Friday, April 30, 2010

Continuing with our reality show schtick

Continuing in the vein established this morning, Coach David Carter must be vying for a parallel slot opposite TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" because he just added another.

Chris Murray has the latest and what is supposed to be the final Wolf Pack addition here.

We have nothing for you today

Apparently, the WAC -- in basketball terms -- has entered a void. Hopefully, it's only temporary. Or just a Friday thing.

So, with that opening, let's offer a reality show proposal for TLC, Bravo, Discovery Channel and the like. Heck, maybe even ESPN III might bite.

We're calling it: The Western Athletic Conference, Makeover Edition

Because that will be the mode for most of the WAC inhabitants.

Look at these numbers:

* just three of the top scorers in 2009-2010 return

* we count but five of the leading 15 rebounders being back in uniform

* But hey, seven of the best 15 assist compilers will play again

* Rolling with momentum, a majority (8-15) of the best shotblockers are coming back

C'mon, "Celebrity Apprentice" has resorted to resurrecting a boardroom full of cadavers in order to continue. "The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank)" is about as informative and compelling as a Sarah Palin soliloquy.

A new direction is needed.

Karl Benson, make the pitch.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Call this post an all Nevada one courtesy of Chris Murray

The Luke Babbitt Love Chorus is adding acolytes daily -- and justifiably so. Yes, somebody picked behind him may become an NBA all star in the future but LB gives you the here-and-now, plus some upside. So do you want good now or maybe possibly great down the line?

Chris is all Luke here.

He goes flat out David Carter in the next pair of posts:

* DC speaks of his newest recruits here.

* PTW thought Kyra Sedgwick was the closer but move on over as Carter says that's him now.

It's all Brady Heslip

This is going to be a fascinating choice.

Brady Heslip is Canadian so cooler and cold weather won't be anything new to him but what is his preference? Winters at Boston College would have allowed him some opportunities to go ice-skating -- summers would have been muggy.

There seemingly isn't much difference in weather patterns between Logan and Boise -- certainly not to any degree that should become a factor in Heslip's decision.

But Miami, well, enough typed.

How about playing time, which might be a factor if indeed he has four years of eligibility and no further redshirt season possibility?

Boise State basketball would be the widest open of immediate playing time opportunities. It might be a year of intermittent court time with Utah State. As for Miami, its leading scorer -- a shooting guard -- graduates, as does the #2 points producer, a frontcourter.

MU's third-leading scorer will be a sophomore next season and is a shooting guard. Coming in as the #4 leading scorer is a will-be junior point. There is also another highly rated sophomore-to-be shooting guard who will be back but he didn't make a very high percentage of his attempts in 2009-2010.

Plus, Coach Fran k Haith signed a 6-foot-5 shooting guard back in November. 5-foot-11 Dominique Brooks, a point out of Texas, is supposed to sign during the current period but is in Florida at a community college near Miami, working on his eligibility.

Then there is the lure of the ACC versus the WAC.

But the fan base in The Spectrum also shouldn't be discounted. Neither can a conference-winning program.

We think that ultimately Heslip, having already sat out a semester at Chestnut Hill, would want to get back on the court as often and as soon as possible. That's Boise State.

But he also has gone through one college coach who obviously desired and signed him and another who discarded him rather ungraciously so possibly which coach he 'connects' with the most will either play or be an overriding factor in the decision.

Tony Jones starts us out here with his latest on Heslip.

Jared Eborn is here with his update.

A few early Thursday items

Jeff Goodman's list of available and taken D-1 transfers is here -- notice the distinct lack of height among those listed.


Jeff also has the official list of NBA draft entrants here -- May 8 is the last day to pull out and return to college (if you don't already have an agent). The WAC entries are Luke Babbitt, Paul George, Armon Johnson, Jahmar Young and, very surprisingly, C.J. Webster of San Jose State.


Brian McInnis reports on Dominick Brumfield's signing with Gib Arnold and Aleksandar Milovic's departure.


Here's the official report from UH athletics on Brumfield's coming aboard

That's it for now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your WAC Wednesday p.m. edition

Chris Murray keeps banging them out. It's 8:30-ish on the West Coast and we'll bet he posts a couple more articles before he's done for the night.

Here is Chris' feature on last year's recruit Devonte Elliott. Our red flag meter went bonkers with the appearance of the words 'NCAA Clearinghouse' in the feature. When such appear, we always think of Dicken's "Bleak House" -- particularly the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case where an inheritance battle takes generations to play out and, alas, there is nothing remaining to divvy up because of legal costs.

Or if you prefer, it seems the NCAA Clearinghouse treats each case before it like a fine wine -- aging makes it all better. Unfortunately, lost eligibility always tastes like bitter grapes.


Jeff Goodman reports that former New Mexico Stater Herb Pope collapsed during a workout today and is in serious condition in a hospital.


Tony Jones has a piece on Aggie recruiting target Brady Heslip. 

More on Dominick Brumfield

 Without getting it straight from the proverbial horse's mouth (and even then who really knows), it's impossible to tell why a certain recruit selects a certain school.

In Dominick Brumfield's particular case, he selected Hawaii.


All that can be done is guess and here goes:

* Heck, you can't find a more beautiful place.

* Gib Arnold and Brumfield knew each other from their respective stays in southern California as a high schooler and a USC assistant coach.

* Not having to fly into LA and then also take another 3-hour-or-so flight to get home probably was a factor.

* Brumfield's coach, Mark Poth of Big Bend Community College, coached with Gib Arnold's father and earned his master's degree from UH (go here and scroll down).

* Opportunity for major playing time is certainly available for the earning.

* Brumfield is a hula enthusiast.

No, we're kidding about the last one.


What we do know is we talked with Coach Poth yesterday and he shared some information on his player.

"Dominick has a real good upside and and great footspeed," Poth said. "He was a pleasure to coach -- he's  a great kid,"

Poth added, "He led our team in three-point shooting and is more of a perimeter player than an inside one."

According to Poth, Brumfield will earn his AA degree this summer and has three years of eligibility remaining, having redshirted at his previous school (Missouri State).

Doing this post got us to thinking, is there some sort of vortex between Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest (or at least some of the community college coaches up there)?

We recall Riley Luettgerodt‎ from Chemeketa Community College (Salem, OR) and his deciding on UH. His coach,
David Abderhalden, previously had 'big' Chris Boaz -- out of Portland -- come to the islands.

Cliff Wegner of Clackamas Community College had 'big' Brian Freeman who seemingly was headed to Hawaii until a molasses-like coaching search took on "Waiting For Godot" dimensions and Freeman finally ended up at Long Beach State.

Dominick Brumfield makes his choice

Dayton Morinaga reports that wing Dominick Brumfield, not surprisingly, has cast his lot with Hawaii.

UH men's basketball signs another recruit — 6-8, 220-pound forward
Dayton Morinaga
Honolulu Advertiser
April 28, 2010

The University of Hawai'i men's basketball team scored yet another new recruit today, as versatile forward Dominick Brumfield said he is committed to playing for the Rainbow Warriors.

Brumfield is a 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward at Big Bend Community College in Washington. He averaged 14.2 points and 8.2 rebounds per game as a freshman this past season...
Go here for the remainder.

Dayton also reports on someone on another player leaving the UH program.

