Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The chase for Spencer Dinwiddie

PTW claims no supernatural ability to forsee the future but that deficiency won't stop us from making this prediction -- one directed to UH basketball fans: southern Californian 2011 backcourter Spencer Dinwiddie will not be gracing Gib Arnold's roster.

The reasons for our venture into the land of Miss Cleo?

Because the 6-foot-4 Dinwiddie is going to land somewhere in the PAC-10/PAC-12.

Here's Bob Jacoby writing recently at the Rivals Bruin Blitz site (a sub is required):

Spencer Dinwiddie (6-4) Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft.

Dinwiddie is another point who improved this spring and summer. He has now evolved into what projects as a very good high Division One point guard. Dinwiddie is not going to be as flashy as [Josiah]Turner and [Jahi] Carson, but most programs in the Pac 10 would love to have him. Although he needs to develop physically and continue to improve his skills, we are now looking at a big time player. He will very likely sign in November, and if UCLA decides to pursue him hard, they will have a great chance.
Here's a Los Angeles Times YouTube video featuring Dinwiddie.

It's great that Arnold is making a run for the young man -- there literally is nothing to lose by doing so. Unusual things can and will happen plus bouncebacks occur. But the reality staring us in the face today is what we posted above.

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