Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's WAC hoops digest

From Coast 2 Coast Hoops: "Utah State will check out 2014 Hackensack (NJ) shooting guard Rashard Figures tomorrow" 

Here's a June 2012 feature on the 6-foot-3 Figures, a 2014 prep prospect.


Jason Groves catches up with Reggie Theus.


Thanks to CrimsonPhantom at the Crimson To The Core Cantina MB for locating a solid feature on New Mexico State's Sim Bhuller.

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Anonymous said...

A couple of comments on the full article on Sim Bhullar. It is not true that Bhullar did not qualify at NMSU, he was simply redshirted for last year. He now has a full four years of eligibility remaining.

I also understand that he was on scholarship at NMSU last year, which he would not have been had he continued at Xavier.