Saturday, April 30, 2011

We missed this from back in mid-March

This Appeal Democrat article on various college destinations for some Yuba College players escaped our attention a month and a half ago. Do keep in mind in mind that recruiting targets on both sides of the equation define FLUIDITY.

Spencer Butterfield, guard, 6-3: Montana, TCU, Utah State

– What remains to be seen with Butterfield is how coaches will react to his faith coming first. Butterfield will be going on a Mormon mission in the next couple years, Cornelius said, and it could affect who wants to offer him a scholarship. Still, the coach is confident there are teams out there that will wait to have his game-breaking ability readily available.

Shola Diop, center, 6-10: Arkansas Little Rock and Fresno State

– For Diop, a sophomore who came to Yuba via Sydney, Cornelius’ goal is to get him to a program that will red shirt him for a season. This will allow Diop to further develop the skills he needs to thrive. Both these programs have seen the upside in having him sit for a year, Cornelius said.
Since then, Butterfield has decided to play a second season at Yuba. He's a fun guy to watch, a D-1 level wide receiver in high school who prefers playing basketball. Butterfield hits the floor more than anyone else in college basketball and does the little things that produce wins. PTW easily sees him as a D-1 complementary talent. Here's a high school highlight video on the young man.

PTW hasn't seen Diop play. This article went up prior to the Fresno State coaching change so it's anyone's guess as to continuing Bulldog interest. Here's a YouTube video on him.

More good PR for Nevada basketball

Jeff Goodman has posted his 20 hidden gems of the NBA draft and a pair of Wolf Pack players are included -- head here.

Add in Luke Babbitt and Armon Johnson of late and it's easy to see why Nevada, unlike other WAC members, gets visits from very solid talents.

Idaho has another JC point visiting

With the DaShawn Gomez decision looming, Idaho is looking at another junior college point and Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee offers the details.

photo courtesy of
David Bitton, Appeal-Democrat

The 6-foot-3 McChristian is long and lanky and a stat sheet filler, someone who will score some, grab rebounds, nab steals and garner up assists. He's probably best as a defender but is also someone who can and will run an offense although not necessarily as a talent who will break down his defender. He can pop the open jumper but isn't a strong shooter.

Saturday's WAC basketball roundup

Ferd Lewis has more  on the cost of success vis-a-vis UH athletics.


Help PTW out here. To the best of our knowledge (sounds we're an oil company or Wall Street executive testifying) Utah State and San Jose State are done with recruiting unless further roster changes occur. Fresno State is still open and Nevada has at least one schollie, if not two, available. New Mexico State is still looking to add as is Hawaii. The latter and Idaho want a ready to contribute point. Louisiana Tech has added just one newcomer and have room for 2-3 more. Did we hit the mark with this analysis?

Right now, nobody has landed a Luke Babbitt level-type -- which in fairness shouldn't be the general threshold but the gold standard. However, it seems the overall quality of recruits in the WAC has dropped the past couple of seasons, populated heavily with complementary types rather than at least a few with star potential. PTW isn't sure why this is but it's a trend that needs reversing if the WAC is to have basketball relevance.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gary Wilkinson's team wins the championship

Gary Wilkinson's squad, the New Zealand Breakers, just won the Australian National Basketball League championship. Go here for the details.

Direct from the source

File this in the "if only I checked my mail more often" category:

Bob Robinson -- aka Mslacat -- sent along some notes and a pair of links regarding Riley Bradshaw's commitment to Utah State and he sent it yesterday.

So with an apology extended to Bob:

"It is being reported that Riley Bradshaw a 6-3 (I have seen him listed anywhere from 6-1 to 6-4) combo guard from tiny Corvallis, Montana has committed to Utah State. Bradshaw has broken the hearts of quite a few Montanans with his selection. He chose USU over Washington State, Montana and Montana State (although I do believe MSU was as close as coach Huse would like to believe). Bradshaw has dominated the class b ranks for the past couple year and will be the leading candidate to win the Gatorade POY next year. He is an above average athlete, great range, good hops and has a very good ball skills. I would say he is a point guard prospect but I do worry about his defensive quickness when covering the speedier point guards at the mid major level."

Another Utah State commit...for 2012

Iceberg at the Stew's Spectrum MB ( has news of another Stew Morrill  commit for next year's class.

Here's a September, 2010 Mscalat report on the youngster.

He the son of a coach -- here's that video.

It was more a prayer than ever reality...

Some Aggie fans were hoping that Coach Marvin Menzies' Canadian connections would make it happen but Jerry Meyer is reporting (a Rivals sub is required) that 7-foot-4 Sim Bhullar has given a verbal to Xavier of the Atlantic 10 Conference. But it looks like he will attend another year of high school before heading to Ohio.

A 'big' checking out Fresno State

Americanbulldog at the Save Mart Center MB of the BarkBoard site, is noting that 6-foot-9 Barstow Community College frontcourter Daquan Brown is in for a Fresno State visit this weekend. There was talk earlier of him visiting West Virginia (not sure if that took place) and he also tripped to San Jose State on March 18 (SJSU is done for this go-around).

His numbers this season: averaged 11.7 points per game while shooting shot 62% and 67%, grabbed 9.6 rebounds and blocked 1.6 shots a contest.

Friday and the world of WAC basketball

Brian McInnis offers an update on Coach Gib Arnold's 2011 recruiting class.


Dave Reardon makes clear his sentiment on Arnold still not being under an official contract. Maybe UH is asking for a copy of his birth certificate first?


Jason Groves provides more on New Mexico State's current recruiting.


Kyle Goon has some positive news about USU recruit Marcel Davis.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some 2012 WAC recruiting prospects

Anthony Ray at his Arizona Preps site (a Rivals sub is required) has yet another article up today and a number of the players mentioned in it have WAC basketball-related recruiting connections.

2012-ers Lucas O'Brien and Kevin Bowman have drawn the interest of Utah State.

The 6-foot-10 O'Brien is a developing frontcourter and Bowman is a 6-foot-1 point with long range shooting ability.

Tim Derksen has a Boise State offer and Eric Jacobsen Bronco interest, with both also in the 2012 grouping.

Here's an earlier article on Derksen and an ESPN evaluation on Jacobsen, who is now 6-foot-10 and 260.

Thursday's a.m. WAC basketball report

Mel Grussing has the details as Antelope Valley College point DaShawn Gomez has set a no-later-than date for his decision.


Dayton Morinaga reports that Hawaii's trio of southern California prep signees are making plans.


Shawn Harrison has more on the latest new Utah Stater, Shawn Bruneel, one year removed from the Idaho high school ranks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A bit more on Gary Wilkinson

Liked this article about Gary Wilkinson and his team's upcoming title game because he invokes the basketball atmosphere in Logan as a comparison.

It's early for Christmas but a visit is the necessary first step

Chris Murray has the details on former Kansas Jayhawk Royce Woolridge's re-recruitment itinerary and Reno made the cut.

"Getting Players to The Show" is probably going to replace "Biggest Little City In The World" on any signs -- at least when Woolridge is visiting.