A New Mexico State coach moving back east

Chris Murray reports that Chris Pompey, a New Mexico State assistant coach, is headed back east:

New Mexico State loses an assistant coach
Chris Murray
Reno Gazette-Journal

According to the Twitter account of Fox Sports college basketball writer Jeff Goodman, New Mexico State assistant coach Chris Pompey is leaving the Aggies...
Go here for the remainder.

Pompey graduated from Pittsburgh and operated a club basketball team in Washington D.C.

San Jose State officially announces two more signings

From the SJSU athletics site:

Men’s Hoops Adds Two Community College Transfers

Brylle Kamen, a 6-foot-7 forward from Western Nebraska Community College, and Calvin Douglas, a 6-foot-3 guard from City College of San Francisco, have signed a National Letter-of-Intent with San Jose State University and will join the men's basketball program. George Nessman, the Spartans' head coach, made the announcement.

The 235-pound native of Paris, France, is coming to San Jose State this fall as a sophomore after playing one season at Western Nebraska Community College where he averaged 8.2 points and 6.9 rebounds a game.

"We welcome Brylle (pronounced Brill) to our team and anticipate that he will be a major contributor to our program for the next three years. Brylle is a mature, thoughtful young man who is also an outstanding student," says the San Jose State head coach. "Brylle plays with a high-energy style. He is a versatile player that can defend a number of positions on the floor. Brylle is a skilled big man who can score inside, but also has the needed skills to be effective away from the basket as well."

Kamen began his American college education at Jacksonville State University in 2008, but did not play basketball.

Douglas was a 51.9 percent field goal shooter and averaged 8.9 points a game in his two seasons at City College of San Francisco. Douglas was fourth among Coast Conference players in field goal shooting as a freshman and 14th as a sophomore.

"Calvin Douglas was an integral part of City College's run to the state community college title game this year. Calvin is a mature young man that brings a competitive toughness and great shooting ability to our program," says Nessman. "Calvin played for a fine coach in Justin LaBaugh at CSSF in a program long known for success. We expect he will make an immediate positive contribution to San Jose State basketball."

San Jose State now has signed five players to a National Letter-of-Intent for the 2010-11 season. Previously, Keith Shamburger, a 5-foot-11 guard from Serra High in Gardena, Calif., Wil Carter, a 6-foot-8 forward from Salt Lake Community College, and 6-foot-2 guard Derek Brown from Chino Hills (Calif.) High signed with the Spartans.

Help create the momentum

The University of California Santa Cruz has the banana slug as its school/sports mascot. It's native to the area and the John Travolta character wore just such a t-shirt in "Pulp Fiction" -- Quentin Tarantino's classic film..

So, do you think we can get the Idaho Vandals to change the school mascot to the Palouse Earthworms?

They are supposed to be giant -- spitters too.

Just think of the merchandising opportunities, or more to the point, the dollars that will flow into the university's coffers through shirt and other sales. Especially in these trying economic times for schools.

Go here to read more and here is the Wikipedia page.

We want the giant Palouse Earthworm! When do we want it? Now!

We didn't know this

A tip of the hat to Chris Murray for posting this. Here's our riff:

UNLV frontcourter Matt Shaw just completed his junior season. The Rebels made it to the Big Dance but that success proved to be Shaw's downfall because he failed a March 18 NCAA-administered drug test (marijuana). The result is Shaw must forfeit next season which is his senior one and, thus, his college playing career is over.Read about this here, here and here.

We knew individual teams administered drug tests but weren't aware of the NCAA also doing so in post-season play.

What's interesting is that individual schools can select their own penalties, if any, for in-season positive drug testers. They can even select who will be tested (maybe more importantly, who won't). We can't recall (even though we aren't affiliated with Goldman Sachs in any way, shape or form), any player having been sentenced to a year in solitary by a coach or a school for this type of during-the-season offense, especially an initial one.

What would happen if a player was arrested and eventually convicted for underage drinking, or public drunkenness, during post-season play? What about some sort of theft or even assault/battery? Our sense is that would be something completely handled by the player's coach and school and not the NCAA.

Plus, what about coaches? Do they also undergo random drug-testing during post-season play?

How about school academic-scholarshipped students?

The curiosity surrounding all this abounds.

The what we could find Wednesday morning WAC entry

The Bobby Miles signing gets play from both Brian McInnis and Dayton Morinaga -- the days of an injured/worn down Hiram Thompson having to play 38 minutes at the point for UH are over.

Poster al at the sports site basketball forum posts that community college wing Dominick Brumfield will go with Gib Arnold and announce it this morning.


Longdog at the Bulldog Barks and Bytes site (go to the basketball message board) tells us that Kerry Rupp has signed another frontcourter.Here is another link -- the story that is referenced -- to check out.


Plus, we just have to post this. We have to. For reference, Fred Hoiberg is a former Iowa State and NBA backcourter who is currently the vice president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves -- the team that employs Reggie Theus as an assistant coach. Jeff Grayer, another former Iowa State star and an assistant on the former ISU coaching staff, has already been announced as part of Hoiberg's coaching staff as has T.J. Otzelberger, another retainee. The latter will act as associate head coach. Is there 'room' for Reggie?

I laughed at ISU....
When I heard they were hiring Hoiberg...but now I'm not so sure if this is a good thing. One of my Clone friends (who is well connected) says Hoiberg's salary is going to be very low a ton of money is going to be thrown at assistants. According to him both assistant coach positions will be filled by current NBA being Reggie Theus. That would make things interesting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A 'new' site to check out

The Valley Sports Spot is a site new to us and one that should be bookmarked. Lee Neves casts some humor about the 'net (we can never have enough of that) and covers a myriad of subjects, including college basketball in and around the Sacramento Valley and beyond. One such post contains news to us -- go here because it may mean more transfers on the market.

Hopefully, this catches us up -- at least for now

Jared Eborn has much more on Utah State (and Boise State) recruiting target Brady Heslip:

USU not done recruiting
Jared Eborn
Deseret News
April 27, 2010

Just when it looked like Utah State's basketball team was done recruiting the door swings back open.

Brady Heslip, a freshman guard from Ontario, Canada, is suddenly on the market after leaving Boston College when coach Al Skinner was fired...
Go here for the remainder.

It appears that Heslip's talents were not what the new BC coach desired.

Here one note -- veracity unknown -- from a UMASS MB:
Apr 26

I believe Heslip will end up at either Boise State or Northeastern from what i've heard. But could end up going to Fairfield with Rakim Sanders. Remember Fairfield and Northeasterns head coaches are for BC assistant coaches. Both coaches run the same offense Heslip was use to running during Al Skinner's practices
Whether Heslip lands in Logan or Boise (or elsewhere), will his cheering sction dare call themselves The Brady Bunch?


AW Prince and Chris Murray check in with the 'news' about the transfer of London Giles. AW is here, Chris authored the following:
Wolf Pack point guard London Giles transferring
Chris Murray
Reno Gazette-Journal

Nevada point guard London Giles is leaving the Wolf Pack basketball program and will transfer to a school closer to his Dallas home.

“It’s because of an unforeseen family emergency,” Giles said. “I’m somewhat disappointed, but it’s a decision I had to make. I just have to go back home.”

Giles did not want to elaborate on the emergency but said “basketball is the furthest thing from my mind right now...”
Go here for the remainder.

Silver and Blue Sports

AW Prince at Silver & Blue Sports has been busy (as usual).

If you want to hear interviews with Wolf Pack recruits/players Devonte Elliott, Deontè Burton and Jordan Finn plus read one with Derrell Conner, then head to the S&B site and sign up.

