, Arizona St., Cal, Colorado, Florida St., Fresno St., Nevada, San Diego St., USF, UNLV and Utah...

Thursday's WAC basketball report

A.W. Prince has a no-subscription needed column posted containing a bevy of Nevada basketball recruiting information.


Adam Zagoria offered this recently:

Stanford is pursuing 2012 point guard Jordan Chatman extremely hard. Chatman, the son of former BYU standout Jeff Chatman, and current star for Skyview High in Washington has spoken with Cardinal head coach Johnny Dawkins several times this week. On Thursday, Dawkins informed Chatman’s father that he was invited to Stanford elite camp, along with the hopes of hosting the family for an unofficial visit. Chatman visited Utah unofficially on Monday and has seen a number of new schools after him.
Utah State is supposedly also in the running.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Keanu Post update

All credit for this goes to Sam Wasson/Bleed Crimson: Canadian big Keanu Post has found his next home, albeit a two year one. In the article is mention of two WAC offers.

Reading through the lines, it appears this move is primarily academically driven

What's interesting is this is the same JC and basketball program selected by Jordan Coleman, who departed from Hawaii in mid-season.

More on Greg Graham

Dave Reynolds has more on Greg Graham hooking up with Bradley basketball. PTW didn't know that Graham was long considered the fave for the position.

Get your passports ready

Heading to Asia with the Rainbow Warriors is about set as 'set' can be and Brian McInnis has the details.

Brad Winton adds Fresno State

Juco recruiting analyst Brad Winton has expanded his Top 10 JC recruiting classes to 15 and thus added Fresno State at #11. Earlier, Hawaii came in #7.

Royce Woolridge down to two

Per a Jeff Borzello tweet, Kansas transfer Royce Woolridge, who took a visit to Nevada, is down to two schools (neither is the Wolf Pack).

Facing Malik Story in front of him for a season as well as Deonte Burton for two more had to be a factor to some degree. Maybe even Jordan Burris although that requires some projecting.

Justin Young on New Mexico State hoops

Justin Young at his National Hoops site has posted video highlights of the New Mexico State basketball season.

Wednesday's WAC-itude

In a June 8 column on NBA happenings, Peter Vecsey included this:

"...In anticipation of a total coaching shakeup in Minnesota, assistant Reggie Theus is trying to line up a gig elsewhere, pro or college..."

In Travis Hines' Times-Republican article on Marshalltown (Iowa) Community College basketball, Idaho receives a pair of mentions:
"...Chris Caird inked his National Letter of Intent with Santa Clara University on Tuesday, the MCC freshman confirmed to the Times-Republican in a text message.

The England native scored 12.4 points per game and shot 49 percent from the floor in his one and only season as a Tiger...

...Caird had interest from other schools earlier in the year, with Boston College and Idaho among other schools both taking notice."
"...Marcus Bell hasn't suited up for MCC yet, but he's already received his first scholarship offer.
Iowa State University extended him an offer Monday, Brynjarsson said.
Bell is a 6-foot-8, 230 pounder from California. He spent the 2009-10 season at Lower Columbia College where he was the Northwest Athletic Association of Community College's Western Division MVP...

...Oklahoma, Washington State and Idaho have all shown interest in Bell as well..."

This is hopefully the last non-basketball-related item PTW will post about incoming USU recruit Norvell Arnold: he is 23, not quite a still-wet-behind-the-ears kid.


Former Boise State head man Greg Graham has been hired as an assistant coach at Bradley. Not sure what, if any, connection he has with Geno Ford, the new coach at BU.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chris Murray previews Nevada

Chris Murray offers more insight about Nevada basketball come 2011-12 -- some very good points.

Tuesday's WAC report (with a heavy Utah State emphasis)

For those who can't get enough, here's Olu Ashaolu is featured in an radio interview with an Oregon radio station.


Tony Jones features WAC Commish Karl Benson in a lengthy article.


Tony Jones (sound familiar?) writes that the USU-Jordan Loveridge lovefest is back on and it seems like he is headed to Logan along with his buddies despite some protestations. Stew Morrill is recruiting ready for the MWC if that opportunity presents itself.


ericsil7 has posted on the Stew's Spectrum MB (USUFans site) that Norvell Arnold has confirmed he is Logan bound.This would seem to indicate that Arnold's legal charges (possession with intent to deliver marijuana, trespassing and domestic abuse assault) are either being pled down or reduced.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Michael Harvey to Portland State

Brad Winton is tweeting that onetime Hawaii maybe commit (not sure how else to describe it) Michael Harvey is now connected to Portland State of the Big Sky Conference.