Royce Woolridge and Daniel Bejarano

Despite the hopes of some (or maybe one), it doesn't appear that 6-foot-3 freshman Kansas transfer Royce Woolridge will be touching down in the area of the San Joaquin.

Anthony Ray has an article up today (a Rivals sub is required) in which the former Arizona prepster has visits scheduled at a pair of PAC-12 schools, with others, including Nevada, under consideration. There is no mention of Fresno State.

Another former Grand Canyon State high school star, 6-foot-4 Daniel Bejarano MIGHT be a possibility for the Bulldogs but this is NOT based on any inside knowledge. PTW recalls that Bejarano originally committed to Texas before ultimately signing with Arizona. He played in eight games for a total of 30 minutes as a freshman last season. New FSU Coach Rodney Terry assisted at Texas during the time of Bejarano's nod and then pullback. Here is an old ESPN evaluation on the young man.

It's lean so far this morning

Matt James plows through some not so pleasant recent (pre-Steve Cleveland) Fresno State basketball history vis-a-vis a tabla rasa-like Rodney Terry. Who knows what the Terry era will bring but PTW feels the need to state that Terry and Ray Lopes have but coaching basketball in common.


Gary Wilkinson's "unduly rough play" -- gotta love the influence of the King's English, or is it the Queen? -- produced a fine but no off the court time as his New Zealand squad continues to battle for the championship.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few additonal items

Daniel Lyght, well, sheds some light on Fresno State assistant basketball coach doings.


Here's Sam Wasson on Coach Marvin Menzies' first signing of the period.


Jason Groves has details on the in-state merging of the Coleman family with NMSU athletics.

Remember Martin Whitmore?

CA JC wing Martin Whitmore received some early recruiting play associated with UH but nothing materialized. Brad Winton at his JUCO Recruiting Twitter account just posted that Whiotmore is headed to Portland State.

Tuesday and the world of WAC hoops

Ethan Conley has a feature about the direction Coach Mike White wishes to take Louisiana Tech recruiting.


Dayton Morinaga has more on prep point Shaquille Stokes (shouldn't the original Shaq get a monetary dividend for those named after him?) who apparently will be visiting the islands as part of his recruiting journeys.


Geez, what's the deal with Gib Arnold's contract? Brian McInnis and Ferd Lewis fill us in on the matter. It's starting to take on Jarndyce v Jarndyce proportions of Dickens' "Bleak House" infamy.


Bleed Crimson's Sam Wasson is first again with the locating of another Coach Marvin Menzies commit.


George Hostetter is back with a followup to his Friday blog entry about the funding of Fresno State athletics.


Shawn Harrison offers a personal feature about Coach Stew Morrill.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Gotta love this name (a new Hawaii recruiting target)

Per Bleed Crimson's Sam Wasson, Shaq Stokes, a 2011 point, has Hawaii (among others) under consideration -- this from Jeff Borzello's Twitter account.

Here's an ESPN evaluation of Stokes.

Here's a New York Daily News article from rebruary, 2011.

A bit of a DaShawn Gomez update

Mel Grussing has a bit more on DaShawn Gomez and his latest visit (scroll down to the bottom of the article).

Monday's WAC basketball report

A.W. Prince at his Silver and Blue site has a Wolf Pack recruiting update to feed the hunger/slake the thirst of Nevada basketball fans.


Dayton Morinaga goes multiple media on Hawaii's basketball banquet.


Will Stew Morrill utilize the distance shooting prowess (16-31) of new signee Igor Premasunac? The 6-foot-9 JC transfer was described by the USU mentor thusly: "Igor will give us a big body inside and a low post scoring presence..." PTW recalls Gary Wilkinson popping a trey attempt every now and then -- 32 as a junior, 19 as a senior -- and Premasunac appears more proficient than the departed redhead.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two WAC recruiting notes

Rivals' Eric Bossi is reporting that 6-foot-2 2012 Illinois prep backcourter Jerron Wilbut is receiving interest from Nevada as well as many others (a Rivals sub is required as is some scrolling down). It will be interesting to follow how Nevada does in the Midwest what with Dennis Gates' move to Miami.

Here is an ESPN evaluation on Wilbut.


NorCalPreps' Steve Hu is reporting that Fresno State is showing interest in 2012 point Amadi Udenyi, a 6-foot-2 guard out of De La Salle High in northern California (a Rivals sub is required).

Sunday's WAC editorial

It's early -- too early in fact because all the signings and transfers are not yet complete -- but as of today, which teams look to be better next season in the WAC?

PTW is obviously going to have to update the following but here's the current take:

In alphabetical order, Hawaii certainly has the chance if Bill Amis' contributions can be compensated for by others. There's still a degree of combustibility what with J Thomas and newcomer DeShawn Mitchell residing in the islands but neither will have much, if any, leverage to move elsewhere by entering their junior seasons.

Idaho is a possibility but the departing talents of Jeff Ledbetter and Brandon Wiley definitely leave holes to fill. A sharpshooting replacement for the former is a must, as is the emergence of center Kyle Barone who has to become an All-WAC player in 2011-2012.

Louisiana Tech should be improved based upon the greensters -- all those freshman -- getting solid playing time last season plus the 'fact' that an incoming coach usually gets his squad to play harder. However, betterment is relative here as Coach Mike White needs a couple of very solid JC signings pronto.

Nevada is a 'duh' pick considering the frosh that were the majority of Coach David Carter's squad this go-around. If Olek Czyz can develop consistency then Carter has a star at each position (Dario Hunt and Deonte Burton).

If everyone returns and is eligible (always big IFs in Las Cruces), New Mexico State has to be considered the 2011-2012 WAC frontrunner. TG isn't going to be selected in the NBA draft so his decision will be either to play out his senior year or try overseas. Wendell McKines will be raring to go. The X-factor is wing Remi Barry, who sat out this past season and also his senior one in high school. It appears he has scoring ability, an element needed on this squad, but how quickly can he knock off the rust? The Aggies need to land a long range backcourt shooter, someone who will make offensive life easier for his four teammates on the court.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grading the new coaching hires

First, off nobody knows how any new coaching hire is going to turn out. Indications can be 'read' and history 'interpreted' but any predictions of how a new hire -- especially an assistant coach moving three feet over -- will turn out is simply for fun only and to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt.

PTW is typing this because Jeff Goodman, who knows many things basketball, offers a C for the hiring of Rodney Terry at Fresno State:

"I’m just not quite sold on this one. Terry has strong ties in Texas, but heading all the way to Fresno, Ca. didn’t make that much sense to me. He has been on Rick Barnes’ Texas staff for a while and had spurned a couple of opportunities in the past"
Worth noting is that Terry also has ties to Canadian basketbal, plus connections in North Carolina and Virginia -- the latter from previous coaching stops. Being in one of the states (California) that annually produces large numbers of D-1 players is also quite a plus.

In PTW's book (if we ever write one), landing a position with a soon-to-be Mountain West Conference program is a notch on the belt for Terry.

By the way, Mike White's hire earned LT's AD an A- with this Goodman note:
"White may be young, but he’s got quality bloodlines (his father is Duke athletic director Kevin White), and is extremely savvy. This one was outside the box, but I love it"
Let's all meet here in five years.