Hey, give your mother a pre-May 9 present because we are sure she will appreciate knowing everything about Nevada athletics. Tell her you will save her the trouble of doing the reading and that you'll provide her with the highlight information. Nothing says 'love' like a Silver and Blue subscription.(no, we are not vying for a role on "Mad Men")

A couple of Nevada basketball links

Chris Murray offers a post about Nevada and UNLV sharing an identity. This is sure to generate outrage in northern and southern Nevada.

New signee Derrell Conner does a question-and-answer with Chris.

Brady Heslip and the WAC

Jeff Goodman offers a Twitter mention connecting Boston College 'de-commit' Brady Heslip and Utah State.

@bradyheslip4  Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Trip #2 this weekend to Utah State, right? ---  about 8 hours ago

Heslip answers back:

@goodmanonfox  you got it --- about 8 hours ago   

Here's some background on Heslip's departure from Chesnut Hill.

Heslip has supposedly also tripped top Boise State.

Here is Heslip in his own words.

Tuesday's early WAC report

Both Brian McInnis and Dayton Morinaga have the details on Gib Arnold's latest signee. Brian mentions that Nevada was also in play for the signee. Meanwhile, the Dominick Brumfield Watch continues.


Per Andy Boogaard, onetime Fresno State target Robert Sandoval, has signed with Azuza Pacific.He's a fine young man, we love his game and wish him well.


Max Ivany is sort of Mr. Basketball in Texas (although a number of individuals in the Lone State State qualify as such) and he offers an interesting tale about one of his players -- it contains a Louisiana Tech mention:

Go here and scroll down to the section on 7-footer David Hahn.


Jaycee Carroll provides an update on his life on and off the court here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's late night WAC edition

Nevada adds a junior college point:

Wolf Pack adds point guard recruit Derrell Conner
Chris Murray
Reno Gazette-Journal

The Nevada basketball team has added another point guard to its roster after signing Derrell Conner to a national letter-of-intent Monday. The 6-foot, 165-pounder played at Kankakee (Ill.) Community College the past two seasons and will be a junior for the Wolf Pack next year...
Go here for the remainder.

The Kevin Panzer Recruiting Tour looks like it's headed for a date in Iowa City. Chris fills us in on that here.

Illiwa Baldwin is profiled -- no, not like in Arizona -- here. Good catch by Chris.


Another USU Aggie is headed elsewhere -- go here.

Your WAC a.m. report

Dayton Morinaga provides a couple of new names as UH basketball recruiting targets: a versatile community college forward and an under publicized prep backcourter. The article makes it sound like both are locks for Gib Arnold. Go here.


A frontcourter out of Findlay Prep (NV), Godwin Okonji received a lot of recruiting attention. Hawaii (Bob Nash) was definitely interested but we're unsure about any other WAC teams. Okonji has selected Loyola Marymount of the West Coast Conference, the most recent school he visited.


Adam Gorney at Rivals mention one player he saw this past weekend as connected to Fresno State:

"...Other top players included San Diego Magic 2010 guard Devin Iglehart, who said he's hearing from Fresno State, Hampton and Penn..."
Go here (a Rivals sub is required).

He is 6-foot-0 and 150 pounds and was a first-team, all-leaguer at Horizon High in San Diego, scoring 15.5 points per game. He is described as an "outside threat" on the court with a 3.3-ish grade point average in the classroom.

With Fresno State's recent signings, it's hard to believe this young man would end up there -- time will tell.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

LA TECH gets a commitment

Kerry Rupp has lined up a wing and Alex Schwartz offers the details:

S. Gjuorski Talks Louisiana Tech
Alex Schwartz
Northstar Basketball

A few days ago, 6'7 small forward Stojan Gjuroski '10 of Life Center Academy (NJ) committed to Louisiana Tech, according to reports. Originally from Macedonia, Gjuroski is ranked number 36 in Northstar Basketball's New Jersey Class of 2010 Fab 50. Gjuroski was one of the key members of an LCA team that finished ranked eighth in the New Jersey Postseason High School Fantastic 65...
Go here for the remainder.

Sunday's WAC brunch (we get spicy at the end)

Thanks to warriorbow at the Scout Hawaii site basketball message board for posting this: a feature on UH backcourter Hiram Thompson. Here is one from April on Jared Quayle.


Matt James provides an interesting piece of the seemingly greater player loyalty to Bulldog football vis-a-vis Fresno State basketball. It is true that Pat Hill's roster (as opposed to Steve Cleveland's) contains more player geographically 'connected' to the Fresno area and maybe that 'pull' gets these young men to stay longer but another critical variable to consider is the period of time needed for a college football player (as opposed to a college basketballer looking at the NBA) to have a body ready for the NFL. It generally is three years for those on the gridiron but can be as minimal as one for hoopsters.


Jared Eborn checks in on the departures of Modou Niang and Tyrone White from the USU basketball program, plus a whole bunch of other player personnel information.

The impression given in the article (hopefully we are reading it correctly) is that Utah State made the decision to drop Niang. Granted, players know that an athletic scholarship is a year-to-year proposition and plenty of players decide on their own to migrate to a new college because of a sense it will be a 'better' home but coaches also don't enter the living rooms of players and their families during recruiting visits and stress that you may be dumped if you don't work out as expected and we find someone better.

This is one aspect of college sports that has always bothered us.

Compounding this is the fact that Niang has encountered no brushes with the law nor academic failings that are known to the public. He just didn't develop at an expected or acceptable rate.of progress.

Anthony DiLoreto certainly has a familiarity with the former, twice to be exact. His inital escapade should have meant the affixing to him of a two-strikes-and-you're-out tag. Yet he remains on the Aggie roster  -- ostensibly because he is seven feet tall and talented in basketball.

There is much to admire about Stew Morrill -- even opposing fans, if truly honest, must admit this fact. But not the latest personnel moves.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two players out at USU

Two players are departing Logan:

Tyrone White, Modou Niang
Tony Jones
Salt Lake City Tribune
April 24, 2010

Ending what has been a few weeks of speculation, since Utah State was over its allotment of scholarship players, Aggieville has learned that neither Tyrone White nor Modou Niang will return to the basketball team next season...
Go here for the remainder.

Saturday's WAC links and notes

Thanks to 4thyearsophomore for posting this on ther basketball board at the SCOUT USU site:

Third-team All-American juco transfer to redshirt next season
Matt Sonnenberg
Aggie Town Square

Chaz Spicer left a legacy at Utah State as the ultimate go-to guy with a game on the line.

Gary Wilkinson was the leader and Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year on a team that won more games than any other team in USU history...
Go here for the remainder.


Here's Jason Groves adding more to the newest Aggie additions. They appear to be good pickups, eh?


Ditto for Daniel Lyght on Paul George's decison to play for pay.


Jeff Portnoy writes his last blog of the season on UH basketball.


This is intriguing. Alan Utter of the site wrote an article about UCLA basketball recruiting on April 23 that contained this item:
"...In other news, sources have confirmed that UCLA has officially offered Deonte Burton, the 6-2 combo guard from Compton (Calif.) Centennial, a scholarship to play basketball there next season. Burton has been waiting for this offer and is now deciding which school he will attend in the fall..."
Fascinating. Coach Ben Howland doesn't have the greatest reputation with a few of the various high level club basketball teams but we have no idea if such might have been a factor in Burton's decision to go with Nevada. Howland has produced successful backcourters (although not necessarily at the moment) but the Bruin grind-it-out offensive style isn't attractive to some guard prospects. Plus, the possibility is that Burton may have felt denigrated bu such a tardy offer. Or maybe the senior felt his talent level meshed more with that of the Western Athletic Conference.

