Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Straight from Steve Thornton's father

Sometimes, a matter just doesn't seen right. The item about California prepster Steve Thornton trying to walk-on at Hawaii was just such an item. But heck, it appeared in a longtime local southern California newspaper.

So PTW dialed up Thornton yesterday, reached his father (a very nice man) and here's the deal: The younger Thornton is heading to Logan next week, period. He wants to and will be part of the USU basketball program. Hawaii is not a possibility and the elder Thornton wishes the newspaper had contacted him him before posting that UH was a new destination as he could have set them straight.

Our plan is to do a feature in the near future on Steve Thornton for the Rivals southern California basketball site and we'll make sure PTW readers have access to that.

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Anonymous said...

Steven's father knows where the false Hawaii rumors are coming from, because he backtraced it!