Fresno State pursuing Mikyle McIntosh

Nolan Shulman recently tweeted this: "According to Ro Russell 2013 F Mikyle McIntosh is being recruited by Fresno State, Texas, Georgetown, NC State, Missouri, Wake, Miami"

Russell in the head coach and founder of Grassroots Canada.

Rodney Terry is using the Canadian connections he made while at Texas but will find he's now the underdog in such recruiting battles.

Here's a YouTube video of the 6-foot-6, 225 pound young man.

Here's SLAM's Rodger Bohn from an April 18, 2011 article:

"Mikyle McIntosh, 6-6, SF/PF, CFCA, 2013: McIntosh straight stole the show at the Elite 80 and was hands down the best performer the event had to offer. At 6-6, he was able to take bigger guys off of the bounce while also killing smaller dudes on the blocks. McIntosh is still definitely rough around the edges, but has truly special athleticism that you simply don’t see that often in a sophomore. Mikyle has a ways to go in terms of his skill level..."

Saturday's WAC report

The collective groans you just heard is from the various fan bases hoping to land BYU's Brandon Davies who, according to this Steve Laum article, is working towards being back on the Cougar team next season.


Despite some chatter indicating some movement afoot, Beehive State prep frontcouter David Collete has remained steadfast and officially aligned with Utah State hoops. Go here for the details.


Rachel Roberts reports on 6-foot-5 junior college freshman Mitch Bruneel's USU LOI signing.


Jason Groves has the scoop on an immediately eligible D-1 point guard transfer taking in the sights and sounds of Las Cruces this weekend.


Chris Murray offers a link to a Toronto newspaper article that has the news about Olu Ashaolu declaring, minus an agent, for the NBA draft. He'll either be in college or overseas next season.


Dayton Morinaga serves up multiple forms of media on the UH basketball banquet.


George Hostetter has a fascinating article on the financials of Fresno State athletics -- one in which is certainly being duplicated at various other locations throughout the WAC and across the country.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cody Mann decides to go Rocky Mountain High

Florida prep Cody Mann, a 2011 point, has made his college choice, as Sam Wasson @ his Bleed Crimson site notes.

Two UH basketball recruiting notes

Cross two names off the possibilities list (if they were ever really candidates).

Serbian Hoops is reporting: "Nenad Miljenovic agrees to contracts terms with Partizan Belgrade"


BranchWest22 is reporting: "Loyola Marymount commitment from highly regarded 6'5" C.J. Blackwell Taft HS LA. Tremendous get for LMU and Asst. Jason Levy from Georgia"

Plus this from Sean Ceglinsky.

Friday's a.m. WAC basketball report

Ethan Conley talked with new Louisiana Tech mentor Mike White, who surprisingly kept two existing assistant coaches when the 'norm' is to bring out the broom.

The Shreveport Times offers a Q-and-A with Coach White.


Westwind Prep point Kiwi Gardner became the anti-Horace Greeley and is taking his game east to Providence. His addition certainly would have perked up the WAC had he gone with Fresno State or New Mexico State but it seems like Providence was it some time ago -- this despite a change in head coaches there.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rodney Terry's first hire is a backcourter

Per Daniel Lyght, Fresno State Coach Rodney Terry has broken the ice and landed his initial basketball recruit -- a two guard out of the southern California high school ranks.

Here's a March 4, 2011 article on the young man.

Here's a rather large photo.

The Fresno State coaching staff is now complete

At the Save Mart Center basketball MB at the BarkBoard site, DogEatDawg writes that Coach Rodney Terry has completed filling out his coaching staff -- go here.

utahstatefan1 is noting at the Stew Morrill's Spectrum MB that, per Rivals, Mitch Bruneel has signed a LOI with the Aggies.

Bruneel is 6-foot-5, 205 and prepped in the state of Idaho. Playing on a team that won the national championship, he started 33 of 37 games and played just under 25 minutes each time out, averaging 10 points per contest. He shot but 31% on 42 trey attempts, However, his overall shooting closed out at 47%, 70% at the foul line and he was second on the team in free throw attempts with 141 so he obviously like taking the ball to the rack.

Utah State has offered Zeke Chapman

Coach Stew Morrill has formally extended an offer to 6-foot-2 Arizona prep guard Zeke Chpaman, the son of former Kentucky backcourter Rex Chapman.

Anthony Ray has the details (a Rivals sub is required). A lefty, Chapman also has an offer from UAB and will be visiting Logan early next week.

Here is a June, 2010 article on the young man.

Here is another, this one from 2011.

Thursday morning and the world of WAC basketball

Jeff Portnoy closes out his season with a final UH basketball column and we thank him for his coverage.

Dayton Morinaga reports on who is already on the Rainbow Warrior roster and what those players are up to.

Gib Arnold certainly 'gets it' media-wise and seems to make himself available to any and all. A tip o' the PTW hat to him.


Another hat tip goes out to Sam Wasson of the Bleed Crimson site and Twitter account for noting an item about Westwind prep point Kiwi Gardner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More on DaShawn Gomez

Believe it or not, Mel Grussing has more on the DaShawn Gomez - Don Verlin courtship.

Sam Wasson reports on NMSU offering a point

Bleed Crimson's Sam Wasson has dug up a New Mexico State offer to a high school point. After you seen South Beach, what's the selling pitch from the various suitors involved? That would be a fascinating angle for an interview whenever and wherever the young man signs.

The latest Nenad Miljenovic update

Who the heck knows where Nenad Miljenovic will touch down, let alone which continent it will be. Here's what seems to be the latest on the Serbian backcourter and it doesn't seem that UH, let alone others colleges that have previously been mentioned, are the frontrunners.

Chris Murray with a Wolf Pack recruiting post

Chris Murray has posted a juicy recruiting column, offering three names for Nevada basketball fans to ponder.

One in, one out in Logan

As expected, junior college big Igor Premasunac signed a LOI with Utah State and freshman backcourter James Walker opted out.

Wednesday's WAC-itude

Nevada Assistant Coach Dennis Gates has moved on to Tallahassee as A.W. Prince and Chris Murray report.


Per Daniel Lyght, The hiring of Rodney Terry gets a thumbs up from Yahoo's Jason King.


Josh Wright covers the Pacific/Steffan Johnson/Idaho situation

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The WAC and Antelope Valley College and Mel Grussing

Mel Grussing has a two-fer for WAC basketball fans today.

This report is an update on DaShawn Gomez and his recruitment.

Plus, this one is Utah State-oriented (scroll to the bottom).

Hawaii pursuing Nenad Miljenović

Based on an article in the "Novosti" newspaper, the Draft Express site offers a tweet that USC and Hawaii are in pursuit of Serbian Nenad Miljenovic.

Here is a February 25, 2011 report on Miljenovic, a 6-foot-4 backcourter.

It appears the young man won't be a long-termer in college but certainly would up the talent level of any team.

Eric McClellan to Tulsa (had Fresno State interest)

Max Ivany is reporting that one of his guys, point Eric McClellan, has committed to Tulsa but added that Fresno State was in pursuit.