Who really knows but when is the last time UCLA missed on a recruiting target when the opposition was a mid-major? (Ray McCallum and Troy Ziegler don't count due to deciding to play for their fathers respectively).

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jason Groves with a bunch of Aggie recruiting information

Jason Groves blogged a bushel full (is that measurement used anywhere anymore?) of New Mexico State recruiting information today:

New committs
Jason Groves
Las Cruces Sun-News
April 23, 2010

Paul Weir appears to have brought in another pair of Canadian players...
Go here for the complete and extensive news.

A Tre' Nichols feature

Here's an informational feature on BSU signee Tre' Nichols:

Making the right choice: Nichols to Boise St.
Kevin Posival
KDH Pressbox
April 23, 2010
Tre' Nichols didn't want his second opportunity to turn into his second mistake. When Boise State wanted an immediate commitment in November, Nichols, thinking back to his last quick decision, declined.

When the Broncos resurfaced at the end of March, the time was finally right, Nichols said. The former Killeen High point guard became new Boise State head coach Leon Rice's first signee April 14.
"I just felt comfortable there," Nichols said via cell phone. "It was a good college atmosphere ... They're in need of a point guard. I'm going to go somewhere that I was really needed."

Nichols thought he would have been a similar fit at Texas State when he signed with the Bobcats one game into his senior year at Killeen High School. Three games into his first college season, he realized it wasn't as he'd hoped...
Go here for the remainder.

The worst kept secret decision in basketball

Well, Paul George put all speculation to rest -- we wish him the best:

George makes official exit from 'Dogs
Daniel Lyght
The Fresno Bee
April 23, 2010

It's official. Fresno State forward Paul George is gone.

Fresno State coach Steve Cleveland said Friday that George, a sophomore and the Bulldogs' leading scorer and rebounder this past season, has signed with agent Aaron Mintz of Priority Sports and Entertainment -- the same agent as the one for former Fresno State draft pick Dominic McGuire...
Go here for the remainder.

Bo Barnes more

SCOUT's Evan Daniels writes that Bo Barnes, the 6-foot-4 shooter out of Arizona, has selected Hawaii as his college choice. Go here (a SCOUT sub is required).

The beat reporters for UH basketball not only beat but destroyed the national specialists on this one, especially if you are looking for depth.

Read Dayton Morinaga for much, much more on Barnes, plus some tidbits on the UH basketball banquet.


Santa Clara has inked Collin County College (Texas) 6-foot-3 backcourter Lamb Autry -- the only reason we are listing this is because Hawaii was also mentioned as being a suitor.


Fresno State (among many other schools) is taking a look at freshman Givon Crump, the 6-foot-7 Arizona prepster who recently announced his is leaving Baylor. Anthony Ray has the details here (a Rivals sub is required).


Thursday, April 22, 2010

An interesting Trevor Wiseman - Keith Shamburger story

Trevor Wiseman and Keith Shamburger almost became college teammates -- now they will each other twice each WAC season.

Earlier this year, Golden Valley (Wiseman) and Serra (Shamburger) matched up and feelings got ruffled:

"...Wiseman was ejected after back-to-back technical fouls midway through the second quarter, which ignited the Cavaliers to a 102-63 victory over the Grizzlies in the CIF-Southern Section Division IIIA quarterfinals Tuesday at Serra High School.

The ruckus began when Wiseman became entangled with Serra center Ronnie Stevens and threw him aside. Stevens then charged at Wiseman and got in his face, and Golden Valley’s star guard was issued his first technical.

After things looked like they had cooled down, Wiseman was whistled for his second technical when Serra guard Keith Shamburger kept talking trash to Wiseman, and he responded.

Neither Stevens nor Shamburger drew a whistle..."
Go here to read Joey Galino's complete February 23 article in The Signal.

The How-Can-You-Miss-PTW-When-We-Won't-Go-Away edition

6-foot-10, 260-pound Antwond Roshell, out of John Logan Community College in Illinois, has landed at Louisiana Tech. In 26 games this season, he averaged 4.3 points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game, shooting 55% from the floor and 52% at the foul line. He played his high school ball in Milwaukee.

Here's a link to more on Roshell.

We tip our hat to the Bulldog Barks and Bytes MB for alerting us to this.

Also, here is an interesting tidbit from Javier Morales in the Tucson Citizen on Roshell and a teammate at John Logan:

"...The two other prominent Division I prospects on Logan’s roster are 6-9 power forward Andre Clark and 6-10 center Antwond Roshell. Clark is being recruited by Alabama, Cincinnati, DePaul, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech and Providence. Roshell is being recruited by one of the Cinderellas in the NCAA tournament — Northern Iowa — and also Idaho State, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, DePaul, South Alabama and Tennessee Tech..."
 Earlier this month, Clark said he was down to Iowa State and Texas Christian so maybe LT shifted its focus then to Roshell.


Joe Santoro talked with David Carter about the changing faces on the Wolf Pack roster.

WAC Thursday player arrivals and departures

Mr. Rogers chose the Provo neighborhood. Hey, every so often we lurch into correctness with our guesses.

Jared Eborn has the details here. Jim Rayburn offers up his takes on starting spots and playing time allocation at BYU here. Tony Jones checks in here and here. Jay Drew also provided this.


Daniel Lyght fills us in on personnel comings-and-goings at Fresno State, with one more decision still to be made.


Dayton Morinaga has the scoop on three UH basketball roster changes and Brian McInnis likewise is on top of the matter.

Jeff Portnoy has a new post up focusing on the Jeremy Lay and Dwain Williams situations.

Marcus Williams, a hoped-for-signee of some New Mexico State fans, has decided on Sam Houston State. He's a 5-foot-10 junior college point who played at Cochise College in the Arizona junior college ranks this past season.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fret not Fresno fans

Yes, that's my attempt at Shakespeare in the headline and we'll conclude our efforts with that endeavor.

The Tyler Johnson letter-of-intent has been received:

Tyler Johnson signed a National Letter of Intent to attend Fresno State this fall and will add a jolt of energy in the Bulldogs' backcourt.
Cleveland Inks Johnson to NLI
April 21, 2010

FRESNO, Calif. - With his latest addition during the spring signing period, head coach Steve Cleveland has elevated the Bulldogs' backcourt by inking Tyler Johnson to a National Letter of Intent to attend school and play basketball for Fresno State in the upcoming 2010-11 season.

"Tyler is a combo guard that has the ability to attack off the dribble and shoot the midrange jumper," Cleveland said of the San Francisco Bay Area native...
Go here for the remainder.

Your afternoon WAC buffet

Chris Murray details that Deonte Burton has made his choice  -- let's just say the Welcome Wagon is being spruced up in Reno as we type. PTW thought the Babbitt departure would turn Burton to Cincy but struck out on that prediction (yes, once more).

Silver and Blue Sports subscribers race to your computers. AWP has talked with Mr. Burton.

Chris also posits the question of who goes off the board first -- Armon or Luke? Since we have nine necks (chins, necks what's the difference?), we'll stick it out again and offer that it has to be Babbitt. Johnson's backcourt size will draw a number of suitors but his limited outside shooting ability should place him further down than his teammate.