Back in February, it seemed like a done deal that the 6-foot-5 wing was headed to the islands but one or both parties must have reconsidered.

Jason Groves on the makeup of the Aggie roster

Jason Groves has the details on who makes up the current New Mexico State roster plus the scholarship status of each player. This was a question(s) needing answering since it seemed like 20 names were floating around Las Cruces -- thankfully we now now.

Monday and the WAC basketball cosmos

Seldomseensmith (who we have judiciously determined is the official gatekeeper to the USU campus) notes in the Stew's Spectrum MB of the USUFans site that Utah State is having an in-state visitor today.

Here's an article on the young man.

Here's an ESPN evaluation.


Mick Durham isn't making any requests but Jason Groves' update on the NMSU assistant coach tells us that a heavy duty parka would be a nice departure gift.


Eddie Jimenez has a report on former Bulldog Chris Herren's talk at a Fresno area fundraiser.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Digging into Nevada basketball 2011-12

Not to downplay what appears below but it's always critical to keep in mind that some of the players on any team will move forward over the summer, some will remain in a static state and some will regress. Coupling that with 'determining' the impact of new (unseen) recruits make the following a fun exercise but not much else.

Nevada appears to rolling the same dice used last season but with the expectations of a different outcome than 13-19, 8-8. Actually, correct that as Marko Cukic transferred as did point Derrell Conner but neither had a major effect in 2010-11. It's the 'a year older and wiser' difference that is expected to drive the program in a different direction as six frosh have become sophomores.

Right now, it's the Malik Story and Deonte Burton show, with Dario Hunt accoladed as a strong supporting piece. But both Story and Burton need to demonstrate greater consistency as the former's 40% overall shooting from the floor needs at least a 5% jump as does the latter's 42%. It's a nice duo because Story is more of a catch-and-shoot scorer while Burton went to the foul line a team-leading 185 times due to his dribble-drive talent. Hunt slowed down a bit towards the end but he is the top big in the WAC for this coming season.

That's a mighty solid trio to build around.

Add Olek Czyz and the Wolf Pack should have zero trouble regarding consistent point production. But Czyz needs to add a dribble-drive weapon to his repertoire plus tally a much better free throw shooting percentage than 60%.

As for the remaining backcourters and wings, Jordan Burris will shoot better, it's simply a matter of when. What other plus skill he offers remains to be seen. Jerry Evans will also connect on a better percentage of his attempts but he has already carved out a role as a defender as he puts his 6-foot-8 height and long arms to very good use. As Evans progresses with other aspects of his game, Patrick Nyeko will be forced to develop ball skills or he'll see even less playing time. Jordan Finn is a backup point who should eventually provide steadiness if not necessarily creativity.

Kevin Panzer likes to face the hoop and shoot from distance offensively and PTW sees him as a nice change-of-pace player once he gains further experience. Devonte Elliott has the chance to be very effective if he brings some fire in the belly and focus to the court. He possesses All-WAC potential but it's anyone's guess when/if he displays that level of effectiveness. His advancement would also ease some of the pressure of finding a replacement for Hunt a year hence.

Jordan Burris G 6-7 205 So.   
Deonte Burton G 6-1 185 So
Jerry Evans G 6-8 188 So.
Patrick Nyeko G 6-6 180 Jr.
Malik Story G 6-5 225 Jr.
Jordan Finn G 6-4 190 So.
Keith Fuetsch G 6-0 170 Jr. (walk-on)

Olek Czyz F 6-7 240 Sr.
Devonte Elliott F 6-10 220 So.
Dario Hunt F 6-8 230 Sr.      
Kevin Panzer F 6-9 205 So.            
Keith Olson F 6-10 270 Sr. (walk-on)


If you can't land immediate better or even those with the potential to be better than what exists, then sideline your schollies and that's what Carter has done. In fairness, it is a very difficult task to convince a player to come when the entire roster is returning, even if it's a borderline blue-chipper being pursued. For example: a Burton-level talent wouldn't come to Reno if someone at his position and with his skills set was already on the roster. 

The Wolf Pack progress in 2011-12 if their top guns display improvement in the aspects outlined. But better -- more consistent -- bench play is a must in order to prevent a major dropoff in proficiency when two or more of the starters are resting.

If Devonte Elliott is pressing others for playing time then the Wolf Pack could really surprise.