Tuesday's a.m. WAC basketball report

It's Mr. Wen featured in a 10+ minute video at Sam Wasson's Bleed Crimson site.


Chris Murray has more on the Kaileb Rodriguez verbal to Cal (although that doesn't necessarily mean Nevada won't keep trying).


Jeff Portnoy checks in with a number of basketball thoughts, mostly focused on UH hoops.


Dayton Morinaga features Gin Arnold talking about Rainbow Warrior recruiting.


Greg Ohlson at the Cyclone Sports Report site serves up an interview with Olu Ashaolu.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A feature on Levanne Pennington, a backcourt signee for SJSU

Head here for a Desert Dispatch feature on the latest backcourt addition for San Jose State University, Levanne Pennington of Barstow Community College.

Montray Clemons goes with DePaul

6-foot-8 Montray Clemons, at a prep school in North Carolina, verbaled to DePaul yesterday. He had been offered by San Jose State University, Western Kentucky, among others, plus Illinois showed some degree of interest. DePaul was apparently his favorite all along and the offer from Coach Oliver Purnell was based on Clemons recently gaining academic eligibility. achieved.

Here's one article.

Here's a familiar name

DFW Hoops recently tweeted this: "UNO Guard K.C. Ross-Miller has requested a transfer and has been granted per his father"

Ross-Miller, a 6-foot-1 point, had been associated with Nevada last year.

He averaged 9.7 points and 3.7 rebounds as a freshman this past season, shooting 44% overall, 50% on 20 trey attempts and put up a 44/37 assist-to-turnover ratio.

Zeke Chapman

Zeke Chapman is a 6-foot-1 prep guard out of Arizona (sorry to be so provincial but we would have guessed Kentucky or maybe West Virginia) who was just offered by Alabama Birmingham. The reason for this post is that Anthony Ray's recent article on Chapman (a Rivals sub is required) also lists Utah State, among others, as showing strong interest.

By the way, the young man is the son of former Kentucky basketballer Rex Chapman.

Here's a video interview.

Monday's WAC report (so far)

Here's hoping the Bill Sproat fundraiser was very successful.


The Save Mart Center basketball MB at the BarkBoard site is on fire with the hopes of 5-foot-11 point Ryan Harrow (supposedly departing North Carolina State) heading to the San Joaquin. For what it's worth, the general consensus has Harrow interested in Kentucky and possibly Georgia, considering he is from that state.


At the Warriors Sports Network site MB, it's southern Cali prep backcourter Darnell Taylor who has the fans excited although there are no indications in what direction the young man is leaning.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kaileb Rodriguez to Cal

Got this from the Hoopniks site:

Cal Strikes in 2012

While some schools are scrambling to fill their roster for the 2011-2012 season, California struck in the 2012 class, taking a verbal commitment from 6′-9″ forward Kaileb Rodriguez of ThunderRidge (CO). Rodriguez is a nice athlete, and the first known Golden Bears commitment in the 2012 class. He reportedly had offers from Nevada and San Francisco, prior to making the call for California...

Idaho hoops fans and Antelope Valley basketball

Mel Grussing is on top of it as usual and has posted an item that Vandal fans in Moscow and elsewhere will certainly find of interest. That's all we're going to type.

Greg Graham has interviewed for the UC Davis opening

Thanks to Frank Burlison, we know that former Boise State Coach Greg Graham is among the interviewees for the head coach opening at UC Davis.

The others:

* Jim Les (let go at Bradley a short while ago, overall losing record)
* Jay John (a Cal assistant and former Oregon State head coach)
* Donny Daniels (current Gonzaga assistant, former UCLA assistant, failed at Fullerton)
* Bob Cantu (current USC assistant)

PTW would say Graham has a very good chance at landing the position. Les is from the Midwest and hadn't been successful of late. His son, Tyler, is a sophomore-to-be basketballer at Davis.

John was let go after not succeeding in Corvallis and the same for Daniels and Fullerton.

Cantu is the unknown since he hasn't been a head coach.

Graham posted a 15-17 record in his last season, had a 142-112 overall record and took a team to the Big Dance in 2008.

A Junior Lomomba update

Here's Nolan Shulman with an update on 6-foot-4 Junior Lomomba, a New Mexico State fan favorite but a 2012 talent who is receiving high major attention. This will be a very difficult get for Coach Marvin Menzies.

Two bigs off the board

The various WAC schools apparently moved on but two bigs with earlier Western Athletic Conference team mentions have signed with...Texas A&M Corpus Christi. 

6-foot-9 Arizona prep Jordan Didier and 6-foot-10 California prep Nate Maxey both decided to go to the Southland Conference after spending a season at Westwind Prep in Phoenix.

Peculiar choices.

Sunday's WAC-aroni

Alex Byington has an article from the Texas prep media on SJSU's signing of Jaleel Williams.


Damon Sayles at Texas Hoops (a Rivals sub is required) has the scoop on new Coach Mike White's landing a verbal from 6-foot-9 Michale Kyser, a former Lamar signee.

Here is an ESPN evaluation.  Here is Kyser's Twitter account.


Sportsbow and roygbivs at the basketball message board are typing that 6-foot-9 Bryant Crowder has an offer from Gib Arnold. Crowder is out of New York and attended Santa Monica City College before moving on to the College of Eastern Utah as a sophomore. He also verballed earlier to San Diego State and then signed with Southern Mississippi before retracting his pledges.

Here's a note on Crowder from the SoMiss site back in November: "...chose Southern Miss over Arizona State, Hawaii, St. John's, Utah, UTEP."

This season, Crowder averaged 13 points per game in 19 minutes of play each contest, shooting 53% from the floor and 60% at the foul line. He grabbed just under six rebounds each time out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Going Kiwi-ing or just a coincidence?

Thanks to the 'sleuthing' of Sam Wasson at the BleedCrimson site, we now know that Marvin Menzies is in Arizona this weekend as part of a coaching clinic and to watch some basketball. Just asking (not spreading a rumor because we have no knowledge on this matter, will Coach Menzies also be tripping to Westwind Prep too? WP is the current home of one Kiwi Gardner who has been offered by New Mexico State. Like current Aggie Wendell McKines, Gardner is also an alumnus of the Oakland Soldiers club basketball team.

It's all Hawaii so far

There's been no rest for the Hawaii basketball scribes as the comings and going continue in the islands.

Dayton Morinaga, Brian McInnis and Jeff Portnoy provide the coverage.

sportsbow also came across this on Anthony Odunsi at the basketball message board so Coach Arnold may not be done yet.

So who shoots the trey for the Rainbow Warriors when Zane Johnson is resting or in foul trouble? Miah Ostrowski with 34 attempts and 27% accuracy took the next most long distance shots and he won't be available until late December. Bo Barnes is a one-trick pony but his absence leaves a hole, or as the optimist says, an opening.


Oops, just found this on Fresno State hoops.

Daniel Lyght has Coach Terry talking about recruiting.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday and the world of WAC basketball

Josh Wright provides a summary of Idaho basketball recruiting to date.


With a tip o' the hat to Sam Wasson, the on-court offerings of His G-Ness are examined by JWhelan at the Mid Major Madness site.


