Sunday, April 20, 2008

JaVale McGee's mother gives birth to Superman

This is a woman who knows the workings of professional basketball -- so why is she doing this? It's not like some NBA General Manager is going to read her over-the-top -- and by the way off the mark -- sales job let alone be convinced by it. She's coming off like a Little League monster parent who is completely embarrassing herself and possibly turning off NBA front office people who may not want to draft her son because that might mean having to get involved with her.

McGee's mother is raising expectations even higher
Chris Murray
Reno Gazette-Journal
April 20, 2008

I admit that I don't know JaVale McGee or his mother, Pamela, well. But from what I have gathered about the two, they could not have more different personalities. Pamela is outspoken, extroverted and a tad brash. JaVale is guarded, introverted and shy.

During JaVale's press conference to announce his intention to enter the draft, Pamela spoke for at least 15 minutes; JaVale spoke for maybe one minute even though many questions were directly addressed to him. Pamela's answers were charming and often induced laughter from those gathered. But they also ratcheted up expectations as she gave her son a nickname ("The Big Secret") and said scouts told her JaVale had a skill set that is 70 percent better than most already players in the NBA.

Well, Pamela is at it again. allows common folks to write scouting reports on individual players (a weird enough policy in itself), and allowed Pamela to write JaVale's draft profile. Here is what Pamela had to say about her son's skills...

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