Breunig to Washington

Eric Bossi of Rivals (a sub is required) is reporting that former Maryland commit Martin Breunig, a 6-foot-9 power forward, has given his nod to the Washington Huskies.

Some Hawaii fans were hoping Coach Gib Arnold could work some recruiting magic but it's next to impossible for any WAC team to land an ACC/PAC-12 talent. Usually some very extenuating circumstances have to take place for such to happen.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Digging into Louisiana Tech basketball 2011-12

Not to downplay what appears below but it's always critical to keep in mind that some of the players on any team will move forward over the summer, some will remain in a static state and some will regress. Coupling that with 'determining' the impact of new (unseen) recruits make the following a fun exercise but not much else.

'New' is the selling point for Louisiana Tech basketball -- new coaches and new players. What's left out is the word often conjoined with 'new' -- that being improved. The Bulldogs have the possibility of being better next season but probably not. The first-year so-called vets need another year of seasoning and the freshman need to learn how to play at the college level. Plus, Greater talent is needed, period.

So 12-20 looks close to impossible to repeat (depending on the generosity of the outside schedule) but advancing beyond 2-14 in WAC play just may be attainable.

What Coach Mike White has to ascertain is at what position is each player the most proficient and also makes his teammates more effective? Yes, there will be some overlap with the shooting guards and wings but roles have to be established and expectations determined.

It's surprising that White didn't go for at least a partial quicker fix attempt by landing some JC transfer help. His master plan is apparently to build with who he deems the right people, suffer whatever hard knocks come the Bulldog way while laying the foundation for an actual program. He has the time to do so -- as long as we're not talking three years to get to .500.

Tech needs prospects who, based on merit and not a who-else-do-we-have-to-put-out-there scenario, can eventually battle for starting positions.

Did White do just that with Raheem Appleby, Kenny Smith, Michale Kyser and Isiaah Massey (plus he inherited Alex Carr, an early signee)?

Your guess is as good as any we can muster.

In fact, any Louisiana Tech prognostication is simply winging it at this point -- here's the best PTW can offer:

Raheem Appleby PG 6-2 &175 Fr
Kenyon McNeaill PG 6-1 & 185 So
Kenny Smith PG 6-2 & 180 Fr
Tevin Hall PG 5-11 & 155 JR Walk-on

McNeaill will start at the point, if he isn't the starter at shooting guard. Like with so many other of the returnees, he must shoot a better percentage and Coach White needs to determine at which spot will McNeaill perform most proficiently. However, there isn't any other player who will be ready to play major minutes at the point early on so it looks like the sophomore will have the offense in his hands from the get-go..

Alex Carr SG 6-2 & 190 Fr
Brandon Gibson 6-5 & 225 Jr
Cordarius Johnson SG 6-5 & 215 So
Darius Redding SG 6-4 & 205 So (redshirt)
C.J. Scott SG 6-1 & 225 Sr
Lonnie Smith SG 6-5 & 185 SO
Patrick Swilling SG 6-3 & 210 So (redshirt)    

Brandon Gibson may very well be positioned at the wing because his rebounding prowess is his best asset. As for Redding, PTW isn't even sure if he's even in school, let alone eligible to play. Tech will be better if he is available. This is a position where someone (or two) in the existing jumble of talent must either step up or White will have to resort to importing someone in his next recruiting class.

Stojan Gjuroski SF 6-7 & 195 Fr (redshirt)
James Johnson PF 6-7 & 250 So
Michale Kyser PF 6-9 & 220 Fr
J.L. Lewis PF 6-8 & 240 Jr
Romario Souza PF 6-10 & 245 Sr
Isaiah Massey 6-7 & 220 (Ole Miss transfer who will redshirt in 2011-12
Antwond Roshell C 6-9 & 250 Sr

Gjuroski may also be a likely wing candidate a la Gibson. The other frontcourt returnees simply don't inspire fear in opponents. Souza has some face-the-basket shooting ability and his compatriot in the middle, Roshell, is best suited as a backup at 10-15 minutes a game. The days of Magnum Rolle and even Kenneth Cooper to a degree are but mostly pleasant memories.


Getting his team to score enough points is going to be quite the task for White so his proposed running style will play to a strength -- athletic ability. Tech has runners and jumpers. This squad will also defend with more intensity simply because of a new coach at the reigns and gobs of PT are there to be earned by who hustles the longest and hardest.

The 2011-12 WAC basketball season, per Jason Groves

Jason Groves is bored and we are the lucky recipients via a bevy of player and team predictions.

