Friday, September 30, 2011

Nevada checking out a 2012 point

Alex Kline/The Recruit Scoop has tweeted:

"Former Purdue commit Kyle Molock, a 2012 PG from Coffman (OH), is hearing from West Virginia, Stanford & Nevada, among others"

Another JUCO guard targeted by the Vandals

After missing on DaShawn Gomez last year, Idaho has persevered and Mel Grussing reports another Antelope Valley College guard will be tripping to Moscow come October.

With two junior college backcourter verbals already in hand, Coach Don Verlin is seriously looking to replace the departing Deremy Geiger and Landon Tatum.

Friday's WAC hoops roundup

Brad Winton/Juco Recruiting (do bookmark him) has an addition for the Vandals:

"Denzel Douglas, a PG out of Casper College (WY), has committed to Idaho"
He's a 5-foot-10 point out of Los Angeles who averaged 7.7 points per game as a freshman, shooting 44% overall, 29% from long distance and 65% from the foul line. He led the Thunderbirds with four assists and 2.4 steals a contest.

Will this be in addition to Tim Johnson out of LA Trade Tech, as reported earlier? Johnson is 6-foot-0 but with more offensive firepower than Douglas.

Both are rockets in the backcourt.


Hoopstalk is back. Plus, here's more from Jeff Portnoy.

From Brian McInnis comes a few details (the first two paragraphs of the article) on Coach Gib Arnold's new contract.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not WAC-related but...

What do you think? Old Dominion Coach Blaine Taylor and the former New York Met Keith Hernandez -- separated at birth?

The effect on the WAC?

Reading Matt Norlander's latest and wondering about the effect on the WAC? Football would be the most financially impacted, especially at schools already underwater financially. Adding a couple of grand for every student-athlete on an athletic scholarship is a needed move but it further separates the NCAA haves and the have nots.

Thursday's galaxy of WAC basketball

Jason Groves works through the New Mexico State schedule in a lengthy piece, prognosticating wins and losses.


Even after this (warning, the written portion is coarse so you may want to stick to the video), recruit Kyndahl Hill didn't commit to Utah State. What's the guy thinking? Them Aggies know when to schedule a visit.

Blue Zertuche @ Texas Hoops (a sub required) offers a feature on Hill's decision to go with Weber State. Key quotes:

"... It's a great feeling that I have committed to Weber State," said Hill. "The coaches have been there the longest and really made me feel wanted by them ..."
"... Weber State wants me to play the three for them ..."

 The USUStats site serves up a feature on Aggie commit Sean Harris.


Tyrone Wallace, a  6-foot-4, 180 pound 2012 point out of the Bakersfield CA area, has October visits planned to Cal, Colorado, Oregon and a fourth school. Anyone been able to determine the latter? Fresno State has offered.

He would be the type of talent that just might influence big Robert Upshaw to remain in the San Joaquin.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warped values

Gary Parrish writes about how loyalty has 'paid off' for a couple of former Tennessee assistants.

Tell the truth and you are a rat and destined to never be hired again. Just what kind of values are being demonstrated here? And by 'leaders' of young men and women?

Those all hot and bothered by the 'don't snitch' atmosphere in certain parts of society need to broaden their horizons because it's alive and 'well' on campuses throughout this country as well as Wall Street, government and elsewhere.

Call it a commonplace value.

Wednesday's WAC-aroo

A Braeden Anderson update from Jeff Goodman:

"New Mexico flew to Canada today to see former Kansas signee Braeden Anderson. UNLV and Tennessee have also expressed interest - per source"
It looks definite that Anderson wants to go higher than the WAC.


Mel Grussing writes about a blossoming love affair between Idaho and a certain Antelope Valley College backcourter who is also doing it academically.


Greg Crawford/Craw's Corner has a new post up all about various coaches in the western U.S. and, though not necessarily WAC-related, you'll gain information by reading it and that's what blogging is all about, or should be.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hill to another Utah school

Kyndahl Hill -- this hurts more than most -- has gone with Weber State. The Texas prep forward's decision came after a visit to Logan this weekend.

Josh Gershon (do bookmark him): "Weber State just landed a commitment from Kyndahl Hill from Houston, per a source"

There's nothing as yet on Hill's Twitter account.

Randy Rahe is miracle working it in Ogden as Hill is the second Texas prep frontcourter to commit to Weber for 2011.

Another look at the WAC commits to date

So here's how recruiting is so far for this season's WAC members (remember that Nevada is departing):


* Tim Johnson, guard, LA Trade Tech


* Demetrius Moore, forward, Northwest Florida State College


* Sean Harris, forward, Yuba College


* Rafael Carter, forward, Diablo Valley College

* Marqueze Coleman, guard, CA HS

Is there a sense that these verbals can help get the WAC into a position of having a pair of entries into the Big Dance?

The answer: it's a mixed bag.

Johnson will be a good addition at Idaho but, like the other commits, more as a solid component to the team than a talent on his way to the NBA.

Moore's numbers as a freshman didn't register on the impressive meter but he has another go-around to do so before heading to Ruston. Louisiana Tech needs frontcourt size, which Moore adds but maybe more importantly, his capacity to get up and down the floor, which is the style of play Coach Mike White wants to implement, is a key.

Harris looks to be a bit like a larger version of former Aggie Nate Harris but with a broader skills set and more athleticism. He will really help the Aggies and is the likeliest to have pro possibilities.

Carter is projected as a role player (defense, rebounding) but looks to be a solid replacement for senior Dario Hunt. With Coleman, it's simply too early to prognosticate on the only freshman in the list.

There are no Babbits, Johnsons or Georges among this group and that's the caliber of recruit WAC teams need to land every so often in order to gain back some degree of national attention.

Otherwise, it's incumbent on solid talents simultaneously and cohesively maturing and that is entering harmonic convergence territory.