Playing the Reno version of American Idol, Chris offers possibilities on who will emerge as the next luminary for Nevada.

Will Kevin Panzer follow the trail blazed by Burton? Chris fills in readers on another SoCal recruiting target of David Carter.


We love action-reaction posts and Tony Jones has posted five of the latter as a result of Luke Babbitt's decision yesterday.


Matt Sonnenberg offers his early team finish predictions in the latest Aggie Town Square.


AndyPanda (no, really) provides some tidbits on what's up with Ben Mills' recruitment at Building The Dam (it's an unofficial Oregon State fan site fan).

Kevin Nickelberry to DePaul

Former Clemson assistant and Hampton head coach Kevin Nickelberry has signed on with Oliver Purnell at DePaul. Nickelberry had received major mention for an assistant coach position with Gib Arnold at Hawaii.

DePaul names coaching staff
Scott Powers
April 21, 2010

DePaul coach Oliver Purnell announced the additions of associate head coach Ron Bradley, assistants Billy Garrett and Kevin Nickelberry, director of basketball operations Josh Postorino, and director of community, corporate and professional relations David Booth to his staff on Wednesday...
Go here for the remainder.

Wednesday's WAC-aroni

The Babbitt coverage continues...ESPN's Diamond Leung checks in here -- a hat tip to slowhiteguy at the Silver and Bloue Sports Forum for originally posting this.


Richard Obert is reporting that Utah State continues to check out a highly regarded Arizona 2011 prep backcourter. Our initial feeling: the young man lands in the PAC-10.


Jared Eborn reports that it's D-Day (actually make that D-Afternoon) for recruit Stephen Rogers. Wouldn't it be a kick for Rogers to stroll into a press conference, put on/take off a sweater and say:

"It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you -- (Logan/Salt Lake City) be mine?
Could you be mine?"
And then announce his choice.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leon Rice lands another recruit

A prep school forward goes Bronco:

Boise State basketball signs another recruit for 2010 class
Brian Murphy
Idaho Statesman

Boise State’s new-look 2010 basketball recruiting class is coming together quickly.

New Hampton (N.H.) Prep School small forward Thomas Bropleh, a 6-foot-5, 220-pounder, signed a letter of intent to join the Broncos this fall...
Go here for the remainder.

More Babbit-mania

Be kind to any Nevadans you know as they may well be in mourning as well as draped in black for some time from here on out.

Dan Hinxman covers many subjects through the prism of what will be the truly new Wolf Pack roster next season.

What will be the 'persona' of  Nevada in 2010-2011? Whatever surfaces, its leaders will be young as Chris Murray details

"Luke Babbitt Moments" will be discussed for some time and ChrisM shares his.

Chris also provides some campus reactions to Babbitt's decision We'll make this easy prediction: Luke Babbitt won't be wearing any D-League uniform, period. C'mon.

More on the Babbitt decision

Chris Murray checks in here with a trainer of NBA players on Luke Babbit's game and how it plays out vis-a-vis the NBA.

If you can stand it -- major Dick Vitale warning here! -- Chris talked with Mr. V about Luke Babbitt's decision. Go here.

Not that we came claim any affiliation either but Dick Vitale doesn't know Luke Babbitt nor has he witnessed Babbitt play enough -- just as important -- to truly offer any worthwhile analysis. That's why he -- rightfully so -- talks in generalities during the interview.

Luke Babbitt is an NBA first-rounder. We love the description someone else came up with the other day (just can't think of who it was right now) about put Babbitt in a European team uniform and the NBA groupthink would be going gaga over him -- no, not Lady Gaga.

Babbitt to turn pro

 Hey, it makes sense. He's good enough to make major money right away (and definitely won't be filing for bankruptcy 20 years from now like some former NBA-ers some time after their playing days conclude), he'll work even harder at bettering his body and skills than he has up to now and have more time in order to concentrate on actualizing this improvement. Plus, NBA teams can never have enough good citizens. Congrats to LB

.A lot of remaining WAC 4s and 5s, plus eight head coaches, just received an early Christmas gift.

A major tip o' the hat to Jerry Call for alerting us to this decision.

From the Nevada athletics site:

Luke Babbitt to Enter 2010 NBA Draft

Nevada sophomore forward Luke Babbitt has decided to enter the 2010 National Basketball Association Draft, he and Wolf Pack head coach David Carter announced Tuesday afternoon.

“After a lot of praying, gathering information and talking to my family and coaches, I have made the decision to hire an agent and enter the 2010 NBA Draft,” Babbitt said. “The two years I have spent at Nevada and the 12 years I have spent living in the Reno community as a Wolf Pack fan have been unbelievable, yet I feel like now is the best time to move forward with my lifelong dream of playing professional basketball.

“This was not an easy decision for me. I will always be grateful for the opportunities Nevada has given me. I loved being a part of this team and community, and I will continue to support the University and Coach Carter. I will greatly miss my teammates, coaches and our loyal fans, and I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support, both on and off the court. I hope that you will continue to root for me as I take this next step in my life."

A 6-9, 225-pound sophomore from Reno, Babbitt was named the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year and an honorable-mention All-American by the Associated Press this year. He also became the first men’s basketball student-athlete in Nevada history to be named an ESPN the Magazine Academic All-American, earning second-team honors.

A two-time first-team All-WAC selection and all-district honoree by both the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the United States Basketball Writers Association, Babbitt led the Wolf Pack in scoring and rebounding in each of his two seasons at Nevada. In 2009-10, he ranked second in the WAC and ninth in the NCAA with 21.9 points and second in the league and 51st in the nation with 8.9 rebounds per contest. Babbitt also broke the school single-season scoring record with 743 points in 2009-10 and became just the eighth player in school history to reach 1,000 points in two seasons.

He led the WAC and checked in at third in the nation in free throw shooting at 91.7 percent (199-217) this year and broke Nevada’s single-season records for free throws made (199) as well as free throw percentage. He also set the school record for consecutive free throws made, knocking down his final 34 free throw attempts of the season.

Babbitt ends his Wolf Pack career ranked 12th on Nevada career scoring list with 1,316 points and is also first in career free throw shooting at 89.3 percent (351-393) and fifth in career three-point percentage at 42.1 percent (75-178). He started all 68 games over the last two years and scored in double figures in 59 of those 68 contests. In his Wolf Pack career, Babbitt averaged 19.4 points and 8.1 rebounds per game.

“Luke has been contemplating the decision to return to a university and community he loves and to pursue his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA, and the decision has been very difficult for him to make,” Carter said. “Luke is a special combination of an outstanding basketball player and an excellent student who will be greatly missed. We want to wish him the best as he follows his dreams.”

Dayton Morinaga on Keith Shamburger's signing

Dayton Morinaga checks in with his Shamburger signing piece:

UH basketball loses recruit to San Jose State
Dayton Morinaga
Honolulu Advertiser
April 20, 2010

The University of Hawaii men's basketball team is not going to win every recruiting battle.

The Rainbow Warriors lost one today when California point guard Keith Shamburger said he would sign with San Jose State...
Go here for the remainder.

A smoke signal from Keith Shamburger

It's brief but informs PTW about what we wanted to know. 

Here's the latest tweet from Serra High backcourter Keith Shamburger:
# Spartan :-) 5 minutes ago 
We're checking if the in-flight film coming and going on his recruiting trip to Hawaii this weekend was "300" 

Here's a few more WAC tidbits for you

The Babbitt Watch continues: Chris Murray has some information from ESPN's Pat Forde on LB here.