Jeff Portnoy examines what appears to be the 'new math' as utilized by Hawaii hoops.

Brian McInnis goes in-depth on new Rainbow Warrior DeShawn Mitchell.

Dayton Morinaga offers up yet another name -- a Golden State prep prospect -- in the mix for UH basketball recruiting.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not WAC related but an informative read

"When Providence offered me the job, there was quite a distance between one salary offer and what I was making at George Mason, but I wasn't comparing Providence to George Mason," Larranaga said. "I was comparing Providence to other Big East schools and George Mason to other programs in the CAA. I felt like we had the support for our program here to be competitive and to succeed."

ESPN's Dana O'Neill offers an insightful article on why a trio of so-called mid-major coaches stayed at their respective schools. The quote above is but one of the reasons.

A summary of Coach Don Verlin's signings

Courtesy of now official PTW contributor Gaylen Wood (proprietor of, here's the latest on the basketball signings up Moscow, Idaho way:

Idaho signed JC transfer Mansa Habeeb
Mansa Habeeb of Buffalo NY was a 6-3, 210 point guard for Southeastern Iowa Community College. He averaged 12.8, shot 51.3% and averaged 5.3 rebounds, 1.6 assists amd 1.4 steals. SEICC finished fourth in the NJCAA nationals this year and were in the NJCAA semifinals last year. The Blackhawks were 29-8 this season and 20-4 in 09-10.

Gaylen also sent along the official notice from Idaho athletics (Spencer Farrin)
Vandal men add two more
The University of Idaho men’s basketball team announced the addition of a pair of guards on Thursday, one a local sharpshooter, and the other a tough, junior-college wing.

Connor Hill of Post Falls, Idaho (Post Falls HS) and Mansa Habeeb of Buffalo, N.Y. (Southeastern Iowa CC) committed to head coach Don Verlin and the Vandal basketball team on Wednesday to complete the team’s 2011 recruiting class.

Hill, a 6-2, 180-pound guard, helped lead Post Falls to a 23-5 record and fourth-place finish at the Idaho 5A State Championships this year as a senior, and was named Idaho 5A Player of the Year after averaging 21.7 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game.

Hill scored 1,192 career points for the Trojans, the second-most in school history, and set a school record with 69 total victories during his career. In 2010 as a junior, he helped Post Falls end a 46-year championship drought, as the Trojans claimed the Idaho 5A title.

“Connor is a tremendous  young man and a terrific basketball player. This is a win-win in a lot of different ways,” Verlin said. “His ability to score and shoot the three fits perfectly into our system, and his attitude tells me that he will only get better during his Vandal career.”

Habeeb is a 6-3, 210-pound guard who will join Idaho as a junior in the fall. He played for two seasons at Southeastern Iowa Community College, which he helped lead to the NJCAA national semifinals and a fourth-place national finish this season.

Habeeb averaged 12.8 points on 51.3 percent shooting, as well as 5.3 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 1.4 steals for the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference Division I champions. He was honored individually as an ICCAC DI First-Team All-Region pick.

“Mansa is a terrific young man who brings the character and toughness we look for in a player,” Verlin said. “He’s a great all-around player who does all the little things to make his team succeed, and he also brings the experience of playing in two national tournaments for one of the top junior colleges in the country.”

The Blackhawks went 29-8 overall in the 2010-11 season and went 20-4 in Habeeb’s first year, 2009-10. As a freshman, Habeeb averaged 6.6 points and 3.1 rebounds on 51.6 percent shooting for SICC.

Hill and Habeeb joined a recruiting class that already includes junior-college signees Wendell Faines  of Saddleback (CA) JC and Anthony Jones of Paris (TX) JC, along with high school signee Xavier Bazile of Tacoma, Wash. (Mt. Tahoma HS).

Faines was named Southern California co-Player of the Year after leading the Gauchos to a 27-7 record and state semifinal appearance. Jones helped lead Paris to a 22-9 overall record and third-place finish in the NJCAA Region XIV North Zone. He was second on the team with an 11.9 scoring average, and led Paris with 2.0 steals per game. Bazile was named second-team All-Area by The News Tribune and first-team all-Narrows League 4A after leading Mount Tahoma to a 14-8 record and third-place league finish.

WAC basketball on this fine Thursday morning

Dayton Morinaga fleshes out DeShawn Mitchell, the newest Rainbow Warrior. Call this one high risk-high reward as the young man does bring to the floor something that is missing from the UH arsenal.

Brian McInnis offers more on signee Hauns Brereton.

Is it a guarantee that a point is next what with one schollie left for Coach Gib Arnold?


Jonathan Ford of the BleedTechBlue site has the latest (a Rivals sub is required) on Olu Ashaolu, who is down to three schools as his next destination.


Jason Groves fills readers in on Troy Gillenwater's decision to test his NBA and maybe overseas attractiveness.

Continuing in our vein, here's another question: Does the G-Man stay or go? Based on gut feeling, PTW is leaning towards the latter.


Daniel Lyght has an information-packed article posted, including the announcement of a new Bulldog assistant coach.

Yet another query: why would Tim Steed, who will be a senior, not return? He has the opportunity of being an integral part of next year's squad.


Nick Jezierny offers the background on Boise State's three signees and also notes a departing player.


Call this addition by subtraction: At one time, Utah State offered big man Jordan Railey and Nevada also showed interest but neither was able to seal the deal as Railey went with Iowa State. That's actually the good news because the sophomore just enjoyed a second run-in with the law.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Wednesday p.m. WAC basketball edition

Although the Broncos are departing and any PTW coverage will be concluding at some point, Boise State athletics has announced the signing of three players to LOIs. We may be wrong but our eyeballs are telling us Kenny Buckner doesn't measure out at 6-foot-9.


Jeff Portnoy offers up a new Hawaii hoops commit and indications are the 6-foot-5 wing will be a boom-or-bust recruit. Dayton Morinaga had this coverage back in January when the name initially surfaced. Here is an article first published in 2007 when it was Vegas for the young man.


Daniel Lyght is back with an update on Fresno State recruiting and assistant coach hiring.


Here's the official announcement of the staff surrounding new LA TECH Coach Mike White.

San Jose State lands a Texas prepster

Damon Sayles at Texas Hoops has the news (a Rivals sub is required to read it) that San Jose State University has landed Jaleel Williams, a 6-foot-6 wing out of Texas.

Mike White completes his staff

Jonathan Ford has the scoop in an article at his Bleed Tech Blue site (a Rivals sub is needed to read it) about the assistant coaches and director of basketball operations hired by new LT Coach Mike White.

The world of WAC basketball on Wednesday morning

It's Wednesday morning, not Thursday as we originally typed. Yes, PTW is all powerful but even we have limitations and time travel is one of them.

Dayton Morinaga reports that Hauns Brereton has agreed to become a Rainbow Warrior.

Brian McInnis goes over the remaining prospects linked to UH hoops.


Jason Groves has the scoop that Sir G/His Troyness and the NBA draft.


Daniel Lyght adds to his 'Greg-Smith-hires-an-agent' piece with news about another Bulldog big departing.