Tueaday's WAC basketball compendium (a brief two items)

Reading the tea leaves -- tweet interpretation is getting interesting on the USU Fans site Stew Morrill MB as Aggie recruiting target Kyndahl Hill has tapped out a tweet indicating leaving the Lone Star State is a possibility.

Follow him here. A college scholarship is a blessing but the decision process can be a curse.


Another Texas prep frontcourter, Zeldric King, will be moving one state up as he has chosen Tulsa. Nevada, San Jose State University and a number of others were involved to some degree.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday morning's WAC digest

So Idaho and Boise State will match up December 31 on a neutral court. Thank you for the sanity of Don Verlin and Leon Rice.


Dayton Morinaga triple teams readers/viewers with more multiple media of Hawaii's open gyms.


Here's Frank Burlison on Marqueze Coleman's play in a tourney this weekend:

"In its only game the Mission Hills Alemany team demonstrated why it could be part of Southern California’s preseason Top 10 clubs with a wire-to-wire victory over Walker and his Culver City teammates. Six-three Marqueze Coleman, who committed to the University of Nevada (Reno) last week, was (along with Taft’s Jones and Culver City’s Walker) one of the three most impressive seniors in the event"

Not WAC-related but liked this separating-the-poseurs-from-the-sincere article on John Lucas' training for NBA-ers.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An update on Marcus Colbert

Marcus Colbert is a 5-foot-11 high school backcourter out of Post Falls High in Post Falls, Idaho (near Spokane) and he and his team are coming off a successful 23-5 fourth-place state finish season. The year before, the Trojans went 22-4 and won the state 5A championship.

Twice named to an All-Idaho first-teamer and a four year starter, Colbert averaged around 20 points per game in 2010-11.

Recently, PTW talked with Post Falls Coach Mike McLean who was very positive about his senior guard.

"Marcus is extremely strong, a 190 pound bowling ball like former Connecticut player Khalid El-Amin. He can get into the lane and break down defenses whether it be man or zone. He's a four year starter and a winner and leader who wills his team to play better and win. He is our    most consistent competitor."

McLean also said that Colbert is an academic qualifier.

As for recruiting, Mclean offered that "Idaho is pursuing him [Colbert] but has not offered" and added "I would be surprised if he signs early."

McLean also said that San Jose State University is not involved with Colbert.

Worth noting is that Colbert's former Post Hills teammate and fellow guard, Connor Hill, is a freshman member of the Vandal basketball team.

A brief Sunday roundup of WAC basketball items

Gary Wilkinson keeps doing it for his New Zealand squad.


The WAC so far is breaking a trend -- the latter being junior college transfers signing late rather than in November so that they can know who else will be on the roster and thus their competition for immediate PT:


* Tim Johnson, guard, LA Trade Tech


* Demetrius Moore, forward, Northwest Florida State College


* Sean Harris, forward, Yuba College


* Rafael Carter, forward, Diablo Valley College

* Marqueze Coleman, guard, CA HS

Thus far, only Coleman is out of the high school ranks.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hawaii interested in an Antelope Valley College backcourter

Mel Grussing (do bookmark his fan site, the best JC one in the nation) includes a note on Hawaii corresponding with a sharpshooting guard at Antelope Valley College.

Paul Millsap honored

Paul Millsap is entering the Louisiana Tech Athletics Hall of Fame and rightly so. A so-called nose for the ball isn't a trait anyone is born with -- it's developed through hard work and desire and that epitomizes Millsap.

Saturday's world of WAC hoops

Steve Forbes (the Northwest Florida State College coach not the magazine guy) has tweeted:

"Congrats 2 Raider Demetrius Moore! He committed 2 Louisiana Tech this am. HC Mike White & former NWF/OW Asst Issac Brown did a great job!"

Moore is 6-foot-8, 220 and will be a junior when he arrives in Ruston. Out of the Florida prep ranks, Moore played in 21 games last season, shooting 41% from the floor while averaging 4.8 points per game. He grabbed 3.4 rebounds a contest.

Here's a 2010 article about Moore moving from high school to the JC ranks.

Here's a photo of him dunking last season.


Adam Zagoria has a nice feature on Seton Hall's Herb Pope, the former New Mexico State frontcourter.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Heading into the weekend with a full-on Friday WAC hoops digest

Rate the Louisiana Tech season ticket basketball video. It wins PTW's approval although some may say that's the kiss of death.


ESPN's Diamond Leung quotes Brady Jardine about Utah State basketball, version 2011-12. What's interesting is that Leung mentions Nevada and New Mexico State as WAC contenders but Hawaii is not mentioned. Chalk it up to an oversight and not a slight.


Josh Gershon has tweeted that 6-foot-7 235 pound Arizona prep Stacy Davis has given a verbal to Pepperdine. Fresno State and Utah State had offered. Davis tripped to Fresno but three other Arizonans populate the Wave roster and one in particular swayed Davis.


Chris Murray has a post up primarily about Rafael Carter, a frontcourter at Diablo Valley College in CA. Take it to the bank, Carter will be with the Wolf Pack next season.

Chris also offers a Feature on recruiting target Aaron Anderson.


In the comments section of his article, Brian McInnis confirms that backcourter Gerry Blakes is at a CA JC -- for a short while.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's WAC-aroo

Courtesy of Dayton Morinaga, UH newcomer Garrett Jefferson receives the trifecta of media treatments. PTW is also interested in Jefferson's defensive prowess and how that came to be since that's an element more often than not given lip service and quickly forsaken.


Tony Jones writes about a Texas prepster visiting Logan this weekend who could longterm address a physical need for the Aggies.


Hey if Long Beach State can pull this off...

Granted, friendship and being geographically on the way to another destination played major roles but that doesn't lessen the credit due to Coach Monson. Will this be inspiration for ... Probably not.


Not necessarily WAC-related but possibly...

Humor guarantees an advertising result even if it's just in awareness of a product and Colorado State Coach Tim Miles is working it. Coming off a 19-win season aids the sale-ability.