Didn't this young man -- Juevol Myles -- originally commit to LA TECH? Now he is headed to Kansas State, per John Ashaolu, the Director of Basketball Operations at East Carolina. Yes, he is Olu's brother.

Here's a further link provided by Ashaolu.

Here it is: an article that connects Myles to Louisiana Tech back when. 

Here's a note from ESPN:

Class of 2008 point guard Juevol Myles signed a national letter of intent with Louisiana Tech on Tuesday, head coach Kerry Rupp announced. The 6-foot-1 Myles is a native of Toronto, Ontario who plays for the Canadian Junior National Team. He led Pickering High to the Canadian Provincial and national title after averaging 13.0 points and 8.0 assists per game.

"This is a terrific late signee," Rupp said. "(Associate head coach) Nikita Johnson and my staff did a great job with the recruitment of Juevol. He was being looked at by some very good basketball schools, and I couldn't be more excited to have him come to Tech. He is a very tough, talented and committed player who enjoys doing all the little things like defending, rebounding down and making plays to his teammates, but what impresses me the most is his tremendous leadership ability and willingness to do whatever it takes to win."

A Closer Look at LA TECH Hoops (Ron Tyler) is back with an Aggie recruiting update and speculation that some November signees won't be coming to Ruston. It's good to have him posting again.

Lean pickings so far

Brian Murphy confirms that Coach Leon Rice is really preparing for the future with a verbal from a 2011 backcourter.

New Boise State men's coach lands his first recruit for 2011
Brian Murphy
Idaho Statesman

Joe Hanstad has known new Boise State basketball coach Leon Rice for more than three years, and Hanstad knows Rice wouldn't have left Gonzaga for just any job.

"It'd have to be pretty big time. Gonzaga is really nice. I know he wouldn't go from a winning program to a place he wasn't sure they were going to win," said Hanstad, a 6-foot-4, 185-pound combo guard who committed to play for Rice and the Broncos...
Go here for the remainder.

What we find interesting here -- besides the landing of a down-the-road recruit which is atypical for a WAC team -- is that Coach Rice reached out immediately to Hanstad. Was this something Rice and Mark Few agreed upon or did Rice act unilaterally? Maybe it was a situation where Hanstad was viewed as more of a WAC-level prospect than that a prominent 'national' team or possibly that the Zags have so many more options in the recruiting pool than the Broncos that Few bowed out on this one.


Keith Shamburger's Twitter account has this as its latest entry "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow. :-)" -- it was posted late last night. He returned home yesterday from his weekend visit to UH.

The Boise State post-season awards

Boise State has handed out individual player awards, with one of particular note

Bronco Basketball Hands Out Postseason Team Awards
Boise State Sports Information
Boise, Idaho - Several Broncos were awarded for their hard work both on and off the court as the men's basketball team presented individual accolades for the 2009-10 season, April 18...
...Freshman Sam Hicks and junior transfer Daequon Montreal split the honor for the Most Improved Player...Not to be overshadowed was Hicks, who improved dramatically during his freshman year as he redshirted...
Go here for the remainder.

Hicks is listed at 6-foot-9 and 259 pounds on the official roster -- definitely bigger weight-wise -- and will have a world of opportunity with Kurt Cunningham and Ike Okoye departing, along with Ben Mills very unlikely to wear a Bronco uniform.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday afternoon WAC offerings

It's probably too late at this point in the 'recruiting season' but buying stock in Verizon and the like prior to this time is probably the closest thing available to a sure moneymaker. Jared Eborn is all over the Stephen Rogers Situation here and here with Tony Jones talking with Stephen Rogers and getting the latest decision deadline here.


There's Alec, Billy, William and Stephen but Nevada fans are hoping it's Illiwa Baldwin who has the best next two years. Chris Murray writes about the big 'big' here.

Deonte Burton's call is next in line and Chris talked with him and reports back here. UCLA has 'supposedly' offered (will we ever know the truth?) but also made Burton feel like 'backup plan' (which he was) by having him wait until Ray McCallum and Trey Ziegler made their recent decisions. We've been told that Burton is a much better talent fit for the WAC than the PAC-10 or the Big East -- if such will influence his decision.

Here's more from Chris on the upcoming Babbitt Decision here.


Chris also offers something on Magnum Rolle working out for the NBA draft. We just had a thought: is Rolle more of a wing forward, get-up-and-down-the-floor type, NBA-wise, rather than a true four? At least physically? He's not necessarily a creator offensively -- at this point -- and he looks mighty thin for the paint pounding he'll face. But do give him credit for putting the time and effort in to be ready.

Monday's WAC offerings

Due to unpopular demand, we will reluctantly be tossing our oft-tipped hat into the ring for the Oregon basketball coaching job. The University of Phil Knight has conducted a textbook how-not-to-hire-a-coach search that should be a case study for every sports management program in this country. Maybe Michael Jordan can simultaneously  run the Charlotte Bobcats and be the head coach of the Ducks?


Okay, the Draft Express site has the official measurements of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament participants. The two WAC players are Sylvester Seay and Roderick Flemings.

Do note that "all measurements are listed without shoes. To get a gauge for what a player would be listed at with shoes, add an inch and a quarter. We looked back at our measurement database (which includes every NBA pre-draft camp since 2000) and found that players gain 1.2 inches on average from being measured in shoes, as opposed to without."

* Syklvester Seay is listed at 6-foot 8.75 inches and 213 pounds, with a 6-foot 11-inch wingspan

* Roderick Flemings is listed at 6-foot 5.25 inches and 205 pounds, with a 6-foot 11-inch wingspan


Longtime college coach (his history is here) Jack Fertig has an interesting post up today, titled "How Does a Player Know If He Should Declare for the Draft?" Go here.


 Dwight McCombs tripped to Arizona State over the weekend and seems close to committing, per Chris Karpman of the Rivals site. A Rivals sub is required. He had received some mention in conjunction with Nevada. McCombs is a 6-foot-8 power forward currently at Moraine Valley College in Illinois and went to high school in Chicago as well as playing for Miami (Ohio). .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

AWP with the scoop on Illiwa Baldwin

AW Prince at the Silver and Blue Sports site breaks the news on a big Wolf Pack recruiting target. No, we are going to give anything away -- go there. Check the Sports Forum message board but better yet, subscribe in order to read the actual details.

As an aside, something in the feature reminded of one of the better books of the not too distant past -- "What's the Matter with Kansas?" by Thomas Frank -- but that's also a question the majority of Jayhawk fans were asking after Bill Self's squad fell to Northern Iowa.

Humor produced by copious caffeine consumption

Okay, regardless of where Serra backcourter Keith Shamburger ends up in the WAC, will the public address announcer exclaim "ShamWow!" whenever the freshman-to-be scores during a game?


Will Gib Arnold be described as a wise man for signing Trevor You-Know-Who?


Does UH signee Josten Thomas sell class rings on the side?


If the new Fresno State recruiting class -- a certain frontcourter in particular -- contributes to a successful Bulldog early season run, will this confusing line appear in an article: "it was a Funk that lead the way"?


Everyone is pondering Mr. Babbitt's situation and offering predictions but nobody really knows what the gospel according to Luke will be.


The same with Mister Paul, the Bulldog. But we're betting that a little birdie will tweet the news by George.


Based upon new Vandal Deremy Geiger's shooting talents at his junior college -- 52% overall, 47% from long distance and 79% from the foul line -- will the Cowan Spectrum scoreboard be renamed the Geiger counter?


