Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's WAC hoops digest

Seattle and Coach Dollar are poking around Georgia (his father Donald is a Redhawk assistant coach as well as longtime prep coach in the Peach State):

First the set up via- Garrett Tucker:  

"Ohio State and Indiana are the latest schools to express interest in 2013 PF Lamarcus White of Kingdom Prep (GA)."
Seattle University was also in today to see White & his teammates. Justin Pride, Sekou Wiggs, Rozelle Nix & Rasheed Brooks among those guys 
Wiggs just committed to Idaho. 

One description of White: "The 6-foot-10 power forward from Georgia is a newcomer to the AAU scene but made a splash on Thursday with his ability to get up and down the floor and make things happen on both ends of the court. White even displayed a little range stepping out a couple times to knock down the three point shot."

It looks like he'll land in the SEC or ACC.

Justin Pride is a 2013 point described thusly: "The 5-foot-11 playmaker is the definition of a pass-first point guard. He spent the weekend loading up on assists, especially in the Top 20 game with sharp-shooter Jarvis Calhoun. Pride understands how to run the game and get his teammates involved."

Rozelle Nix stands 7-foot-1 and at least at one point checked in at 300 pounds. His description from one tourney: "Nix was the biggest player in attendance, and he took advantage of it. The big man showed he can use his body to protect the ball in the post, along with some nice post moves and finishes. He has a nice baby-hook inside, but he also has a soft tough that allows him to extend his game."

As for Rasheed Brooks: "Brooks has a college-ready body at 6-foot-6, and he also has great characteristics of a shooting guard. He shoots the ball well, but his best quality is getting to the basket and finishing with contact. His athleticism and length allow him to do a lot of different things on the court. He is definitely a slasher at this point in his career." 


SJSU Assistant Coach Tim Marrion is on the prowl: "drove over 700 miles today looking for future spartans. feel good about the guys we're looking at. looking forward to finding more soon."


Jason Groves checks in with his takes on some of New Mexico State's strengths and concerns. 


Jeff Eisenberg previews this season's WAC, offering team and player predictions.


From Garrett Tucker: "New Mexico, Denver, and Indiana State have offered 2014 SF/PF Jeremy Combs of Dallas Carter High School (TX)"

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