Imagine what the late Abe Lemons would have done with Twitter. Here are some of his beauties:

"You out rebounded a dead man by one."
After a 7 foot center got only one rebound in the first half of a game.
When asked how to stop illegal recruiting Abe said, "Just give every coach the same amount of money and tell them they can keep what’s left over."
" We went to Alaska once and they made us honorary Alaskans. Then we went to Hawaii and they made us honorary Hawaiians. We're going to the Virgin Islands this year."
Is there a WAC coach who could pull this off?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fresno State checking out Westwind Prep

Here's a tweet from Westwind Prep Coach Adam Desautels:

"Coaches from Washington State, Montana, and Fresno State were on campus today to check out a Westwind Prep practice"
Here's the Westwind 2011-12 roster.

Sean Harris to go from 49er to Aggie

photo courtesy of Brian Drake/Appeal Democrat

It was a lot of little things that added up to a big one recently when Yuba College frontcourter Sean Harris offered a commitment to Coach Stew Morrill and Utah State.

Speaking with Yuba Coach Doug Cornelius recently provided the opportunity to learn more about both Harris and the background of his decision.

Harris was the team MVP as a senior at Rocklin High. At 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds, he averaged 16.6 points, 8.6 rebounds, 2.6 steals and blocked two shots a game. 

He then moved over to Yuba College and put up 14.9 points and 11.7 rebounds a contest in the 2007-08 season in which Yuba went 32-4. "He was the MVP for us too," Cornelius said.

Then it was almost UC Santa Barbara for him, but Harris signed a letter-of-intent with Coach Jim Les and Bradley of the Missouri Valley Conference after sorting through multiple D-1 offers. He would have three years of eligibility remaining.

At that point, it was a period of time off to prepare for his LDS mission in San Pedro, Honduras scheduled to begin in August 2009.

While Harris was on his mission, Les (now the head coach at UC Davis) was let go at Bradley in early March 2011 and Harris eventually asked for and received his BU release.

He returned to the United States in early July 2011 as a college basketball free agent so to speak. It was then decided that a second season at Yuba was the best route to take.

Here's Cornelius on his 6-foot-8 sophomore: "Sean had offers from Utah State, UC Santa Barbara and Idaho, with UC Davis and BYU really interested. He went to Utah State and fell in love with it. He thought it was a great social fit. They showed him love and he is a very loyal kid. Sean came back and said, 'Coach, I'm done.'"

It didn't even take witnessing a game in The Spectrum, Wild Bill and all, to win Harris over.

What's fascinating is that BYU was Harris' dream school, plus his mother went there. But even without the Jimmer, the Cougar roster has three freshman -- one at 6-foot-8, two at 6-foot-10, also a 6-foot-9 sophomore, a 6-foot-8 junior plus a 6-foot-9 junior. Such played a factor in Harris' decision to go with Aggieville.

Cornelius continued, "Sean hasn't played in three years but is an extremely hardworking kid with a high motor. I call him a skilled four, someone skilled and strong who really runs the court. He has put on 15-20 pounds of muscle and is going to be a really hard matchup but first he needs to get his legs back.

As always, Yuba will be in the fight for a state championship in the upcoming season with Harris as a key component.

All Nevada so far this WAC basketball Wednesday

It's Marqueze Coleman Wednesday as Chris Murray reports that the SoCal backcourter will be deciding on his college today. Does he goes with the freshest in mind?

UPDATE: Chris reports that Mr. Coleman has decided.

Edging into prolific considering it's the off season, Chris also offers another entry on more visitors coming to Reno.

One, frontcourter Rafael Carter, will sign with Nevada in November.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday and the wide world of WAC basketball

Didja hear the latest? The University of Vladivostok has submitted a petition to join the Pac-12. Hey, it's on the Pacific Ocean.

Plus, my cousin Kylie Anderson is headed to UCLA next year but everyone on the 'net is spelling her name incorrectly.


Anyway, Bob (Mr. Mslacat) Robinson has posted that Marcus Colbert has an offer from San Jose State and interest from Idaho, as well as others in various stages of suitorship. Colbert is a 5-foot-11 guard from a town not far from Spokane.

Here's a March 2011 description from his coach as it appeared in the Idaho Statesman:

"Marcus Colbert, Post Falls Trojans

A two-time All-Idaho first-teamer, Colbert averaged 16 ppg, 5.2 rpg and 4.9 apg. “Can get into the lane and create for himself and teammates as well as anyone in the state,” Post Falls coach Mike McLean said of the 5-foot-10 guard"

Andrew Maurins at Silver & Blue Sports offers an interesting numerical look at Nevada's basketball schedule.


Jeff Goodman has a post up on Braeden Anderson containing two money quotes, no pun intended:
"For the right situation, I'll find a way to pay this year,"
"I've had time to look into the situation and I just want to play big-time college basketball,"
He wants to be at a power school a la Kansas.


That was quick: Chad Rykhoek. a Texas prepster mentioned here yesterday in conjunction with Fresno State and many others, has gone with Baylor.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fresno State still in the running for Robert Upshaw

Robert Upshaw has dropped USC and Maryland from his list of suitors but Fresno State (and others) remains in the running from the San Joaquin big.

A light Monday morning WAC hoops roundup

Chad Rykhoek, a 6-10 forward/center out of Fort Worth, has a Fresno State offer (and others -- he has visited Missouri with Rice, Nebraska and Colorado coming up). A description of him from the Inside Texas site:

"Another big with good athleticism and explosion. Has good feel around the basket and can finish. Lefty. Not a super athlete and has work to do with defensive awareness."
It doesn't appear that the Bulldogs are in the mix but matters do change.


Brian McInnis blogs about the assistant coach opening at Hawaii.

That's it so far.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anyone have a new name?

So if the Pac-12 adds Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech as ESPN is reporting as under negotiations, what's the new conference name?

