Thursday, October 18, 2012

PTW's 2012-13 WAC picks and finishes

Aw, the heck with it, while hold it back any longer.

With the accuracy of a sightless man swinging at a piñata, here goes with the Parsing The WAC picks and finishes for the upcoming 2012-13 season.

The reference employed above is due to witnessing but five/never setting eyes on a quintet of the teams making up this season's Western Athletic Conference.  

The proverbial is the glass half full or glass half empty question is truly impossible to answer, at least with any degree of certitude

So in order of finish, here goes (hold the drum roll):

1  Utah State
2  New Mexico State
3  Louisiana Tech
4  Idaho (if the Vandals aren't Barone-less)
5  Denver
6  UT Arlington
7  UT San Antonio
8  Texas State
9  San Jose State University
10 Seattle U

Player of the Year: Preston Medlin, Utah State (but watch for Denver's Chris Udofia)

Newcomer of the Year: K.C. Ross-Miller, New Mexico State

The All-WAC Team (four players in addition to POY):

* Kyle Barone, Idaho (counting on him returning)
* Raheem Appleby, Louisiana Tech
* Daniel Mullings, New Mexico State
* Chris Udofia, Denver Pioneers

Call all this chopped liver or sterling silver -- we'll know in March.

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