Tony Jones cover the 'Utah-State-will-be-different-but-how-good?' question.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wednesday p.m.'s WAC basketball edition

Per Daniel Lyght, Greg Smith has definitely put Fresno State in his rear view mirror. Bulldog basketball fans have been wondering if Smith might return to play for Rodney Terry.

Anyone know who is repping Smith? Is it someone associated with BDA Management (Bill Duffy and Associates)? BDA is connected to the Oakland Soldiers, the top club basketball team on the West Coast, and Smith played for the Soldiers pre-college.


Sam Wasson at his Bleed Crimson site, has the scoop about another New Mexico State basketball commit.


seldomseensmith also breaks some news at the Stew's Spectrum MB on a hoops playing visitor, an Idaho native, to Logan.


Courtesy of Gaylen Wood (, PTW is cognizant of another commitment to Coach Don Verlin -- guard Connor Hill of Post Falls High in Idaho. Dale Grummert broke the news in an article in The Tribune but one needs to be a subscriber in order to read it.

Here is an Mark Nelke-penned accessible article at the CDAPress site on Conner's commit.

Here is a December 16, 2010 Spokane Spokesman Review article on Hill.

A bit more on Adrian Oliver

We always like to follow the Portsmouth Invitational because each prospect is measured for height, weight, etc. SJSU's Adrian Oliver came in at 6-foot-3 and 198 pounds, with a 6-foot-6 wingspan. His weight is the most surprising because it didn't look like he was carrying that much during the season.

Nick Jezierny tweeting about Greg Graham

Nick Jezierny just tweeted about a possible new coaching home for Greg Graham.

A Keanau Post recruiting note

Joey Brander has a pair of WAC basketball recruiting notes tweeted. First this:

2011 C Keanau Post told me that despite interest from many D-1 schools, he will attend a JUCO next season where he can develop
Post visited Washington State and was also offered by Utah State.

An Andrej Pajovic recruiting note

Then this also from Joey Brander:

2011 PG Andrej Pajovic tells me that despite an offer from Hawaii, he will most likely return to his home country of Montenegro next year

Tuesday's WAC basketball report

The Shreveport Times is reporting that Magnum Rolle, finally healthy again, is in The Big Show with the Atlanta Hawks.


Dayton Morinaga features in print, photo and video Texas prepster Anthony Odunsi who is considering the UH basketball program.


Nick Jezierny tells readers that Assistant Coach Shaun Vandiver is departing for a D-2 head coaching position and also offers other Bronco player personnel notes.


Jay Drew has some news on Western Nebraska CC wing Haun Brereton who is being pursued by a large number of schools. The mention here is because he tripped to Hawaii.


A.W. Prince has a new 'Round The Rim' recruiting column posted for subscribers to Silver and Blue Sports.

Monday, April 11, 2011

JUCO Pierre Jackson to Baylor

College of Southern Idaho point Pierre Jackson has given a verbal to Baylor. The 5-foot-10 backcourter was mentioned in connection to Hawaii at some point. Here is a May 25 article that also has Boise State listed as interested.

Mondays's WAC basketball links and notes

Dayton Morinaga features Bill Amis' professional plans (no, not in the videography field, at least not yet) and what the young man is doing to get ready for the challenges.


Tony Jones has the scoop on a very recent test of the friendship between Stew Morrill and Larry Krystkowiak. Yep, it involves recruiting.


With Dave Rice now in at UNLV (it that the end of Reggie Theus' college coaching return?), will Fresno State and Steve Cleveland juggle some contract numbers, thus allowing the latter to return to BYU and assist Dave Rose? Of course, Cleveland is 'home' but it will require departing if he wishes to stay in the coaching ranks.


The second basketball signing period begins on Wednesday so the 'season' has actually yet to end.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Game three for Adrian Oliver at Portsmouth

Repping the WAC, SJSU's Adrian Oliver played 13 minutes in his third game at the Portsmouth Invitational, scoring three points (1-5 overall shooting, 1-3 on treys), along with two rebounds and a pair of assists. His team won 110-93 and took the tournament championship.

Sunday's WAC basketball world

Brian McInnis serves up a UH basketball recruiting update.

Rainbow Warrior hoops and football related, it's truly amazing what Miah Ostrowski accomplished this sports year. Stephen Tsai reports that the young man is already a starter in spring practice at the slotback position and this soon after coming in during the basketball season and earning the job at the point. The point, not shooting guard or wing but running Gib Arnold's offense.


Daniel Lyght reports that Rodney Terry's mantra for his players will be 'D up' -- that or else.

Marek covers questions about Rodney Terry's hire. PTW will take this exception: Coach Reggie got an interview at UNLV because of his connection and that of Jerry Tarkanian's to Vegas basketball. It's not like a number of ADs have him on any short list. Plus, Ernie Kent wasn't successful enough in order to remain at Oregon (with all the funding available there) so why should it be deemed he would/could win in Fresno? Mike Dunlap is the most intriguing of this trio but it's beginning to seem that like he going to be a career assistant, albeit a highly respected one. Each search is simply an apples and oranges matter.


Joey Hislop notes that 6-foot-9 Utah State commit Casey Oliverson has receive yet another honor: 2011 Herald Journal All-Valley Player of the Year.


Joe Nocera, who usually covers economic matters for the New York Times, doesn't understand the logic -- or lack thereof -- displayed by the NCAA.

We don't mean to be glib but Joe has plenty of knowledge and experience in the real world -- it's he who has the gold, rules.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Matt Glover visiting Nebraska this weekend

Sheridan (Wyoming) College shooting guard Matt Glover, who recently visited Utah State, is at Nebraska this week. The 6-foot-4 backcourter has offers from both schools.

From Brian Rosenthal's April 5 column in the Lincoln Journal Star:

"Glover, a native of Orange, Calif., averaged 11.7 points, 5.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists as a freshman for Sheridan. He has three seasons of eligibility remaining.
Sheridan coach Steve Smiley said Nebraska is recruiting Glover as a point guard; some schools are recruiting him as a two-guard or wing.
"He did a little bit of everything. He's a really versatile guy," Smiley said. "He's kind of a Swiss army knife, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy."

Game two for Adrian Oliver at Portsmouth

At the Portsmouth Invitational, lone WAC representative Adrian Oliver of San Jose State University went 4-8 overall in shooting, 1-2 from long distance, and totaled four assists, three rebounds, two blocks plus two steals.

Saturday's WAC report

Dayton Morinaga has it directly from Joston Thomas -- he'll be back but with less of himself.

Ferd Lewis writes about UH's desire to twine its athletics programs to Asia, with Gib Arnold attempting to make it a reality in hoops.


Per Bryant-Jon Anteola, Rodney Terry is already out and about making himself the public face of Bulldog basketball. He also reports that Kevin Olekaibe has decided to remain at Fresno State.


Jim Hilley checks in with updates on a pair of former Aggies, plus notes about Coach Reggie.


Nevada has announced the winners of various individual awards given to a number of the Wolf Pack players.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sam Hicks leaving Boise State

According to Jeff Goodman, 6-foot-9 Sam Hicks, who redshirted last season and didn't play much in 2010-2011 (seven games for 14 minutes) is departing Boise State. He was a Greg Graham recruit. Hicks is athletically a freshman who will be entering his sophomore season but obviously won't have a season to burn as he sits out a year if he remains in D-1.