The Pac-16 seems too counterfeit unless the Lone Star State and/or the Sooner State have made a Bob Irsay-in-the-mid-of-night type shift, but westward.

How about "The Best Conference Television Could Buy"? (at least in football)

Not WAC-related but...

Flash!!!! The Big East Conference will hereby now be known as The Smaller East Conference.

Remember when the Big East was top dog and ESPN's soul mate?

Sunday's heavenly WAC hoops chronicle

Gary Wilkinson is back on the court in New Zealand and picking up where he left off.


Texas prep frontcourter Holt Harmon has given a verbal to Cornell and cancelled his other trips, one of which was to be Logan.


Dayton Morinaga again goes multi media on open gym Rainbow Warriors style


Matt Christensen at the Aggie Fanatics site looks at the USU starting five in 2015.


Ryan Gorcey reports (a Rivals sub is required) that CA high schooler Arik Armstead is still mentioning Nevada among his top suitors. PTW finds it difficult to believe that some of those major football powers in Armstead's list are ultimately going to buy in to him playing both sports in college. Plus, he's surprisingly still listing Miami which may not even have a gridiron program a couple of years hence.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Dashawn Gomez - Utah State connection

Jon Rothstein recently tweeted this:

"Iona gets massive commitment in Dashawn Gomez from - Top juco point guard in California...picked Gaels over Utah St and San Diego St...."
Hadn't heard Gomez was in the mix of JC points USU has been pursuing.

Saturday's WAC basketball roundup

Jason Groves completes his look at the 2011-12 Aggies with a blog entry on the non-starting five guys. He also offers an intriguing note on the whereabouts of Coach Marvin Menzies.


Former New Mexico State point DaShawn Gomez, now at Antelope Valley College in southern CA, has given a verbal to Iona. Both Mel Grussing and Adam Zagoria check in with reports.


6-foot-8 Canadian freshman forward Braeden Anderson has been ruled a partial qualifier at Kansas and the end result is he will be departing from Lawrence. PTW doesn't know if New Mexico State has any schollies available but can Marvin Menzies work something with the tuition costs (which Anderson couldn't afford -- $28,000 -- at Kansas)? Anderson originally committed to DePaul but asked for and received his release. Hawaii showed interest earlier.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Idaho has a point for next season

Brad Winton/Juco Recruiting is reporting:

"Tim Johnson, a 2012 PG out of LA Trade Tech, has given Idaho a verbal commitment"
Do bookmark Brad's site in addition to his Twitter account.

The 6-foot-0 Johnson is described by DR (a SoCal Juco hoops expert) in this 2010 team preview:
"Super-scorer put on a show for Santa Ana CC at the Hoop Review Shootout in July before moving to LATT. Quick and agile, able to get his own show and is exceptional mid-range shooter. A qualifier who had interest from Oregon last year and is clearly a D-1 guy"
He averaged 8.4 points, three rebounds and 2.7 assists last season at TT.

LT has a visitor

Louisiana Tech has 2012 high schooler Michael Qualls in on a campus visit this weekend. he's a 6-foot-4 wing who played for the Louisiana Select basketball club.

From a Jerry Meyer 2009 article:
Michael Qualls (2012)- At 6-foot-4 and as about as long as a prospect can get at that size, Qualls was the top athlete at the event. A promising transition and baseline dunker, Qualls played with an impressive intensity. He's a dangerous rebounder and defender and also displayed flashes of a developing skill game. It is tough to say what level Qualls will end up at as a prospect, but his upside makes him a prospect that high majors need to be tracking.

A heading into the weekend look at WAC hoops

Chris Murray reports that a pair of high schoolers will be in Reno this weekend for officials. Don't visits generally take place during a football home game (Nevada is at San Jose State University on the gridiron)?


Richard Obert/ArizonaCentral has a blog entry on 6-foot-5 2013 prepster Paul Watson who possesses an offer from Fresno State (as well as many others).

Here's a undated writeup on Watson.


Jason Groves offers an in-depth look at his projected New Mexico State starting five.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bill Walton on Twitter -- a must follow

Bill Walton is quite the wit with these zingers. Warning to those easily insulted as some political jokes follow:

"Twitter is now available in five new languages. Unfortunately for Rick Perry & Michele Bachmann, "Insane Rambling" is not one of them"
'When asked about his steamy 1987 rendezvous with potential Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Glen Rice simply replied "Drill Baby, Drill"!"
"Sarah Palin had an intimate relationship with Glen Rice in the 80s. Rice tried to resist but he was never one to stop anyone from scoring"
"Ron Paul is harnessing the soul of Leonidas the Spartan King! Meanwhile Newt Gingrich evidently harnesses the calories of the Burger King"
"Today is 9,10,11! Or in LeBron's case, how many rings the Heat will never win"
"Roger Goodell will fine any player wearing unauthorized 9-11 tribute gear on Sunday. Hopefully Goodell uses the money to buy himself a soul"

Thursday's WAC basketball report

Per Tony Jones, Utah State has landed a junior college verbal: 6-foot-8 Sean Harris out of Coach Doug Cornelius' ultra-successful Yuba College program based in northern California.

By the way, Yuba had five all-conference players last season including one that moved on to Minnesota and another who landed at Idaho.

Here's a note from when Harris signed a letter-of-intent with Coach Les and Bradley in 2010.

Here's a July 2011 post all about Harris returning to the court from his LDS mission.


Bob (Mslacat) Robinson plus this link too sent along information about Trey Dickinson.

Dickinson is a 6-foot-1 guard at Price High in Los Angeles but originally from NY. Montana State has offered (he'll visit October 1) plus he will be scheduling a sojourn to San Diego State. Fresno State fans will be interested in these items:

"2012 point guard Trey Dickerson of Price High School (Cal.) spoke with Fresno State tonight"
"Fresno State coming to see me monday"
Dickerson totaled 18 points and 6 assists a game last year when he was at Montclair High (the school subsequently dropped athletics).