Tre' Nichols had better be a solid three-point shooter for Boise State, or else.


If former (seemingly) Boise State recruit Ben Mills casts his lot with Army and stay with it long enough to rise through the ranks to the very top, will General Mills sue him for trademark infringement?

We better stop while we're ahead...or maybe not too far behind.

Sunday's WAC news and notes

 This is a low calorie version:

Gib Arnold is hoping the backcourt firm of Shamburger and Barnes open up shop in Hawaii next season:

Pair of guards interested in 'Bows
Barnes, Shamburger visiting UH; both were big scorers at prep level
Dayton Morinaga
Honolulu Advertiser
April 18, 2010

The University of Hawai'i men's basketball team is still looking to score during this recruiting season.

The latest targets for the Rainbow Warriors are a pair of high-scoring guards.

Bo Barnes of Arizona and Keith Shamburger of California are visiting Hawai'i this weekend. Both players have Hawai'i listed among their final choices...
Go here for the remainder.

We don't know about Barnes but Shamburger has been quoted as saying he will decide on Monday.


Shameless plug #2 -- passed on from Travis Mason-Bushman's latest tweet:
"Shameless plug: I'm graduating in a month. If you need an experienced, social media-savvy reporter — for sports or news — let's talk."
Some enterprising sports or news editor should jump on this one if you desire Renaissance Man-style reporting: news, interviews, videos -- you name it. Go here for the fullness of T-MB's experience.


Thomas Levine and Juan López of the Nevada Sagebrush offer an interview with Coach David Carter. Juan López also provides a feature on Armon Johnson.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A couple more Saturday recruiting items

Leon Rice has added a PAC-10 transfer to his roster and Nick Jezierny informs us about the move:

Boise State men's hoops team lands transfer from Oregon
Nick Jezierny
Idaho Statesman

Drew Wiley, who played for two seasons for his hometown Oregon Ducks, said he will transfer to Boise State. He visited the campus this weekend and gave his commitment to new coach Leon Rice...
Go here for the remainder (including a quote that will not play well in Eugene, Oregon).


Also, a certain Joe Hanstad (apparently the pride of North Dakota) is getting major mentions at the Taco Bell Arena Talk message board at the Scout site. He's a 2011 backcouter with this brief ESPN description.

This Gonzaga site has him giving a verbal commit to BSU.

Here's a bit more on Hanstad. Plus, another article.

WAC Saturday

Dayton Morinaga is all over the Hawaii recruiting scene with a feature today.

Here's the official release from UH athletics on Gib Arnold's signees.


Tony Jones takes another look at Utah State basketball, posing the question about Stew Morrill's team climbing even higher nationally.

Additionally, some posts on the basketball forum and the Utah State SCOUT site basketball forum, are hinting at a 'big' signing (meaning large in actual physical size but also in talent level/potential).

If true, does this mean Modou Niang departs for elsewhere or Anthony DiLoreto likewise? The latter is going to be a key test for Coach Morrill and his my way or the highway rep. Does being 7-0 and talented make a difference in personnel decisions?


Daniel Lyght features two additions to Fresno State basketball.

Fresno State athletics talks about Steve Cleveland's latest recruits.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's p.m. links and notes

Jeff Portnoy and Gib Arnold conversed last night and the former liked what he heard and saw.


Chris Murray has a post on the staying or going situations facing big-time talents and those lesser lights. We repeat: LB has nothing to gain basketball-wise by remaining -- it will have to be another reason or reasons keeping him in Reno.

Chris also says that former Wolf Packer Ahyaro Phillips is heading back to the D-1 ranks -- just imagine the media uproar if the school was Virginia Tech.

We will never forget the unintended irony of Phillips listing his hobbies as "playing basketball and shopping" -- although, in fairness, shoplifting charges were dropped against him from the Scheels store incident.


 Jason Groves blogs about possible/actual recruiting targets of Marvin Menzies.

The highly athletic Simmons was highly regarded -- Utah invited him to it's elite camp in July -- but his numbers 12.8 points and 3 rebounds per game -- appear just so-so.

Cantino seems to be the NMSU prototypical recruit: well-traveled.


Matt Sonnenberg isn't kicking back in the off season -- he offers a feature on Utah State point recruit Brockeith Payne.


Dale Grummert's Lewiston Tribune article on Idaho recruiting is posted here.

Two paragraphs from it:

"...More complicated is the case of [Djim] Bandoumel, who took a good-sized hiatus from basketball before his junior-college career and therefore faces questions about his eligibility clock. It could be weeks before the NCAA makes a ruling. Having blocked 65 shots this year for Monroe College in New York, he could help fill a void left by graduating UI post Marvin Jefferson.

The Vandals appear to have a scholarship available for Bandoumel. Verlin said Thursday that point guard Marcus Lawrence, who was under scholarship as a redshirt in 2008-09, was docked to walk-on status as a disciplinary measure this past season, and is slated to remain a walk-on next year as a senior..."

Leon Rice is looking at backcourter Brady Heslip -- a Boston College November signee who is now a back on the market due to the coaching change at Chestnut Hill:
Sanders and Heslip leaving BC
Mark Blaudschun
Boston Globe
April 15, 2010

Just another wild and crazy day at the Boston College basketball office today which began with the request--which was granted-to transfer of junior forward Rakim Sanders and freshman guard Brady Heslip.
New BC coach Steve Donahue said that nothing was official yet, but confirmed that Sanders, a 6-foot-5 inch unior was indeed leaving. Although nothing can be formally done until the paper work has been filed, sources familiar with the situation say that Sanders will be headed to Fairfield to play for former BC assistant coach Ed Cooley., Sanders will have to sit out next season before he can conclude his collegiate career
Donahue also granted the release of Heslip, who spent the fall at New Hampton and enrolled after Christmas, but did not play this season. Heslip is visiting Boise State this weekend...
Go here for the remainder.

Here is Heslip's Twitter account.

Here is a SLAM article on Heslip followed by another link to an interview.

Here is a second interview with Heslip.

Friday's WAC links and notes

If David Carter signs Illiwa Baldwin, will this effect Luke Babbitt's NBA decision? We pose this question because Baldwin would give Nevada a plus down low -- the ability to score inside -- and thereby elevate the Wolf Pack's chances to go Big Dancin' in 2010-2011.

There is no doubt that Babbitt will play in the NBA therefore we still think the critical question is in what venue will he have the best opportunity to improve his game?


 Dayton Morinaga has the details as does Brian McInnis on Gib Arnold's latest player acquisition who looks like just what UH needs upfront -- as long as he is content to stay in the paint.It's best to get a junior college transfer with three years remaining and that's the situation with this young man.


Daniel Lyght has more on the Paul George will-he-or-won't-he choice. PTW's take is that George has a much greater potential upside than Quincy Pondexter and there is always someone who falls in love with the big P.


New Vandal signee Deremy Geiger's numbers sure look impressive -- specifically the 52% shooting overall, 47% from long distance and 79% from the foul line in junior college -- but it will be curious how he is deployed by Don Verlin. Will it be at the point? As more of a scorer than a passer?


Jim Rayburn offers the news that Stephen Rogers will start his BYU visit today and also lays out the competition Rogers will be facing.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your Thursday afternoon WAC catchup

Illiwa Baldwin would really help the Wolf Pack by being major help in pairing with Dario Hunt. Check for seismic activity in Reno and Las Cruces if Baldwin and Hamidu Rahman tangle.