Thoughts on the various coaching changes

PTW didn't know a Rodney Terry existed on the Texas coaching staff prior to his Fresno State hire (our fault, not his) but it's certainly hard to find any detraction on his résumé. It will be fascinating to see who he selects for his assistants since he has the Texas area and Canada (and probably others) well in hand just with his rolodex. Who is going to be the California contact on his staff?

Sad as it is to type this, a change was needed at Fresno State. The Bulldogs' level of recruiting must be upgraded in order to become competitive in the Mountain West Conference (MWC) and Terry seems like someone who can do just that. Plus with the status of the various state budgets, a coach via his product must put fannies in the seats and that requires winning at least 60% or so of the the matchups. It's absolutely true that Steve Cleveland had a young team this past season but moving forward with the status quo wasn't going to work from the W-L and paying customer standpoints.

Going back a year, it was also necessary for Greg Graham to depart and to get Leon Rice aboard. The latter had some solid seasons, including one magical year, but the Broncos needed a talent infusion with the MWC looming and that wasn't going to happen with GG. Neither was a spiraling attendance. But, like with Terry now, Rice must prove he can indeed bring in a higher level of potential recruit. The complete answer isn't back on that yet. 

Mike Williams will do better than Kerry Rupp did at Louisiana Tech in recruiting and that will hopefully translate into better W-L records for Bulldog supporters. Getting a core of talent in place minus the too many comings-and-goings of the Rupp era are jobs one and two for Williams.

Gib Arnold has certainly brought in better prospects than Bob Nash did at Hawaii. UH has a chance to be very successful in the Big West Conference when that switch takes place if Arnold stays hungry for talent and that translates into landing appropriate recruits.

It's also hard to type this but in losing Boise, Fresno, Nevada and Hawaii, WAC basketball is going backwards. The replacements are not at the same program level, are too geographically disparate and forseeing the development of any fierce rivalries not readily apparent.

So New Mexico State has to be the pre-season favorite, even if Troy Gillenwater decides to move on. This will be big just in the sense that Utah State 'seems' vulnerable for the first time in years. Brockeith Pane is a major asset but the absence of Tyler Newbold and Pooh Williams and especially minus Tai Wesley's presence inside leaves the Aggies in a can-the-replacements-step-up-enough mode.

Adrian Oliver at the Portsmouth Invitational

The only WAC player participating in the Portsmouth Invitational, Adrian Oliver, put up these numbers in his opening game: 21 minutes, 4-7 shooting (0-1 on trey attempts) for eight points, three assists, two steals, one rebound and one block.

Hawaii not in the mix for Pierre Jackson

It may have never been more than wishful thinking (who really knows but the parties involved?) but College of Southern Idaho sophomore point Pierre Jackson has only schools in the middle of the country in mind.

The 5-foot-10 Las Vegas native is listing these schools as in the running: Iowa, Baylor, Nebraska, Florida State and Creighton. He visited the latter yesterday, with Baylor happening this weekend.

Friday's a.m. WAC basketball menu

Bryant-Jon Anteola profiles Rodney Terry.

Matt James offers some inside details and his approval of the hire.

Jeff Davis reports that ex-FSU Coach Boyd Grant likes the decision.


Jeff Portnoy has the scoop on have-a-prospect-for-me-will-travel Gib Arnold.

From ESPN, here's the latest target.

Here's another link, this one on an unfortunate incident.


A.W. Prince serves up a full-fledged feature on California 2011 prep backcourter Xavier McCall.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Fresno State presentation of Rodney Terry

From Bulldog athletics, here's the rollout of Rodney Terry.

Daniel Lyght on Rodney Terry

Daniel Lyght on Rodney Terry Day in Fresno.

KMJ says it's Rodney Terry

Radio station KMJ is reporting that Texas assistant Rodney Terry is the new head coach of the Fresno State Bulldogs.

And then there were two

It's probably been this way since the weekend, if not even a few days before in the Fresno State coaching search.

Daniel Lyght offers the latest.


Dayton Morinaga reports that Gib Arnold will be in recruiting roundup mode once again in California and Texas.

Brian McInnis tells readers that UH is headed to China and Japan for some basketball action this summer on a spread-the-word-about-UH-hoops tour.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Chris Murray call out

Chris Murray takes on the proposal of cutting out (or at least "the holy crap") of Nevada athletics in order to aid the overall university.

Wednesday's WAC basketball slim pickings

Daniel Lyght reports that Jeff Boals will be in Fresno today but any official offer has yet to be extended. Who has the airport staked out?

Then there is this from Daniel


Ferd Lewis has the interesting details of consultant Gary Cunni9ngham's report on UH athletics.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tueaday's WAC p.m. edition

Here's a curious item from Tony Jones' blog. Someone in Laramie is either the eternal optimist  ("I can sell ice cubes to Eskimos") or extremely out of touch.


The handwriting for Cukic was easy to read but less so for Connor. But both are not only easily replaceable, their departures allow Coach Carter to land a higher potential prospect.

Chris Murray also has an article up on possible budget reductions and the impact of such on Nevada athletics.


Not WAC-related but this list is interesting: UNLV has announced four finalists for the job opening created by Lon Kruger moving to Oklahoma. Putting such out to the media is an interesting move to make.

According to this, it's Jeff Boals

George Takata tweeted this: "Source: Jeff Boals coming to Fresno with AD Thomas Boeh to meet players"  

Here is Boals' bio.

Tuesday's WAC basketball roundup

In an official announcement that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, Olu Ashaolu -- with degree in hand -- will use his final season of eligibility elsewhere.


Dayton Morinaga serves up video of Assistant Coach Benjy Taylor talking about UH recruiting.


Daniel Lyght has a bit on Fresno State's continuing search for a new head basketball coach. And in our best Chevy Chase imitation, "Generallissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."


At Silver and Blue Sports, AW Prince offers a new 'Round The Rim' which seemingly contains some juicy recruiting details -- Wolf Pack fans will need a sub to access it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Daniel Lyght on Jerod Haase, Chris Murray on Armon Johnson

Daniel Lyght writes about a Fresno area connection to Jerod Haase, the current UNC assistant.


Chris Murray has the link to a recent interview with Armon Johnson.

Coming from Hawaii way

Received this much appreciated update from a longtime UH basketball fan:

"According to reliable sources, the Gibber has received a solid verbal commit from a highly touted JC point guard. His identity is being kept under wraps until it is close to signing day.

We could end up with more than five new recruits this year. Reports also have it that Hauns Brereton of Western Nebraska CC is also being offered.

The Gibber was also in Europe for nearly a week pounding the pavement.  Was it Andre Pajovic’s family that he was visiting?"

Monday's very early WAC basketball notebook

Wayne Tinkle will stay at Montana and receive an extension.

KMPH Channel 26 in Fresno has a new name in the mix for the Bulldog coaching opening.


Shawn Harrison goes long and informative in the review/preview of USU hoops and also issues his annual Aggie awards.