Here's Dickinson's Twitter account.

Here's a feature on him from August 26.


Hawaii's basketball scheduled has been freed -- Dayton Morinaga offers the details.


Was this said tongue-in-cheek or in front of a mirror? In the August 1 issue of Sports Illustrated, Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley, who worked as both football coach and athletic director at Louisiana Tech from 2007-2009, was quoted saying: "The best athletic director I ever worked for was at Louisiana Tech." 


Just throwing this in for fun: Anthony Ray (a Rivals sub is required) has posted a feature on two big in the Arizona community college ranks. One is Matt Korcheck/Cochise College who had USU interest some time back and the other, is Arizona Western's Renan Lenz, a native of Brazil. Might Hawaii be checking out the latter? Ray says both are now high major prospects.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Olu Ashaolu update

Former LA TECH frontcourter Olu Ashaolu was on Oregon's recent trip to Italy and this ratio jumped out at us: five assists versus 16 turnovers. At his height, he must create with the ball in order to land in The League but that won't matter across the pond (which is where he is headed).

Two WAC teams have offered Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan, a 2012 high schooler out of Arizona, is listed on his club team's site as possessing offers from Fresno St. and Idaho (as well as others). He's a 6-foot-2 point.

From a September 1, 2011 article by Abe Schwadron in SLAM:

Jonathan Milligan, Casa Grande, AZ, 6-2, 160 pounds
Unknown in his home state of Arizona before the Breakout Challenge, Milligan impressed Wall enough to earn a spot at the Summit. His long arms, great vision, sneaky athleticism and top-flight handle make him an ideal pure point guard, despite his skinny frame. He disappeared at times during full-court runs against the NBAers, but in fairness, Milligan’s game is built for running an organized team, not the chaos of a pick-up game. Something about Milligan—maybe it’s his big-time smile or lanky build at the lead guard spot—brings to mind the image of Hoop Dreams’ Arthur Agee.
Here's an August 31, 2011 video of Milligan being interviewed.

Fresno State bringing in an Arizona prepster

Jon at his Big Sky Basketball site notes that there is a Stacy Davis - Fresno State connection. Do bookmark him.

Here's a January 7, 2011 feature on Davis.

On Davis' club team site, Utah State is listed as offering but that may or may not still be on the table (USU angle) - still being considered (Davis' angle)

Wednesday's world of WAC roundball

Dayton Morinaga goes multimedia about a new (to PTW) name in Hawaii's backcourt collection.


George Hostetter interviews Fresno State Coach Rodney Terry and PTW thanks both for the information provided. Two key lines: 

"...We're going to be about playing hard-nosed defense...


...There can't ever be any slippage in your life, on or off the court...


Blake Snow/Deseret News serves up a homecourt advantage feature.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Robert Upshaw update

Alex Kline/The Recruit Scoop offers the latest on Robert Upshaw:

"Kansas State has an in-home visit with Robert Upshaw, a 2012 center out of San Joaquin (CA), today. He has one with Oklahoma St next"
Upshaw isn't a make-or-break recruit for Fresno State but would certainly burnish the Bulldog recruiting credentials of Coach Rodney Terry and be the kind of 'get' that would cause other FSU targets to look longer.

But the competition is immense.

It's similar to the chicken and the egg conundrum. Does Terry need Upshaw in order to land other recruits sporting similar potential? Or can he land some forwards and guards from a higher rating stratosphere than usual, thus causing Upshaw to look longer?

The New Mexico State hydra of bigs

While most WAC teams struggle to land an at least adequate center, New Mexico State's roster is overflowing with talls.


* 6-foot-11 senior Hamidu Rahman -- out of American Christian School in New Jersey

* 6-foot-10 sophomore Tshilidzi Nephawe -- out of South Africa, he finished up with two seasons at Stoneridge Prep in southern California

* 7-foot-5 freshman Sim Bhullar -- out of Toronto, Canada, he finished up with a year at Huntington Prep in West Virginia

Plus there is this pair, although each is officially listed as a forward:

*  6-foot-11 junior B.J. West -- out of Louisiana who finished up at God's Academy in Dallas

* 6-foot-10 sophomore Renaldo Dixon -- out of Toronto, Canada who finished up at Christian Faith Academy in North Carolina

So how did this big and tall collection come to be?

PTW isn't sure who on the Aggie staff was responsible for securing Rahman.

Nephawe may have been seen by Coach Marvin Menzies during a trip to Africa but the young man also wasn't hard to find by being in southern California.

Bhullar is out of Canada as is Renaldo Dixon so it seems major credit should go to now Associate Head Coach Paul Weir, himself a Canadian native.

With West, who knows who got first sight of him.

We believe Nephawe will be the starter for the Aggies, with he and Rahman seeing the most time in the middle. Bhullar is simply an unknown at this point. His stated goal is to get to the pros in two seasons but that period of time is uber-optimistic if the intended target is the NBA or a top flight overseas squad. West was the stronger rebounder and shotblocker while Dixon displayed a longer shooting range as both averaged around 10 minutes a game during the 2010-11 season.

Is there some sort of commonality among the quintet (besides height)?

Prep school enrollment, whether it be of the secondary or post secondary version, appears to be a connection as each player last attended a prep school of sorts.

Some schools won't bother going after kids from certain prep schools or talent who made up for earlier academic deficiencies in a relative short period of time, sensing that their particular college academic requirements will prevent an enrollment from taking place. PTW has no idea what situation each of this quintet faced coming out of high school but it's readily apparent Menzies and his staff have done the job in getting them these talents on the floor and producing.

Hey, Louisiana Tech and Fresno State could really use an in-the-middle loaner for this season. Say West or Dixon for a favor to be repaid later?

* By the way, 6-foot-11 Antwond Roshell is no longer on the roster in Ruston and PTW believes he had a senior season of eligibility remaining. It looks like he is on the roster at D-2 Southern Indiana.

