Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 2012-13 New Mexico State Aggies

Here's Coach Marvin Menzies' 2012-13 roster:


Sim Bhullar C  7-5 360 Fr. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Huntington Prep)

Remi Barry F 6-7 210 So. Paris, France (Del Oro HS)

Kevin Aronis G 6-3 185 Jr. Sebastopol, Calif. (Santa Rosa JC) (Analy HS)

Bandja Sy F 6-8 214 Sr. Cergy, France (Stoneridge Prep)

Eric Weary G 6-5 210 RFr. New Orleans, La. (Warren Easton HS)

K.C. Ross-Miller G 6-1 175 So. Grand Prairie, Texas (New Orleans)

* Terrel de Rouen G 6-1 165 RFr. Las Cruces, N.M. (Onate HS)

Tshilidzi Nephawe C 6-10 268 Jr. Johannesburg, South Africa (Stoneridge Prep)

Matej Buovac F 6-7 220 Fr. Zagreb, Croatia (La Lumiere)

* Emery Coleman G 6-3 180 RFr. Tularosa, N.M. (Tularosa HS)

Daniel Mullings G 6-2 170 So. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Laurier)

Renaldo Dixon F 6-10 210 Jr. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Christian Faith Academy)

* Aaron Kubinski F 6-5 195 Fr. Albuquerque, N.M. (La Cueva HS)

B.J. West F 6-11 240 RJr. Cheneyville, La. (Rapides HS)

Tyrone Watson F 6-5 225 Sr. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Hamilton Cathedral HS)

* walk-ons -- Kubinski is definitely one and it appears either de Rouen or Coleman are as that would make 13 scholarship players


Here's what we wrote earlier (May 15) breaking the NMSU personnel down by position:

Losing Wendell McKines and Hernst Laroche, two starters and major stabilizers on the floor, would set back most teams so it will be fascinating to watch who steps up as replacements in the 2012-13 season for Coach Marvin Menzies.

The Aggies have filled holes from last season (shooters wanted in Las Cruces) but it will be a year of experimentation, at least to a degree, for New Mexico State basketball.

In the middle, it's finally the Tshilidzi Nephawe Show as the 6-foot-10 junior should be the starter and a 30+ minute per game mainstay. 6-foot-11 B.J. West and 6-foot-9 Renaldo Dixon will both enjoy golden opportunities to earn major playing time at the four and the five. In fact, all three prospects have a wide open chance to step forward so it will be fascinating to witness who does and doesn't. 7-foot-5 frosh Sim Bhullar is going to be the topic of a lot of buzz -- actually he already is. Can he stay healthy, how close is he ready to contribute and how long can he play at a stretch are legitimate questions but the foremost query is how does Menzies use him in an uptempo offense?

Besides West and Dixon, Bandja Sy is also a four prospect. His quickness will be an asset but can he succeed as a back-to-the-basket performer? That's a big question. Plus, his length can be a force defensively against threes but not necessarily fours. Maybe Menzies goes one in and four out when Sy is in as a cornerman. With better shooting consistency, the 6-foot-9 junior would easily earn a starting spot.

Speaking of threes, is sophomore Remi Barry ready to fulfill his potential as a points producer? A dribble-drive game would really help his cause. 6-foot-5 senior Tyrone Watson will probably be a starter -- somewhere -- because of his overall efficiency and the intangibles he provides. His distance shooting remains a deficit but he's a glue guy in a year where such is really needed. Matej Buovac, a 6-foot-7 prep recruit, was specifically signed to pop from outside.

It's 6-foot-2 sophomore Daniel Mullings as the two starter plus all eyes will be on redshirt sophomore K.C. Ross-Miller's handling of the point.

6-foot-3 JC transfer Kevin Aronis will be stationed at the three point line.

A host of other redshirts are in the backcourt mix: husky 6-foot-5 Eric Weary, 6-foot-1 Terrel de Rouen and 6-foot-3 Emory Coleman.

In summary, it will be critical for Ross-Miller to both stay healthy and perform efficiently from the get-go because there is no other proven quarterback candidate on the roster.


The Aggie starting five:

* Tshilidzi Nephawe
* Bandja Sy
* Tyrone Watson
* Daniel Mullings
* K.C. Ross-Miller

Unless improvement is forthcoming, this quintet displays some shooting deficiencies but also tremendous athletic prowess.

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