Wolf Pack targets Baldwin to plug middle
Chris Murray
Reno Gazette-Journal
April 15, 2010

It's been a couple of years since the Nevada basketball team had a player close to 7-feet roaming the paint at Lawlor Events Center, but that might change next season.

The Wolf Pack is hosting 6-foot-11, 260-pounder Illiwa Baldwin on an official campus visit this weekend and hopes to land the center from the Land Down Under.

Baldwin, who was born in Papua New Guinea and moved to Australia at age 11, played the past two seasons at Pratt (Kan.) Community College...
Go here for the remainder.


Is Stephen Madison still due in to Moscow or did Matt Borton take his spot? Deremy Geiger will certainly be sky high when the Vandals face the northern Aggies.

Vandal men add two during late signing period
Idaho Athletic Media Relations

MOSCOW, Idaho - University of Idaho head coach Don Verlin announced Idaho's two late-period signees on Thursday, as freshman Matt Borton and junior Deremy Geiger join the Vandal men's basketball program...
Go here for the remainder.


Here's the official USU signing report on junior college transfer Antonio Bumpus.


Here's the official Nevada signing report on point Jordan Finn.


Here's the official SJSU signing report on Wil Carter.

A few recruiting notes

Boise State is pursuing a backcourter out of Las Vegas.

Ray Brewer in the April 13 edition of the Las Vegas Sun, offers this note:

"...Foothill guard Evan Roquemore has offers from Air Force, Ball State, Boise State, Eastern Washington and Fairfield, Falcons coach Kevin Soares said. Creighton and Tulane also have expressed interest.

Roquemore averaged 23.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game this winter in leading the Falcons to the Sunrise Regional title game. Soares said Roquemore could take his first trip this weekend..."
Here is additional material on Roquemore. Here is a brief ESPN evaluation of the young man.


Aziz Ndiaye, a Senegalese 7-footer out of the College of Southern Idaho, has signed with Washington. Fans for several WAC teams -- possibly a few head coaches too -- were hoping against hope for this guy. It apparently came down to UDub and Oklahoma. Here's a worth-reading humorous writeup on Ndiaye.


jlwaters1 at the basketball message board provided a link to yet another Idaho recruit -- backcourter Matt Borton.

Here's a game article that includes a photo of Borton.

In a Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not moment, we remember seeing Borton play for his club basketball team in a Memorial Day tournament in Santa Clara, CA a while back. We liked his skills and savvy -- he definitely knew how to play the game -- but questioned his athleticism. He was the second biggest player on his squad and, at times, had to match up with Renardo Sidney, a 6-foot-11, 300-pound man-child out of Los Angeles, who is finally going to play this coming season at Mississippi State after sitting out last year due to money issues from his family's association with Reebok funding.

Hey, we scrounged around the 'net and came up with this article we wrote back in May 2008 about Borton and Sidney matching up, and more. Take a look at our Borton prediction.

Matt's cousin Katie  is quite the basketball talent. She was a Parade All-America and is now on scholarship at Notre Dame.


For openers, here's your Thursday morning edition of WAC hoops news

Jason Groves leads us off with a commentary about the manner of Jahmar Young's dismissal.


Daniel Lyght offers a briefing on Fresno State's recrutiing thus far.


Chris Murray provides Jordan Finn's official signing with Nevada. Chris also has a feature on Deonte Burton's club team coach speaking about his pupil. There is certainly an opening for Burton to play major minutes should he decided to join the Wolf Pack. Landing him would really create a buzz for David Carter's recruiting prowess.


The Tre'-Nichols-to Boise-State train has officially arrived as Nick Jezierny details.


Brian McInnis updates Gib Arnold's signing class and offers a couple of names of backcourter who will decide between UH and elsewhere soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

San Jose State signs initial spring recruit

Wil Carter.

By the sound of it, this pairing of names could be that of a television/movie star or maybe the confident-sounding moniker of an airline pilot.

In this case, he's a 6-foot-8 basketball player out of Salt Lake City College (SLCC). Coming out of Idaho, Carter played as a freshman for Coach Norm Parrish in 2006-2007 before heading off on his LDS mission. He returned this summer, re-enrolled at SLCC and earned all-Scenic West Conference First Team honors based upon his 12.2 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. Carter shot 49% overall and 75% on free throws while playing just below 23 minutes a contest.

Now, he is headed to San Jose State of the Western Athletic Conference.

What's interesting is that previous SLCC bigs 6-foot-10 Gary Wilkinson and 6-foot-9 Nate Bendall headed to Logan after their tenure in Salt Lake. But the latter pair are centers whereas Carter, according to Parrish, is a four, a power forward with the possibilities of playing some at the three spot. "But he could put 20 more pounds [Carter currently weighs 210] on his frame and still be effective," Parrish said. The SLCC mentor says a comparison to Troy Ostler -- a 6-foot-10, 200-pounder who played backed in the late 1990s for Parrish before heading to Riley Wallace and Hawaii -- is more appropriate.

Continuing on, Parrish offered, "Wil has a really high ceiling. He has the ability to hit the 15-to-18-foot shot. He is also a good rebounder who is fairly long and can run and jump."

There was a mix of colleges in pursuit of Carter, including Hawaii, Boise State, Seton Hall, Wyoming, Pacific, UC Santa Barbara and Cal State Northridge, among others.

Carter is 22.

It's your Wednesday WAC morning meal -- so break that fast

Dayton Morinaga has the scoop that Gib Arnold has landed a big for next season -- maybe. He's a junior college center from Eastern Utah who is connected to new UH assistant Walter Roese:

6-10 center commits to UH
Joaquim averaged 8.9 points, 6.8 rebounds as freshman at Eastern Utah   
Dayton Morinaga
Hololulu Advertiser

The international connections for the University of Hawai'i men's basketball team are apparently already in effect.

Vander Joaquim, a 6-foot-10, 240-pound center at College of Eastern Utah, has committed to play for the Rainbow Warriors, according to his coaches.

Joaquim is originally from Angola, and has ties to new Hawai'i associate coach Walter Roese...
Go here for the remainder.


Ray Brewer/Las Vegas Sun has the scoop on Kevin Olekaibe and his decision to come to Fresno State -- a tip o' the hat to RagingBulldog for first posting this at the Barkboard basketball MB.
Cimarron guard Kevin Olekaibe to sign with Fresno State
Ray Brewer
Las Vegas Sun
April 13, 2010

Cimarron-Memorial High point guard Kevin Olekaibe was the state’s leading scorer this winter at 35.6 points per game.

But he also averaged 4.8 assists per contest — a statistic he feels could double at the next level.

Olekaibe plans to sign with Fresno State on Friday, accepting the Bulldogs’ scholarship over offers from Boise State and UTEP. He said chance to play immediately at Fresno State was the most appealing...
Go here for the remainder.

We're not taking sides (having never seen the young man from Vegas play) but it will be fascinating to see who performs better in college: Olekaibe or Robert Sandoval?


In a similar vein, rmack003 at the basketball message board reports that 6-foot-7 Oregon transfer Drew Wiley, will be visiting Boise.

Here is a recent Oregonian article on Wiley's leaving the Ducks program. His best skills appear to be shooting from distance.


Jason Groves has a blog post up chock full of Aggie basketball information -- check it out here.


Chris Murray provides an update on Malik Cooke's status with the South Carolina basketball team.