This is it for WAC Tuesday

Blue Zertuche/Texas Hoops (a Rivals sub is required) has a full-length feature up on Kyndahl Hill, a 6-foot-7 prep forward who will visit Utah State this month. Hill's high school coach sees him as a 3 in college.

Monday, September 12, 2011

ESPN utilizes Dayton Morinaga's Warrior Insider content

Diamond Leung writes about Hawaii hoops and Dayton Morinaga's Warrior Insider site.

Monday morning's WAC-aroo

Reed Coldiron at OStateIllustrated offers a Fresno-area prep center Robert Upshaw update -- here are two paragraphs:

"...Upshaw indicated that he has in-home visits lined up with each of the nine schools that he is still considering which alphabetically are Arizona, Fresno State, Georgetown, Kansas State, Louisville, Maryland, Oklahoma State, UNLV, and USC...

..."My decision is going to be in the late spring of next year in the late signing period just to wait to see everything through and make sure I feel all my options out and make sure I have everything I need to go on to the division one level," he said...

Brad Winton is retweeting D'Vonne Pickett Jr:
" Illinois, Seattle U and Idaho in Our Gym Tonight"
Out of the Seattle area, Pickett is a point at Central Arizona College and he visited Moscow on 8/31.

Here's a YouTube video interview.

Here's a Winton description of Pickett.


Jeff Goodman talked with Oregon Coach Dana Altman after the Ducks returned from Italy. Here's a comment on former Louisiana Tech star Olu Ashaolu:  
"Altman said that one-year transfer Olu Ashaolu is as adept a 6-foot-6 rebounder as he's been around, but that the ex-Louisiana Tech forward will need to be patient and work on developing his perimeter game.
2011 southern California frontcourter Damiene Cain, who had interest from Hawaii and others but signed with Colorado, has decided not to play college basketball. The article doesn't mention if he will remain in Boulder or not.


Not WAC-related but here is Matt Norlander and then Jeff Jacobs on the Andre Drummond/Connecticut maneuvering. It's nothing new but the NCAA comes out tarnished once again, refusing to even speak on the record.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Greg Crawford and Craw's Corner

Greg Crawford operates Craw's Corner, a site (primarily) dedicated to roundball subjects. He and I are compadres and I find he adds a very unique and oftentimes historical take on hoops matters which is informative for all but especially those under the impression that basketball began with Kobe or LeBron.

Here's a handful of Greg's columns. I've taken the liberty of supplying my headings but each has its own official headline:

Seattle University Globetrotter-ized basketball

In the spirit of "Seinfeld" No Second Overtime For You
Foul Throws and a companion piece Putting It On The Line

Does anyone remember Phil Woolpert? We should

In a similar vein, do you know Danny Miles?

Get the revival tent up to Corvallis

There was a Gus Johnson Skywalker before Gus Johnson Announcer

Do we call it the WCC or Gonzaga's Domain?


Sunday's universe of WAC basketball

Dayton Morinaga offers print, video and a photo of UH's open gym play.


PTW doesn't know if he was of interest to USU (it doesn't seem like it) but 6-foot-6 Beehive State wing Deng Deng has given a verbal to Coach Dan Monson and Long Beach State.

From the Compton Magic Twitter site: "Atrain Magic guard Deng Deng commits to Long Beach State...Let's go Magic"

Other reported offers (impossible to tell if current or outdated): Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon State, Santa Barbara.

Here's a YouTube video showcasing him.

Here's a February, 2011 article on some controversy involving the young man.

Deng is currently sidelined from prep basketball due to a school transfer.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday's WAC hoops report

6-foot-3 Florida backcourter Alex Hamilton is visiting Louisiana Tech this weekend.

Here's a touching video on the young man and his late father.


Seldomseensmith has posted on the USUFans Stew's Spectrum MB that Utah State has offered an in-state 6-foot-9 soph, a teammate of two Aggie commits.


Bob (Mslacat) Robinson has updates on Montana and Montana State recruiting targets that includes players of interest to WAC teams:

*Sekou Wiggs - Idaho 

* Ty Egbert - Idaho, Nevada

* Lucas O'Brien - Fresno State

A tip o' the hat for this to Jon/Big Sky Basketball.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Texas HS frontcourter to check out Utah State.

Texas Hoops has tweeted that Lone State State prep Kyndahl Hill will trip to Logan on 9/23. He's a 6-foot-7, 200-pound forward.

He's also a football player but has chosen to go the roundball route.

Here's a little more.

Friday's WAC basketball compendium

Chris Murray offers up -- to mix sports metaphors -- a doubleheader: someone new has arrived in Reno, someone old is still involved with hoops.


Gary Wilkinson, coming off an Australian National Basketball League championship, says that a repeat will be tougher and details the keys in doing so.


Brian McInnis is back blogging and has some important news about the UH schedule.


From the New England Recruiting Report folks:

"Today marks the beginning of the NCAA contact period, meaning division I college coaches are permitted to conduct “in-person, off-campus evaluations and contacts.” 

Essentially, that means coaches are permitted to attend school workouts and meet with prospects and their families for in-home visits..."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is probably much ado about nothing

Hawaii recruit Gerry Blakes is at ABCD Prep in Dallas.

Here's a recent ABCD tweet:

"6'4 pg GERRY BLAKES from Morningside HS-Inglewood CA will be playing for ABCD PREP and plans to play for Hawaii who he signed his LOI with!"
But an earlier one reads:
ABCD PREP has landed 6'3 pg Gerry Blakes Mornimgside HS Inglewood CA. Blakes signed LOI with U Hawaii but is not a qualifier. He is back on the market"
PTW is going with the Blakes-still-heading-to-Hawaii post since that came directly from the ABCD folks.

