Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's very abbreviated WAC digest

Since when did the WAC turn into a football conference? Utah State, San Jose State University, Texas San Antonio, Louisiana Tech ...


All PTW has today is a couple of posts from the basketball MB on the starter and the coming-off-the-benchers for Idaho plus a questionable inclusion.

We've never seen him play but don't discount Denzel Douglas at the point.


Let's go step into the Conjecture Machine for a moment.

Bear with PTW.

Coming out of Washington as a prep backcourter, Xavier Bazile signed with Idaho, redshirted last year but got into trouble and finally landed at State Fair Community College in Missouri for this season.

Saw this today at JucoJunction: "Practice officially started this past week in the junior college ranks and some players have decided on a future school. Read more about which player will take his game to the northwest next season..."

The State Fair Community College Roadrunners logo is also presented.

Not having access to the complete article, PTW is speculating that it is Bazile heading back to familiar territory (he is the only player from the Northwest on the roster). If so, where is he headed?

Anyone know? Or is JucoJunction referring to someone else?

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Try Ayodele Ojo...