Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's WAC hoops weekly closeout

Kyle Goon writes about the Big Three and the Lilliputians in Logantown.

TornBySports is having technical difficulties, so head here to read a lengthy look at the USU Aggies.

Shawn Harrison writes that Utah State has an exhibition game tonight.


LA TECH athletics recaps an exhibition victory by Coach Mike White's squad.


Matt Norlander goes Mile High with his WAC team and player rankings.

There will be some contentions about the opinions expressed in the Coach's take section, especially the 'Brockeith Pane being the best Aggie last season' statement.

Plus, a quibble about Preston Medlin: it's true that over half of his shot attempts were treys but what many don't realize is that he went to the foul line 156 times last season -- so he wasn't just a catch-and-shoot type.


Seattle U Hoops tiers up the members of the WAC.

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