In Jeff Portnoy's article on the Final Four, he includes a predicted finish (not his) for next season's Rainbow Warriors.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Igor Premasunac feature

Blue Zertuche at Texas Hoops offers a feature on incoming Utah State junior college transfer Igor Premasunac who is big (260 pounds) but has trey range - (a Rivals sub is required.

Sunday's WAC-aroni

Daniel Lyght has the latest in the Fresno State search for a new head coach.

Matt James provides a commentary about the position.

Here's our abbreviated take on who are 'seemingly' the major candidates:

Theus - just not the right background, certainly wouldn't stay long if successful and would prefer the UNLV position, so PTW says thumbs down

Dunlap - excellent X's and O's, a winner but will this work in D-1? "Dunlap is known as a master tactician. His practices at Metro State focused so much on footwork and fundamentals that his players would often go hour-long stretches without touching a ball...", but PTW says YES

Kent - wasn't able to succeed often enough at Oregon, with all those resources available, so PTW say NO

Rice - can't find any negatives other than no head coaching experience (if that qualifies) but the UNLV job search will first have to play out so timing is incongruent, so PTW has to say NO

Walberg -just not going to happen

Reveno - has topped out in Portland and will never be able to get past BYU and Gonzaga in the WCC but he would love the Stanford job if Johnny Dawkins doesn't get it done soon, so PTW says NO

Haase - A California native who played at Cal (and Kansas), there's no head coaching experience on his bio but plenty of support from some major power players, so PTW says he is a POSSIBILITY.

Walters - Was he contacted? Did he interview? He will eventually head elsewhere due to the same 'problem' facing Reveno but PTW just doesn't see this one happening, so NO.

There are other names floating around but we've 'stretched' the list probably over the credibility line as it is.

Feel free to congratulate or bombard once the decision is announced.


Indicative of the talent level this season in the WAC, SJSU's Adrian Oliver is the lone WAC participant in the upcoming Portsmouth Invitational.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday's collection of WAC basketball links

A nice move: LA TECH athletics has set up the home page with a link to email Coach Mike White. Good PR from the get-go is a must and such is a very smart first step.


Daniel Lyght covers what Fresno State has planned in the continuing effort to fill the Bulldog coaching opening.


Shawn Harrison has the latest on Tai Wesley.


In the spirit of the approaching Easter bunny, Dayton Morinaga has what readers need to know about Rainbow Warrior hops (not the brewing kind).


Matt James offers advice to the Fresno State's athletics administration


Tark has endorsed Coach Reggie for the UNLV opening. Right, wrong or residing in hazy shades of gray, is this the kiss of death or just what was needed to vault Theus to the top. Money talks loudest so which candidate will get the wallets open wider and more often?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lon Kruger to Oklahoma

Ryan Greene of the Las Vegas Sun is reporting that UNLV Coach Lon Kruger has changed his mind and is now headed to Oklahoma.

So does Coach Reggie start livin' large on The Strip?

There are various tweets out there about financial cutbacks in the Vegas program and that may limit the choices but this is a match if there ever was one. Theus can land/keep a number of the Las Vegas kids and LA as both home and a recruiting territory is a short drive away. Who needs a beaucoup recruiting budget?

There must be some Fresno State fans lighting candles and/or ordering that second pitcher of...

.Possible Olu Ashaolu destinations

PTW received this via email:

Olu Ashaolu's possible destinations

Some recruiting analysts are tweeting that Olu Ashaolu is receiving interest from Kentucky, Mississippi State, Kansas State, Iowa State, San Diego State, Oregon, Georgia, USC and Duquesne.
Duquesne is a curious one since his basketball playing brother filed a law suit against the school after being shot and very seriously injured at a school event.

Allen Huddleston leaving Pacific

PTW has no idea where he is headed but sophomore backcourter Allen Huddleston is departing from Pacific. He averaged 11.1 points per game this past season, shooting 42% overall, 40% on 149 three-point attempts. The 6-foot-2 Huddleston's 42/45 assist-to-turnover ratio indicates he's much more a two guard than point. He's very quick and athletic. Huddleston is a native of Merced, CA.

All this is being posted as an FYI in case a WAC member is pursuing the young man.

PTW on LA TECH hoops

Louisiana Tech is a program that needed an infusion of energy and a fresh direction -- any new coach is awarded a period of time to get it going, usually two to three seasons, and that's what LT required and has purchased in hiring Mike White.

As for anyone who says White will succeed or fail, well, does anyone really know? Really?

Digging into that, X's and O's are generally not the dramatic difference in athletic outcomes in college basketball -- although it's true some coaches are more proficient than others in this aspect.

It all really starts with getting talent. Without that, all the coaching in the world will hit a ceiling unacceptable to donors, fans and athletics directors. Label this the basketball skills and the running and jumping -- call it a raw material of sorts and the foremost building block in any program.

The best mentors also 'develop' what they have to work with although it's never a one way street. The players must be willing to make the effort necessary to deepen and broaden their skills sets, something that unfortunately doesn't happen as often as we think.

As for Kerry Rupp, he cast his lot with a mix of D-1 transfers, some JC-ers, a bit of inherited talent (the pantry was beyond bare when he arrived) and a few newcomers.

Magnum Rolle came over from Louisiana State and Kenneth Cooper from Oklahoma State, although the latter was nowhere near as successful as the former and was booted off the team. LSU signee D.J. Wright almost arrived in Ruston but that's a whole 'nother story. Steady Kyle Gibson was already there. Olu Ashaolu came in as a freshman and leaves as a success story. Nebraska transfer Jamel White and junior college transfer J.C. Clark were dismissed after spending time as Bulldogs as was JC-er DeAndre Brown late this season, a period where senior leadership was absolutely critical but absent.

Rupp did enjoy a couple of seasons in which he had a solid core of talent that was on the court for most of the minutes but it was upperclassmen and the ranks behind this group, for multiple reasons, never coalesced into being ready to assume the roles of their elders.

A major issue was there were too many forced departures which prevented any maintenance of continuity. Plus, there weren't enough high school signees who progressed.

The current roster has one or two starting calibre players. The remainder are either 15 minute a game reserves or actually lacking in WAC level contributional talent. White has to change that level.

He has deep South and in-state recruiting connections and that's where the core of Louisiana Tech's roster must come from. The current Bulldog roster already has such an identity but White must bring in higher caliber raw material.

Playing time will obviously be available and he'll need two or three junior college frontcourters to come in right away in order to stabilize a below par situation. He also needs a 15 points a night wing and a solid prospect at the point.

Getting back to being competitive is his initial task but just as crucial will be landing, in his first pair of recruiting classes, the foundation that will carry LT forward once the eligibility of his initial bunch of junior college upperclassmen is completed.

Rupp wasn't able to do that and paid the price.

Friday and the state of WAC basketball

AW Prince has the scoop on two players departing from the Wolf Pack basketball team in Neal Henderson's latest edition of Listen to The Howl. Best of all, no subscription is needed for this one.


Chris Murray reports that Wolf Pack basketball revenue didn't meet projections.


Jim Hilley writes that, along with peace, it's important to give Marvin Menzies a chance and that such is a good thing..