Three Nevada first-teamers! Brockeith Paine on the third team. Jason's calls should 'invigorate' WAC basketball fans in various locations. He's put the ball in your courts.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A brief Friday WAC basketball collection

Jason Groves has more on New Mexico State Assistant Coach Mick Durham's pursuit of the Alaska-Fairbanks opening. Notice the 65 applicants for a D-2 head coaching job in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field -- check that -- of Alaska and that the previous coach is now working in Florida. PTW thinks a very happy change of wardrobe has taken place for the latter.


Mid Major Madness has more on the Greg Smith showcase in Indiana:

"...The Pacers are welcoming a quad of frontcourt players including Fresno State's Greg Smith and San Diego State's Malcolm Thomas. Indiana owns picks No. 15 and No. 42, but do they need to add depth to their frontcourt? Currently the Pacers will have Roy Hibbert, Tyler Hansbrough and James Posey under contract for next season. Jeff Foster, Solomon Jones and Josh McRoberts are not. If Indiana decides it would be most cost effective to draft a young big man who could take a year or two to develop, both Thomas and Smith are projected to be available at pick 42. DraftExpress has both going in the final five picks in their latest mock."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remember Terrance Joyner?

Backcourter Terrance Joyner had a short stay in Las Cruces (cannabis, luggage and the El Paso airport was his downfall) and eventually landed at Mississippi Valley State in Itta Bena, MS.

As a junior in the 2010-11 season, he averaged 10.1 points, 2.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 2.2 turnovers in 29 games and 25 minutes per contest. He shot 35% and 37% overall, 81% from the foul line.

Nevada isn't backing down

Coach David Carter has to be feeling pretty good about his current batch of returnees. The evidence: just look at the 2011-2012 schedule he has arranged per Chris Murray's latest article.

A Greg Smith update

Ryan Feldman has tweeted that Greg Smith worked out yesterday with Miami. Imagine being in that locker room.

Updates of a sort on two former UH players

Anthony Salter left Hawaii basketball in mid-season and has landed at D-2 Clayton State in Georgia, a member of the Peach Belt Conference. The 5-foot-11 point, a native of Tallahassee, has one year of eligibility remaining.

Plus, Adam Desautels, an assistant coach at powerhouse Westwind Prep, recently responded to our query about the whereabouts of Bo Barnes. Here's his email:

"Bo has not decided yet. Last I heard, he is looking at a program in California. Possibly St. Mary's, provided they have a scholarship open"
Here is Adam's Twitter account to follow.

Thursday's WAC report

Brian McInnis writes about the status of both the UH basketball sojourn to Asia and Coach Gib Arnold's contract.


The services of Josh Sharp has created quite the basketball kerfluffle in the state of Utah. Lya Wodraska offers a bundle of background information as does Jay Drew.


Eamonn Brennan digs into the home court advantage scenario via pumped up student sections. It's interesting if inconclusive and with nary a mention of The Spectrum-ites who surely have surpassed Dookeyville in both creativity and effect. PTW will take Wild Bill over any blueface painted 'crazy' and so would DickieV if he ever dared to come to Logan.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Imagine Condoleeza Rice on the recruiting trail

The Recruit Scoop's Alex Kline just tweeted this:

"While on an unofficial visit to Stanford, 2012 PF Landen Lucas of Findlay Prep (NV) met Cardinal alum & politician, Condoleezza Rice"
Left out because the limit on the numbers of characters per tweet was what she said as he was leaving her office: "Young man, you better come to Stanford because we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

Word is Lucas smiled at Rice but looked to his chaperone once the office door was closed and mouthed 'WTF?'

Oh are we going to be in trouble for this one.

Wednesday's WAC-aroo

There has been a Marko Cukic sighting...and it's in the islands. The 6-foot-9 junior transfer from Nevada is heading to Hawaii Pacific per the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Here is the notice from HPU athletics.


Sam Wasson/Bleed Crimson offers some news and notes about the status of various New Mexico State assistant basketball coaches.


Yes, K.C. Ross-Miller has cast his allegiance with Coach Marvin Menzies and Aggie hoops but the question remaining is his eligibility. At the AggieAlert site and on the basketball MB, there is a long string of posts about this subject, which actually starts with UnderdogAggie's sixth entry (the preceding posts don't deal with Ross-Miller's actually getting on the court). On the bright side, working in New Mexico State's favor is the coaches and compliance staff have a lot of experience with this very subject. Lots.