Friday, August 13, 2010

New Mexico State triumphs again

The Aggies got on the right side and took down the Kia All-Stars tonight. Go here for the game report. Plus, Jason Groves reports that Friday's game will be the last in the tour. Go here.

PTW did notice that one Djim Bandoumel played against New Mexico State and totaled 18 points. The 6-foot-eight frontcourter signed with Idaho back in November and was cleared to play last month.

Here's a July 15, 2010 report on the young man (scroll down): "...I asked Coach Francis about him and he said that he didn’t know much about him either other than what I did. Jim, as they called him, was the most energetic guy in the place. He seemed to be taking in everything with a wide-eyed wonder, which is truly refreshing. I had no clue who he was but he said hi to me with a smile Tuesday morning. I gotta say I like this kid already. He has hops, he’s competent with both hands and he has good quickness. His only drawback, and Coach Francis mirrored my thoughts, Bandoumel is very, very raw. You can’t teach height or long limps and he was soaking everything in like a sponge so he has those going for him..."

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