Andre Drummond and Connecticut basketball

There is no doubt that Andre Drummond is a special talent. He also will more than likely be a one and done player. ESPN's Andy Katz writes more about how Connecticut maneuvered to get Drummond on scholarship, including this quote:

"...not a single coach I’ve talked to on this subject would have done anything different. That's not a defense of Connecticut or a justification of the "creative" juggling that goes on with rosters. It is, however, the current reality..."
Yes, college coaching is a brutal business, definitely a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately one. Lose more than you win and it's a time to move on situation. But how can loyalty be preached AND followed as a team tenet when your life (Michael Bradley's in this case) can be turned upside down from one day to the next?

Please tell me where I'm wrong about this matter.

Thursday's WAC basketball universe

Dayton Morinaga reports that Coach Gib Arnold is taking his players to the beach but it's not for what you think.


The USU Stats site folks have the news that Pooh Williams will be playing next in the NBA Developmental league.


The Fresno Bee's George Hostetter blogs about the Fresno State athletics budget, including these basketball-related excerpts:

"...The jawdropper, though, is the projected gate receipts at the Save Mart Center for the men's basketball team. In 2010-11, the men's hoop program was expected to bring in $1,450,363 at the gate for 19 homes games. That's $76,335 per game. In 2011-12, the program is expected to bring in $988,632 for 16 home games. That's $61,790 per game. In one year, Fresno State is projecting a 31.8% drop in overall men's basketball gate receipts and a per game drop in gate receipts of 19.1%.

I can't recall the last time gate receipts for men's basketball were under $1 million. As recently as 2007-08, the gate receipts were $2,129,937 (and this was actual money at the box office, not a budget projection).

Recession or not, I guarantee no one expected to spend more than $100 million for an on-campus arena only to have a full season's gate receipts for the men's basketball program total less than $1 million.

The men's basketball program has a new coach -- Rodney Terry. I hear nothing but good things about him. I hope the Red Wavers give him and his players a chance..."
Mountain West Conference affiliation will help in both recruiting and drawing more fans when the likes of San Diego State visit but it all still boils down to Al Davis' "Win, baby win."

Will this come to fruition, at least to some degree, in the WAC? That is, signing some players for what they will do in academically lifting a basketball program and not necessarily for on-court contributions?
As the Rush The Court braintrust wrote a while back about the 2011 Big Dance under the present rules, certain big time teams would have been missing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's WAC-aroo

Dayton Morinaga fills us in on Vander Joaquim's re-appearance at Hawaii. Here's predicting the young man averages a double-double this season.


Stanford fell 98-78 to Real Madrid as Jaycee Carroll's 32 points led the host team.


Chris Murray writes about Nevada's different 2011-12 schedule as it starts out with, one exception, a stretch at home sweet home. Still, the Wolf Pack looks to have the toughest non-conference slate of all the WAC teams.


6-foot-8 Texas prep froncourter Joel Bolomboy has gone with Weber State -- this over LA TECH and many others. He averaged 9.9 points and 8.5 rebounds last season.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What passes for Tuesday's WAC basketball report

It's mighty lean today folks but Fresno State fans will be interested in our lone link: per Scott Schroeder, Greg Smith has gone south of the border.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Not WAC-related but a good read on Gonzaga basketball

This is an insightful look at Gonzaga basketball --- all those great achievements generally earned by a band of overachievers versus the stumbling of late as the Zags reached -- and often missed -- for higher potential talents.

It's pretty much a given that Mark Few hasn't changed his coaching approach but possibly the departures of assistants Bill Grier and Leon Rice for San Diego and Boise State respectively has altered some personal dynamics on the team.

Recruiting players with bigger reps and conceivably larger achievement possibilities is certainly a major change for the perennial West Coast Conference contender/leader. It's adding massaged egos to the mix and such is tricky to manage when matters don't go as expected. Hence the departures.

But to be fair, evaluative mistakes were made by both the coaching staff and the prospects.

Does the NCAA have any remaining credibility?

Read this article -- doesn't it make you oh so glad that the NCAA operates in the real world. It's reminiscent of the old line "the NCAA got so mad at UCLA, it put Cal State Death Valley on probation."

Monday morning's WAC roundup

Dayton Morinaga is rolling through the members of UH's 2011 squad and it's redshirt Christian Standhardinger's turn today.


Blue Zertuche (a Rivals sub is required) features Holt Harmon, a 2012 Texas frontcourter will be tripping to Utah State late this month. He's 6-foot-8 and 230.

Here's a very good four minute video of Harmon.

Here's another good one, 13 and a half minutes long.

Based on his current skills set and potential, he looks like a priority recruit.


David Folse @ Bleed Tech Blue (a Rivals sub is required) serves up a feature on 2012 Alabama prep backcourter DeOndre Haynes who says he has interest in Ruston.

Here's a late March 2010 feature on Haynes who, based on a few short videos, appears to have spectacular physical talent.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A big in Fresno State's recruiting orbit

Anthony Ray (a Rivals sub is required0 writes about 6-foot-10 Arizona prepster Lucas O'Brien who has four official visits lined up and is ''hearing" from Fresno State.

The young man needs 20-25 more pounds of muscle for college ball but demonstrates some intriguing skills. 

Looking at Hawaii

Minus any 'news' to report, here's a look at UH hoops:

Hawaii's 2011-12 roster will contain better talent than years past but who is going to play where, how much, get what number of shots and are there fits for the various roles are the questions to be answered.

Vander Joaquim is the starter at center. He is back on campus to the glee of the coaches and fans.

PTW is envisioning Shaquille Stokes and Zane Johnson in the backcourt when the ref tosses the ball in the air (although there has been talk of Johnson at the wing spot).

It's a fairly educated guess that Joston Thomas and Hauns Brereton will be upfront when 20:00 first appears on the clock.

These are the five best talents and the players with the most potential on the squad.

Writing this sure makes it seem that the Rainbow Warriors will have five double figures scorers -- in the starting lineup alone. That can be a tricky situation but not as long as unselfishness and sharing prevails.

But what about the backcourt defense? With Stokes as a freshman and Johnson not noted for defensive effect, does that mean newcomer Garrett Jefferson, noted for his point-stopping prowess, earns solid playing time? That's PTW's guess.

However, don't forget that Trevor Wiseman can swing between the wing and the two guard, offering defensive intensity and rebounding.

Davis Rozitis will back up Joaquim in the middle, providing points but anything else remains to be seen.

Miah Ostrowski and Jace Tavita will help out in the backcourt come January.

If Thomas becomes the top rebounder on the team (or is right there with Joaquim), then Gib Arnold will be a very happy man.

Arnold is absolutely in a situation that coaches prefer -- multiple tools and versatile players at his chess match availability, as opposed to having holes to try and disguise offensively and defensively.

Minus any starting five injuries, UH should be a contender for the top spot in the WAC.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A fourth MVP contender

Nobody had a better freshman season in the WAC than Deonte Burton. His outside shooting improved from his prep days and he retained his marvelous ability to drive and finish. Heck, just look at what he did pre-conference play compared to the WAC schedule: 42% overall shooting to 49%, 35% to 45% from long distance and 13.7 points per game to 15.8. He also topped the Wolf Pack in assists -- all this as a frosh.

So what can he do better in 2011-12?

1) This will be a task for Burton, his teammates and Coach Carter to work out -- that being a sophomore as the leader of the team. It's something accomplishable but will require the other team mainstays to fully buy in. The shot attempts of Burton, Dario Hunt and Olek Czyz need to go up while Malik Story's (36% overall, 30% from long distance) are reduced, at least to a degree.

2) Which Burton numbers can be elevated and which reduced?

PTW envisions Burton at 20 points per game in 2011-12 plus something better than a 72% number at the foul line. It's difficult to pinpoint a reduction but he did average more than two turnovers a game last season.

3) What can he do to make his teammates more effective?

Additional dishing on his dribble-drives -- he's really the sole creator in the backcourt so a greater amount of layups and open looks for his teammates have to come from him.

4) Sort of tied into the first listing -- be a coach on the floor -- as Nevada is minus a true point and, although  teams rarely look at a sophomore (for good reason), Burton can handle this task.

Fresno State in consideration for a visit

Van Coleman is reporting that the Bulldogs are in contention for a visit from a 6-foot-7 SoCal frontcourter.

Here's a very good CaliHighSports evaluation of the young man.

Yes, there is a little basketball news on this Saturday of football

Dayton Morinaga in multiple media introduces Garrett Jefferson, one of the new Rainbow Warriors. An A.A. in a year and a summer -- the young man certainly won't need a regimented study hall.


The son of a high school coach, Texas prep guard Jordan Mason, has received an offer from Fresno State as well an many others. He will decide in November.

Blue Zertuche at TexasPreps offers a feature detailing the multiple offers (a Rivals sub is required).

That's it so far.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The latest from Greg Crawford

Now this isn't necessarily basketball or even WAC-related but it certainly struck a chord (and not because PTW is mentioned). Read Greg Crawford and make sure those who are important to you know it.

Friday's wide world of WAC hoops

Seldomseensmith leads us off with a note on the USU Fans Stew's Spectrum MB about a second JUCO backcourter of interest to Utah State. Both this young man and Jordan Aaron yesterday look like combo guards despite lacking the requisite height for a 2.

Just had this thought: doesn't the name Riley Bradshaw (an Aggie commit) fit perfectly for USU basketball? PTW doesn't see that name 'working' on any other team in the WAC.


Jason Groves has the scoop on Sir Troy's move into the play-for-pay ranks overseas.

Jason also serves up a Top 15 of the WAC talents he has witnessed play.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Must be the new math

How can Jack Nixon be starting year #32 as the New Mexico State sports broadcaster when he isn't a day older than 39? A child prodigy?

KrimsonKrazy on the AggieAlert Sports Trough MB is alerting fans about both Jack's tenure and the enjoyment  in listening to him.

May there be many more seasons and years in Jack's voice.

Two high schoolers to check out Nevada

Chris Murray offers the scoop on a pair of preps -- a backcourter and a frontcourter -- who will be visiting Reno in mid-month.

Utah State has offered a JUCO backcourter

Zach Braziller recently tweeted this item of interest to Utah State fans:
"Former Wings standout Jordan Aaron, now at Southeastern College (JUCO), has offers from Iona, Hofstra, Wichita St. Utah St., Creighton"
Here's a second Braziller tweet on the subject.

Here's a March 2011 feature on Aaron who is listed at 5-foot-11.

Here's a video of Aaron and what appears to be his high school basketball coach.

Just asking I

Which conference will your team reside in tomorrow?

Just asking II

Are NCAA student-athletes supposed to just shut up and accept what they receive as athletic scholarship recipients while their school presidents and ADs relentlessly pursue bigger dollar amounts regardless of any resulting negative effect on their players?

Where Momir Gataric is

Homestead High backcourter Momir Gataric #15, announced on August 15 as attending Fresno State and as part of the Bulldog basketball squad in an invited walk-on status, instead will be attending Foothill College.

Foothill is a community college located in Los Altos Hills, an upscale section of the Santa Clara Valley.

The Owls basketball program is headed by Coach Shanan Rosenberg and plays in the Coast Conference North Division, home to defending state champion City College of San Francisco and other powers like Chabot and Ohlone Colleges.

Thursday's WAC hoops roundup

The USUStats site folks are all over Utah State 2012 commit Riley Bradshaw.


Good for backcourter Keith Fuetsch and Coach David Carter. The longtime Nevada walk-on will be on scholarship as was reported yesterday. Here's the official announcement. It's always nice to hear of hard work being rewarded.


Inquiring minds would like to hear more about the celebratory “media night” experienced by Dayton Morinaga and Brian McInnis on the last evening of the UH basketball trip to Asia. Details please. Better yet, photos.